Email Consultation Service

Secure an exclusive email consultation where your inquiries will receive a detailed response from a skilled body language expert. You’ll benefit from the expertise of Phil Taylor, who will provide you with personalized insights and guidance. This service offers you the chance to have an expert solely focused on your concerns at an exceptional value.

For the consultation to be as helpful as possible, please provide a concise explanation of your circumstances. This will help in understanding your perspective. Alongside your background, include 1-3 specific questions that you need assistance with.

Feel free to ask about behaviors associated with body language individuals and the impact they may have on your life. It’s important to note that this service does not provide diagnoses for anyone, as it is neither possible nor ethical to do so without a formal assessment. I can offer clarity and guidance on issues where you feel challenged or need straightforward advice. Rest assured, all transactions are securely processed via PayPal.

How to Proceed?

  1. Click the PayPal button provided to submit your payment.
  2. Upon confirmation of your payment, I’ll receive your email address from PayPal and will reach out to you, inviting you to share your situation and pose your questions.
  3. After I have your details, please allow me 1-3 days to craft a thoughtful and comprehensive reply. The timing will depend on my current workload.
  4. Be assured that all your payment information and correspondence will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.
Phil Taylor
Phil Taylor Body Language Expert