How To Persuade Your Parents To Get You A Phone

How To Persuade Your Parents To Get You A Phone

Parents are often reluctant to buy their children phones for many reasons. They worry about the safety of the child, the cost of adding up minutes on a monthly plan and having to manage another device. Sometimes they just don’t want to deal with another screen in their kid’s life.

To persuade your parents, you can start by asking them what worries them about you getting a new phone.

Then try to reassure them by telling them that you’ll be careful with your phone and only use it during specific times like after school, one hour before bedtime, or on weekends. You can also offer to pay for some of the monthly costs or contribute time towards chores around the house.

Finally, don’t forget that your parents want what’s best for you! You could remind them that having a phone will help you gain access to knowledge while doing homework.

We will take a look at other tactics to persuade your parents to get you a phone below.

Understand Why Parents May Not Want You To Have A Phone

Understand Why Parents May Not Want You To Have A Phone

Phones are seen as a distraction to many. Parents worry that phones will get in the way of their child’s growth and influence of social media and strangers making contact with their children outside of the home.

I’m a dad and I constantly worry about my kids using their phones online and what they’re chatting with people about.

I also worry about whether or not the person they’re talking to is who they say they are and if they’re even the same age as my kid.

We’ve set some ground rules in the house, so my kids will tell us if they ever feel threatened or if they see something they shouldn’t they will tell us right away.

Some parents fear that the amount of time spent in front of screens could have harmed your brain.

We also worry about if you’re being bullied at school and not having the time to get away from the constant connection with other kids.

Social media there are a lot of social media platforms around. As a parent, we are constantly trying to keep up and if we don’t know about the new TikTok or Instagram it’s simple just to say no.

Meeting strangers is another worry we don’t know who they are or what they want there are some really strange and bad people in the world.

Good News

The good news is there are ways we can reassure our parents and take the worry away. Take a look below for why you should have a phone and be safe.

Being Safe Whilst On You Phone. Setting The Rule For Yourself

Being Safe Whilst On You Phone. Setting The Rule For Yourself

When talking to your parents you want to show them you have thought about your own safety and show them you are serious about keeping yourself safe.

This tells them one of two things about you: that you’re thinking about yourself and who you really are as a person, and that you’re responsible enough to own a phone in the first place.

So what things can you put in place to ensure your own safety online? Well, there are a number of settings you can use.

Let Your Parents Know They Have Total Control Of Your Phone Anytime

There are setting on smartphones called parent control. They do a number of things like controlling screen time from their phone. Approving app that children can you. Setting what apps and how long they are used each day.

For example, my kids each have a phone and are allowed 2 ½ hours across all their apps. TikTok, Youtube, Redbox, etc. Once their time limit is up, that’s it for the day. Or it’s a negotiation for more time depending on what they have been doing.

If you’re new to the phone, tell them you’ll hand it back at the end of the day until they’re happy. Right now, you want a phone so you have to show you’re a responsible person.

Parents Monthly Review Of Your Phone Apps And Data

Parents Monthly Review of Your Phone App and Data

With more and more people using their phones as a way to communicate with others, it is important for parents to know what apps their children are using. You can tell your parents they have total control of all apps on your phone and you will sit down with them each month or weekly to talk about any apps you want and what you have been using the phone for.

This is part of negotiating to get your phone. It shows your mother and father you are taking it seriously and growing up.

They can ask any questions and you can talk about anything you like or have seen.

Take The Password Worry Away

We as parents know you can lock your phone with a password and that’s a worry maybe you’re trying to hind something or a message from someone. Let your parents know they can assess your phone at any time.

A family rule we set is all phones and devices will have the same password for every phone on the iPad in the house.

Screen Time And Down Time Rules

The screen time and downtime rules are essential. Telling your parents you have thought about how you will use the phone and say you want to set a limit of two hours per day.

You will only go on your phone when your homework is completed or you have done your chores around the house.

Let them know you won’t be on your phone all day, every day. They want to know you are being responsible.

Things You Will Do If You See Bulling On The Phone Or Are Being Bulled On Your Phone.

The following are some of the things that you can do if you are being bullied on your phone or if you see bullying taking place on your phone.

If you are being bullied on your phone, then there are many things that you can do to stop it. You could change your number, remove the offending person from TickToc, block them on Snapchat and report their messages to someone like your parents. If the message is really bad your parents will need to know and maybe take it to the school.

When you talk about getting a phone for the first time talk about cyberbullying and you are aware that people do bully each other online. If this happens to you you will tell them right away.

Benefits You Can Tell Your Parents About Owning A Phone

Benefits You Can Tell Your Parents About Owning A Phone

Ok, so there are many benefits to owning a phone not all negative. So tell them about why owning a phone is good for you.

First of all, you will be able to communicate with friends and family anytime, anywhere.

You will also have access to school email so you will get your homework directly sent to you.

It’s a way for your parents to keep track of you at all times as well as make sure that you are safe and where you should be. On the iPhone, there is a built-in app that connects family members together the app is called find my phone. As a parent, I use this all the time to find my kids and it lets me know they are safe.

Another great thing about owning a phone is homework. Finding information out quickly is really easy on a phone this will help you get the information quickly and stop bugging your parents.

Responsibility is another great aspect of owning a phone and letting your parents know that you are ready to look after something. It shows that you are growing up.

