Halloween Words That Start With E (With Definition) 

Halloween Words That Start With E (With Descriptions) 

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Are you looking for the perfect Halloween word that starts with the letter E? If this is the case you have landed in the right spot.

Halloween is a time when we celebrate all things spookily and mysterious. One way to enhance the spooky atmosphere is to use words that start with the letter E. Some examples include eerie, enchanting, and evil.

Each of these words has its own unique definition, but they all help to create a sense of otherworldliness that is perfect for Halloween.

There are plenty more words we could have listed but we wanted to keep it creepy and Halloween-related. Enjoy the hocus Pocus below.

Halloween Words That Start With The Letter E (Full List)

Eerie: strange and frightening
Evil: morally wrong or wicked
Eyeballs: the round, white part of the eye
Enchanting: having a magical or captivating effect
Elusive: difficult to catch or find
Enigmatic: mysterious or puzzling
Ectoplasm: a supernatural viscous substance that is said to exude from the body of a medium during a spiritualistic trance
Exorcism: the act of driving out evil spirits
Entomb: to bury or trap someone or something
Ember: a small piece of glowing coal or wood in a dying fire
Ebony: a dark black color
Executioner: a person who carries out the death penalty
Exile: forced removal from one’s native land or home
Execution: the act of carrying out a sentence of death
Ensnare: to catch or trap someone or something
Exhume: to dig up a buried body or remains
Euphoria: a feeling of intense excitement or happiness
Exquisite: extremely beautiful or delicate
Eavesdrop: to secretly listen in on someone else’s conversation
Envenom: to poison with venom or a toxic substance
Evil eye: a look believed to cause harm or misfortune to someone
Exilement: the state of being exiled or banished
Entrails: a person’s or animal’s internal organs
Exorcist: a person who performs exorcisms
Edible: able to be eaten
Enchantment: a magical spell or charm
Eradicate: to completely destroy or eliminate something
Echo: a repeated sound that bounces off a surface
Ectoplasmic: relating to or resembling ectoplasm
Enthralling: captivating or fascinating
Executioner’s axe: the axe used by an executioner
Exsanguination: the act of draining a person or animal of blood
Extraterrestrial: relating to or originating from outside the Earth’s atmosphere
Eclipse: the obscuring of one celestial body by another
Enchantress: a female sorcerer or magician
Effigy: a model or representation of a person, often burned in ritual or protest
Entangle: to become twisted or caught up in something
Extinct: no longer in existence
Emaciated: extremely thin or weak
Enshroud: to cover or envelop completely
Evil laugh: a sinister or malevolent laugh
Ephemeral: lasting for a very short time
Embalm: to preserve a dead body with chemicals
Envenomed: poisoned with venom or a toxic substance
Esoteric: intended for or understood by only a select few
Eventide: the time just after sunset, when the sky is still light but the sun has disappeared below the horizon
Exhilarating: causing feelings of excitement or joy
Elixir: a magical or medicinal potion
Exhumation: the act of digging up a buried body or remains.
Eldritch: strange, eerie, or unearthly
Embers: small pieces of burning or glowing coal or wood
Enthrall: to captivate or charm someone
Ethereal: light, airy, or otherworldly in nature
Eviscerate: to disembowel or remove the internal organs of a creature
Exterminate: to eliminate or destroy completely
Execution: the act of carrying out a sentence, often of death
Exorcise: to cast out evil spirits or demons
Ectoplasmic: relating to or resembling ectoplasm, a supernatural substance believed to emanate from the body of a medium during a seance
Endarken: to make dark or gloomy
Entrap: to catch or ensnare someone or something
Envenomate: to poison or inject venom into someone or something
Epitaph: an inscription on a tombstone or grave marker
Eschatology: the study of the end of the world or the final destiny of humankind
Estuary: a body of water where a river meets the sea, often associated with haunting landscapes
Euphemism: a mild or indirect word or expression used in place of a more harsh or unpleasant one
Evil spirit: a malevolent or demonic entity believed to cause harm or misfortune to people
Exoskeleton: a hard, external protective covering found on some animals, such as insects.

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When it comes to Halloween words that begin with an E we have created the most unique word list and resource for you to look over. We hope this helps you on your quest to find the perfect list of Halloween words.

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