How To Insult a Rich Person (Full Guide)

How To Insult a Rich Person (Full Guide)

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If you find yourself mingling with the affluent and would like to jest them in a humorous manner, then try phrases such as “money bags” or inform them that they’re buying their way through life.

If it’s something more serious and requires a sharper insult, then use words such as pampered, conceited wealthy elitist, etc.

Employing this type of speech can be very damaging and can generate a very uncomfortable relationship so if you must regularly interact with these people, it would be to your benefit to select your words cautiously for the sake of a tranquil life.

Next up are 5 things you should consider when thinking up good insults for rich people.

5 Things You Can Say That May Insult a Rich Person.

  1.  Call them Mr Moneybags (sarcastic).
  2.  Make fun of the clothes they wear.
  3.  Tell them that money can’t buy class.
  4.  Accuse them of buying their way through life.
  5.  Remind them that you can’t take money with you when you die.

How to insult a rich person?

Insulting a rich person can be tricky, as you don’t want to come off as jealous or envious. However, there are appropriate ways to do it. Begin by pointing out their lack of humility or generosity with their wealth.

Point out that they have no idea how much work goes into earning money and often take advantage of those less fortunate than themselves. You could also call them arrogant and suggest that they think everyone is beneath them.

Remind them that money may buy luxury items, but it can’t buy happiness or true friends. 

What to say if someone calls you rich.

If someone calls me rich, I would likely respond with a polite thank you and then clarify that while I may have some material possessions, I don’t feel like I’m necessarily “rich” in the traditional sense.

Depending on the context of the conversation, I might go into more detail about my financial situation if it’s relevant. Otherwise, I’d try to change the topic to something else.

If the comment was meant as an insult or to make me feel uncomfortable, I would calmly explain that making assumptions about someone’s financial situation isn’t appropriate and ask them not to do it again.

Good insults to someone of a higher class.

Good insults for those of a higher class should be creative, yet still, pack a punch. For instance, referring to someone as an “over-privileged twit” or a “spoiled brat” can be quite effective.

Calling them “pompous” or an “entitled elitist”  can also hit home. One could also use more subtle terms such as “egotistical,” “arrogant,” or even “narcissistic.”

All of these insults are sure to leave the person feeling insulted and put in their place. Of course, it is important to remember that words can have a powerful impact and should be used with caution.

A slur for a rich person.

 You could use terms like “rich snob” or “one percenter” as an insult, these words are not considered slurs and do not carry the same weight as a racial or homophobic slur.

Even if someone does use such terms, it is generally in jest and not intended to be hurtful. Some people will also criticize those with wealth, calling them greedy or selfish, but again this is usually done without malicious intent. In general, wealthy individuals are treated with respect, regardless of their financial status.

It is important to remember that everyone has the potential to become wealthy.

Final Thoughts

When you find yourself in the company of those who are wealthier than you, it can be easy to feel inferior and the impulse to insult them to make yourself feel superior may arise.

We have discussed various helpful approaches to doing this, however, it is not necessary for there to be a rift between you and these individuals merely because of your financial status – seek out something relatable before trying any of these methods.

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