Body Language

Body Language Of The Face

Body Language Of The Face (Complete Guide)

The body language of the face is one of the most complex nonverbal cues. The expressions on our faces are often quick, split-second decisions that can say a lot about how we are feeling. When somebody is lying, the facial muscles contract around their mouth to hide any deceitful movements. We use facial expressions to relay emotions in real-time. They are an innate part of our ability to communicate with…

Body Language Scratching Head Meaning

Body Language Scratching Head Meaning (What Does It Mean?)

Scratching your head is one of the most common gestures that we perform when we are perplexed or confused. It is also a sign that you are trying to figure out what to do next. It is important to understand what this gesture means so you can better come up with the perfect response. When someone scratches their head, it typically means they can’t solve a problem and want help….

Body Language What Does Pursed Lips Mean

Pursed Lips Meaning (Sending the wrong message?)

In body language, pursed lips may be used to show disapproval or sadness. Pursed lips are a gesture that appears in both facial expressions and body language. It is often interpreted as a sign of disapproval, sadness, or disgust. It can be a sign that someone is thinking about something. It is typically seen as an unconscious gesture and often accompanies feelings of frustration or thinking. What Does Pursed Lips…

Understanding Body Language For Teachers

Teaching The Teachers (Understanding Body Language)

Body language is a very important aspect of the teaching process. It helps teachers understand what their students are thinking and feeling. In fact, body language is so important that it should be included in teacher training. There have been studies that show that teachers who master the art of reading pupil improve their skills by a whopping 20%. The best way to start learning how to read pupils is…

What Does Angry Body Language Look Like

What Does Angry Body Language Look Like (See The Signs)

Body language can be interpreted in many different ways, but there are clear signs that it communicates anger. Angry body language can take many forms, including redness of the face, clenching of the hands into a fist, and tension at the temples. You will also notice their body becoming tenser or tensing up and a shift in breathing is another common sign of anger. When we feel attacked or frustrated,…

What Is Nonverbal Communication

What Is Nonverbal Communication (See The Unseen)

Nonverbal communication is the process of encoding messages by transmitting them through time, space, body language, or touch. Non-verbal messages are sent instantaneously and are processed by the brain in an immediate way. Nonverbal communication is the use of gestures, body language, facial expressions, eye contact, vocal characteristics, and touch to communicate without using words. Communication is an important skill that any person needs to have in order for them…

Body Language Signs She Likes You

Read Signs She Likes You (Body Language)

When a girl likes you she will display many nonverbal messages, signs, and signals. Below we have listed some of the main ones you can read. It’s always important to remember that there are no absolutes in body language and you must read in clusters and in context. You could misinterpret body language messages that leads you to the wrong conclusion if you think you’re in the right. There are…

What Does Body Language Of The Hands Mean

What Does Body Language Of The Hands Mean (Find Out More)

Body Language Of The Hands The hands are extremely expressive and can tell quite a bit about what someone is feeling and thinking. When the palm of the hand is facing up this typically means that somebody is open and receptive to new information. If somebody has their palms facing down then they may be closed off or defensive. The fingers can also send a message: if they’re tightly clenched…

The Body Language Game Simple To Learn And Play

The Body Language Game (Simple To Learn And Play)

In this game, you will find a step-by-step system to read and decode body language. We’ve created a game that can be played using a deck of cards and another player. You just need to have a standard deck of playing cards and that’s it, you’re good to go The Game The game is really simple. Have someone shuffle a deck of cards and ask them to think of any…

Body Language For Lying

Body Language For Lying (You can’t hide the truth for long)

If there were a sign that signalled to others that that person is lying, they would not do it. However, there isn’t one. No one piece of nonverbal communication can tell us if someone is deceiving us or just lying. People would like lie if there were.  The only way we can tell if someone is lying to us is by looking for tell-tale signs of deception. We need to…