We are thinking of ways to sell the idea to your parents that there are also many benefits to owning a smartphone.

How To Ask For A Phone Right Time Right Place

How To Ask For A Phone Right Time Right Place

Ok, so we have the benefits and we know the questions you will be asked. If you have read the above, you will have the answers.

We now need to think about the right time to ask? Do you have a birthday coming up or Christmas?

Are you asking them without doing anything for them? If so we have some ideas below that will help you out.

How Much Will The Phone Cost

How much will the phone cost, do some research find out the average cost.

Things to think about.

  • Can you get one second hand cheaper?
  • Does your mom or dad have an odd phone in a draw you have your eye on already?
  • Are your parents due for an upgrade anytime soon?

If you can get a phone for free, then that is your best option in persuading your parents to get you a phone.

However, if you want a new one or you have to buy one there are some other options when talking to your parents.

Monthly Cost

Owning a phone on a network cost money. You can pay as little as $4 per month to get a connection and then cap your phone spend depending on your needs. Nowadays, you don’t need a SIM card in a phone to use it you can just connect to wifi.

That is great news to tell your parents. You can also have a sim on a pay-as-you-go to keep the cost low topping up when needed.

Thinking about these things now shows your parents you are being more responsible, and growing up.

Prove To Your Parents You Will Work Hard For Your Phone

Owning the latest iPhone can be very expensive, costing thousands of dollars, if you want the latest phone, you will have to prove you can work for it. But before you do that think about if your parents can afford the latest phone.

Remember you are trying to persuade them into getting you a phone if they don’t have cash and you ask for the top-of-the-range phone it’s probably not going to happen.

We recommend you try and get a smartphone a few years old on the second-hand market for your first phone if you have to buy one.

Earn Your Phone With Home Chores

When you ask your parents for a new phone tell them you are happy to do chores around the house.

Set up a roaster showing them when you will do the chores and what you will be doing. Show your parents you have really thought about it.

Some ideas of chores you can do.

  • Cutting the grass.
  • Helping to wash up or load the dishwasher each night.
  • Putting the shopping away.
  • Vacuuming the house.
  • Polishing the house.
  • Keeping your room neat and tidy.
  • Washing the cars.
  • Sweeping the yard.
  • Helping grandparents out.
  • Putting the shopping away.

Think about what you like to do and how long you are willing to do it for, and keep up the work. You can even say to them the moment I don’t do my chores, you can take the phone back off me as a punishment.

Do Your Home Work To Earn Your Phone

You could say to them as a reward for completing my homework on time each week could I get a phone as an intensive? Tell them you don’t mind working towards that goal and if you can show you are doing your homework after a few months would you mind getting me a phone.

Get Good Exam Results To Earn Your Phone

If your parents won’t buy you a phone right away ask them if they would buy you one if you got good grades at the end of the year?

Remember we are trying to persuade them and offering some incentives is a great way of getting what you want and for your parents knowing you are working hard and achieving your grades at school. It’s a win-win.

Pay Half Towards Your Phone

Another persuasion tactic is to say you’ll pay half of the phone bill using Christmas money, Birthday money, and anything else you earn? If you can reach that goal, would they be happy to pay for the other half?

How Will You Look After Your Phone

Another consideration is how you will look after your phone, after all, most smartphones are expensive. You can say you will get a phone case or anti-bump case before you take it out. You will get a screen protector and always keep it in a secure pocket.

Basically, you are letting your parents know that you have already thought about how you will look after your phone should they ask.

Ways To Ask Your Parents

Ways To Ask Your Parents

Always Ask When They Are In A Good Mood

The best time to ask anyone for anything is when they’re in a good mood. If you ask one of your parents when they’re in a bad mood, you’ll get a “no” right away or “I’ll think about it” which usually means “no.”

The best time to ask is when you see them laughing or joking around the house. Weekends are always a really good time to ask. The best time to ask is when you see them laughing or joking around the house. Weekends are always a really good time to ask.

Timing this right is really important when asking for a new phone. Get this wrong and that’s it for now.

Write Your Parents A Letter With Good Reasons

Dear Mom and Dad,

What I’m about to do is really hard. It’s not something I ever thought I would have to do. But it’s time for me to take care of myself and make sure that my future is as bright as possible. So, what I’m asking you for more responsibly. I would like for you to consider that I can get a new phone. I’ve been thinking about this for a few weeks now, and here are a few reasons why I think it’s time I get a new phone.

I will help with chores around the house, I will keep my room tidy at all times, and I will help you guys with the washing and cleaning of the dishes away after supper. I will also keep on top of my homework and get good results in my exams.

If I don’t do my homework or tidy my room, you may have my phone for a week as punishment.

I have also thought about safety and there are many benefits to being online.

Once you can track me anywhere in the world, you can also see how much screen time I am using and set limits. A phone will quickly help me find information for my homework. So you see there are many benefits to owning a phone.

Would you be willing to talk to me about this to see if I could get a phone at some point? I’m willing to work hard and show you that I’m responsible and ready to have a phone.

Thank you


How To Persuade Your Parents To Get You A Phone? There are many ways you can persuade your parents to get you a phone but it will come down to can they afford it? Do they trust you? Have you shown them you’re ready for the responsibility and mature enough to use one?

If you have enjoyed learning about persuasion then check out our other blogs here.

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