78 Negative Words Starting With B (List)

100 Negative Words Starting With B

So you’re looking for a negative with a word starting with a B? If so you are in the right place we have listed 78 and their meanings so you don’t have to.

Without negative words, our language would lack the depth and variety necessary for effective communication. Negative words starting with B like bad, boring, brutal, and bitter, help us to criticize, condemn, or belittle things that are unacceptable to us.

They also help us to warn others about potential dangers or drawbacks. For instance, if we see a sign that says “beware of the dog,” we know that there could be a harmful dog nearby. Therefore, negative words starting with B are necessary because they give clarity and precision to our expressions and provide us with the power to assert our opinions and standpoints.

78 Negative Words Start With B (Adjective)

Bad: of poor quality or not desirable.
Barbaric: savagely cruel or primitive.
Bashful: excessively shy or timid.
Belligerent: hostile and aggressive.
Betrayal: the act of being disloyal or unfaithful.
Bitter: having a sharp, unpleasant taste or feeling.
Blameful: deserving of blame or guilt.
Bleak: cold and miserable, without hope.
Bloodthirsty: eager for bloodshed or violence.
Boastful: excessively proud and self-centered.
Bothersome: causing annoyance or inconvenience.
Boundless: without limits or restrictions, leading to chaos.
Brash: self-assertive in a rude or overbearing way.
Brutal: extremely violent or cruel.
Bummed: feeling depressed or down.
Burned: destroyed or damaged by fire.
Burdensome: causing difficulties or hardship.
Busybody: someone who interferes in other people’s business.
Busted: caught doing something wrong or illegal
Buttinsky: an obtrusive or interfering person.
Buzzkill: someone or something that ruins a good mood or fun atmosphere.
Byzantine: complicated and difficult to understand.
Baneful: causing destruction or harm.
Boring: uninteresting or tedious
Blabbermouth: someone who talks too much or spills secrets.
Blighted: damaged or destroyed.
Boorish: rude and insensitive.
Bossy: dominating or controlling.
Brainless: lacking intelligence or common sense.
Broken: damaged or not functioning properly.
Bullying: using force or intimidation to harm others.
Burnout: exhaustion or a feeling of being overworked.
Busy: overloaded with work or activity.
Bypassed: ignored or excluded.
Backstabbing: deceitful or treacherous.
Baggage: emotional or psychological problems that affect behavior.
Balky: uncooperative or stubborn.
Barbarous: cruel and inhumane
Barricaded: blocked off or obstructed
Baseless: lacking evidence or justification
Bawdy: vulgar or indecent
Beaten: defeated or overwhelmed
Bedraggled: dirty or disheveled
Belittling: making someone feel small or unimportant
Bemoaning: expressing grief or disappointment
Bewildering: causing confusion or perplexity
Biased: prejudiced or favoring one side
Bitterness: resentment or anger towards someone or something
Blasphemous: showing disrespect or irreverence towards something sacred
Bloodcurdling: causing extreme fear or terror.
Sure, here are 50 more negative words starting with “B”:
Backward: behind in development or progress.
Badgering: persistent and annoying questioning or demands.
Balked: refusing to proceed or do something.
Banal: lacking originality or freshness.
Banditry: criminal activity by a group of bandits.
Bankrupt: unable to pay debts and broke.
Barbarism: crude or uncivilized behavior.
Barrage: a concentrated and continuous outpouring of something unpleasant.
Base: morally low or vulgar.
Battered: damaged or beaten repeatedly.
Bedlam: chaos, confusion or uproar.
Befuddled: confused or disoriented.
Beggarly: extremely poor or lacking in value.
Bellicose: aggressive or warlike in nature.
Bemoan: expresses sorrow or regret over something.
Benighted: ignorant or unenlightened.
Beset: troubled or harassed persistently.
Bewitched: enchanted or under a spell.
Bigotry: intolerant or prejudiced behavior or beliefs.
Bitchy: spiteful or malicious.
Bitterly: intensely or acutely.
Blackmail: threatening to reveal embarrassing or damaging information in exchange for something.
Blame-shifting: unfairly blaming someone else for one’s own mistake or wrongdoing.
Blasted: ruined or destroyed.
Blatant: obvious or shameless.
Bleary-eyed: having tired or bloodshot eyes.
Bleeding: losing blood.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty more negative words starting with a B we could have listed these are some of the most used and powerful.  We hope you have found this post useful thank you for taking the time to read it. 

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