Legs Open Body Language Communicate Without Words

  • By: Phil Taylor
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Standing or sitting with your legs open in body language could have different meanings depending on the context of the situation. It’s always best to get to know the environment, conversation, and setting before you can read someone’s nonverbal cues.

Most experts agree sitting or standing with legs open is often taken as an act of dominance, taking up space to show the rest of the world they are comfortable and in control.

Some people think that the spreading of the legs signals a sign of aggression and a sense of superiority and others think it’s just the way some people are. We will take a deeper dive and answer some of the most common questions about legs open below.

What Does It Mean When You See Someone Standing With Their Legs Spread Apart

What Does It Mean When You See Someone Standing With Their Legs Spread Apart

The legs stance or sometimes known as the territorial stance is not only a form of authoritarian stance but also a sign of dominance.

Humans’ use of legs as territorial displays can be seen by how we stand, for example, the more distance there is between our feet, the greater the territorial display.

People with different professions have differing stances which are telling of their personalities. Military personnel & police officers are confident, so they tend to have a wider stance. Whereas accountants or engineers are more reserved so they have a less confident stance, often pulling the feet closer together when standing.

A common way to non-verbally intimidate someone is to spread your legs when the other person is in front of you. This stance may create the impression that you are more dominant than they are, occupying more space and appearing taller than them.

The open space in between your legs may also be seen as an indication that you are open to taking action or fighting if necessary.

What Does It Mean When A Woman Sits With Her Legs Open Facing You

What Does It Mean When A Woman Sits With Her Legs Open Facing You

Depending on where you see this nonverbal behavior, it will determine your understanding. We also need to consider the clothes they are wearing. If she is wearing a skirt or dress and they are on the shorter side, most women will automatically cross their legs for obvious reasons.

When a woman sits with her legs open facing you, it can be interpreted as a sign of interest as she is feeling comfortable in the situation.

If she sits facing you with a short skirt and you’re a man this could mean she is interested in you. However, it’s worth noting that you can’t rely on single cues to make a conclusion. You would need to carefully observe the person in question before forming your opinion.

If you notice a woman with her legs open and you’re a female, this could be a sign of dominance or a sense of control. Again it depends on the context and other variables to really understand the message

What Does It Mean When A Man Sit Open Legs

What Does It Mean When A Man Sit Open Legs

Sitting with the legs wide open sends the nonverbal signal of dominance, security, and power.

This section goes in-depth into the different sitting positions that are used in order to analyze body language.

Body language is an important part of communication, but it can also be interpreted differently depending on the context. If you are in a meeting, your sitting position can communicate a lot about your mood or how you feel about what is being discussed. It is important to pay attention to how you are sitting when conversing with others, as this could give them an indication of what you think and want from them. For example, if someone sits with their legs wide open and their arms crossed, this signals that they may be closed off or don’t want to participate enthusiastically in the conversation.

When you see a man with his legs open, it’s a sign that he’s comfortable and in control of his environment or at least believes that he is. It is a sign of dominance as the genitals are on display and he is showing his vulnerable organs the crown jewels. This body language also gives them personal space so they can feel more at ease.

Some men might use the nonverbal of the leg being opened to try and raise their stature in whatever environment they are in. If this is the case it won’t last long.

For example, imagine that you notice someone in the workplace quickly changing this display when their boss walks in they were faking or trying to become something they are not. When you start to notice these things it becomes amusing to you.


So, legs open body language is normal behavior if someone is displaying a more comfortable or confident display of body language. They will naturally try and take up as much space as they can in order to create a sense of territory. We hope you picked up on some great advice from our post. Make sure to check out our other posts on body language over here!