Body Language

Touching Side Of Face

Body Language Face Touching (All You Need To Know)

There are many reasons why people touch their faces.  They simply could have an itch that needs or they could be hiding something they don’t want us to see or pick up on.  In many cases touching the face when learning body language isn’t a guaranteed absolute or many of anything without the context of the situation.   It is common for people to use their hands to touch their faces…

Discover Nonverbal & Verbal Rarely Is Communication Simple!

Discover Nonverbal & Verbal (Rarely Is Communication Simple)

Verbal communication is when someone speaks or writes words. Nonverbal communication is when information is sent from one person to another without using words. Verbal communication, while a lot less subtle and nuanced, can be effective in some cases. For example, talking on the phone with someone who you may not know very well can be a great way to get information across that would be difficult through other means….

When Is Body Language Important

Body Language Important? (What Your Non-Verbal Tells Others)

Body language is important in any situation. It can tell us a lot about what people are thinking and feeling. Body language plays a major role in social interactions. It can reveal what we are thinking and feeling, as well as how we feel about the other person or situation. If you want to be more persuasive, you should pay attention to your body language. This way, you will have…

Body Language Of The Eyes

See What You Can’t Say With The Body Language Of The Eyes!

The way we read a person’s eyes can be used to decipher their emotions. The size of the pupil, the shape and color of the iris, and how much light is reflected back into our eye from the surface of the cornea all give us clues about what someone is feeling. For example, pupils get bigger in response to an external stimulus or attention-grabbing words or contraction when emotions change…

You Don't Have To Say It. Negative Body Language Examples

Negative Body Language Examples (You Don’t Have To Say It)

Negative body language can be seen in many instances, but it’s most common in job interviews. For example, when someone doesn’t want to answer a question they might stare at the floor or avoid eye contact. When we see these types of behavior’s it could mean that they’re trying to hide something from us or are feeling uncomfortable with the situation. When analyzing body language we should try and find…

Discover The Body Language Of The Arms

Discover The Body Language Of The Arms (Get A Grip)

The arms are often missed out when analyzing body language. We typically place much more emphasis on the face and hands when reading nonverbal behavior. Learn the body language of the arms because they provide valuable cues as to a person’s emotional state, intention, and behavioral style you can use the arms when gathering a baseline for reading non-verbals. The way people position their arms can tell the observer how they…

The Best Body Language Books For Understanding People The Best Body Language Books For Understanding People

The Best Body Language Books (Read People Like A Book)

Books on non-verbal communication are an excellent way to improve your interpersonal skills. This guide includes a variety of books in different formats (books, audiobooks, etc.) as well as information on each book. Here, we’ll discuss some of our favorite non-verbal communication books to help you get started. The best book on body language is Desmond Morris, Manwatching. There are so many body language books out there that it can…

The Behavior Panel

The Behavior Panel (Learn From Experts In The Field Of Human Behaviour)

The Behavior Panel The worlds leading behavior experts. The Behavior Panel, is a YouTube channel focused on body language and nonverbal communication. The channel has four main members and has guests spots from people like Doctor Phil and others as they break down famous chases from true crime, pop culture, and politicians from around the world. Videos are small strings that are being analyzed by the panel at any given…