Things That Make People Dislike You (Don’t be that person.)

  • By: Phil Taylor
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Are you doing something that will make others dislike you? If so then you’ve come to the right place to figure this out. There are plenty of reasons someone can dislike you but the good news it once you figure it out you can change your ways or simply move on without that person or group of people.

You’re told not to worry about what other people think, but easier said than done. If you constantly replay events, “I shouldn’t have said that,” or “I wish I had said this,” then it’s only natural that you worry about what other people think.

We want to be liked, be part of the group, and be accepted into the fold that’s human nature at its core.

With all that in mind here are seven reasons, someone may not like you and what to do about it.

Some people are very sensitive to what others say and do. They can be easily offended and get annoyed. There are many things that make people dislike you, but there are also some things you can do to avoid being disliked by others.

Not Listening

Not listening: The first thing that makes people dislike you is not listening to them or giving them your full attention when they speak. This can lead to misunderstandings, which in turn leads to conflict.

If you think this is the case, try shutting up and actively listening for natural pauses in the conversation or when you’re asked a question. Yes, it can be boring, but your goal is to get people to like you.

Being Inconsiderate

Being inconsiderate: Being inconsiderate of other people’s feelings is also something that makes people dislike you. For example, if someone asks for your opinion on a dress, but you tell them that it looks terrible and they’re going to have to wear it all night. You could be seen ask being bitchy. Sometimes it’s important to know when you should keep your opinion to yourself so you don’t offend or hurt people.

Sharing Too Much On Social Media

Sharing too many photos on social media can have a negative effect. A study done by David Hutton found that because people won’t be able to relate as well to what you share, your relationships in real life will weaken. Some people my not like if you post too many family photos or show off photos, look at me kind of thing.

Avoid making these same mistakes next time by thinking about how your photos will be seen, keep that top of mind.


Humblebrag, “I would never compare myself to Einstein and his level of intelligence, but I am a smart guy”.

Ever heard anything like that before? That’s a humblebrag and it’s grating to hear. Don’t brag about things no one likes it and you will lose friends fast and people will dislike you more and more.

Negative Body Language.

Yes, nonverbal communication is a big part of how we interact with each other and negative body language can make people dislike you without saying a word. To learn more about negative body language cues check out our blog post on negative body language here.

Criticizing Others.

Constantly criticizing people and their choices is such a turn-off. If you find yourself always putting someone down or telling them they are stupid or something along those lines is one of the quickest ways to drive someone away. It might be difficult to stop but it’s worth it because you don’t want to be that person.

Faking Emotions.

Are you the kind of person who fakes how they feel when people tell them about their lives? Do you have difficulty expressing your feelings to others? Do you go along with others without really wanting to be there? If so, this behavior might cause others to dislike you.

This is because people can tell when you’re beinginauthentic. They can pick up on your body language and how you’re behaving. You may verbally agree, but your body will be telling a different story altogether.

There are many things that can make people dislike you, but some of the most common are being rude, being dishonest, or being ungrateful. Of course, there are many more reasons why someone might not like you, but these seven are among the most common. If you want to make sure that people do like you, try to be polite, honest, and grateful for what others do for you. 

Questions And Answers.

1. What are some things that make people dislike you? 

  • Some possible reasons could include:
  • You constantly boast and brag about yourself
  • You are always trying to one-up everyone
  • You are always putting others down
  • You never listen to anyone
  • You are always trying to start arguments with people
  • You are always trying to get attention
  • You are always trying to be the centre of attention
  • You never show any vulnerability
  • You never let anyone in
  • You are always trying to control everything
  • You are always trying to be perfect
  • You never make any mistakes
  • You always have to have the last word
  • You never admit when you’re wrong
  • You are always trying

2. What are some things that you do that make people dislike you? 

There are a few things that I do that make people dislike me. One is that I talk too much. I tend to talk over people and monopolize conversations. This makes people feel like they can’t get a word in edgewise and that I’m not really interested in hearing what they have to say.

Another thing is that I’m always late. I’m not really a punctual person and I often keep people waiting. This makes people feel like I don’t value their time.

Finally, I can be a bit too honest. I say what I think without filtering it first, which can sometimes come across as rude or insensitive.

3. What are some things that you say that makes people dislike you? 

“Some people dislike me because I’m honest and direct”. I can also be impatient and say things without thinking first. Try to avoid negative statements.

4. What are some things that you believe make people dislike you? 

Some possible reasons why someone might dislike me could include if they perceive me as arrogant, rude, or abrasive; if they think I am not intelligent or knowledgeable; or if they simply don’t like my personality. Additionally, if I have done something to hurt or offend someone, they may dislike me as a result.

5. How do you think that people who dislike you perceive you? 

People who dislike you may perceive you as being arrogant, while others may perceive you as being shy. It really depends on the person and why they dislike you.

6. What do you think are some of the reasons that people dislike you? 

There can be many reasons why people might dislike me. It could be because they think I’m arrogant, or because they think I’m a know-it-all. Additionally, some people may simply not like my personality.


Things that make people dislike you are being negative, feeling sorry for yourself, and thinking that the world owes you something are all major turn-offs. If you want people to like you, be positive, be grateful, and be humble. People are attracted to those who are happy and who make them feel good about themselves. So if you want to be liked, start by being likeable!