81 Negative Words Starting With H (With Definitions)

  • By: Phil Taylor
  • Time to read: 4 min.

If you are looking for the perfect negative word that starts with the letter H then you have come to the right place to figure this out.

It’s not recommended to use negative words as much as possible because they can have a detrimental impact on ourselves and others. However, there may be instances where we need to use them in order, to be honest about our feelings or to express a certain sentiment.

The most popular negative words that start with an H are as follows: hate, hopeless, heartless, harmful, hostile, and horrid, among others. These words can be used to describe negative situations, emotions, or behaviors.  Check out our complete list below for more ideas.

81 negative words that start with the Letter H.

Hackneyed – Overused and lacking originality.
Haggle – To argue or negotiate over something, often in an aggressive or unpleasant way.
Half-baked – Poorly thought-out or incomplete.
Hallucination – A false perception of something that isn’t really there.
Hamper – To hinder or impede progress or development.
Handicap – A disadvantage or obstacle that makes the achievement more difficult.
Harassment – The act of repeatedly bothering or harassing someone, often in a malicious way.
Hardship – A condition of severe suffering or deprivation.
Harmful – Causing damage or injury.
Harsh – Unpleasantly rough or severe.
Hatred – A strong feeling of dislike or animosity.
Haughty – Arrogant and condescending.
Hazardous – Dangerous or risky.
Headache – A painful sensation in the head.
Heartless – Lacking compassion or empathy.
Heavy-handed – Overbearing or excessively forceful.
Heinous – Extremely wicked or evil.
Helpless – Unable to defend oneself or act independently.
Heresy – A belief or opinion that goes against established religious or social norms.
Hideous – Extremely ugly or disgusting.
Hinder – To obstruct or impede progress or development.
Histrionic – Overly dramatic or theatrical.
Hobbled – Hindered or impeded.
Hollow – Empty or lacking substance.
Homeless – Lacking a permanent place of residence.
Homogeneous – Lacking diversity or variety.
Hopeless – Feeling or causing despair or hopelessness.
Horrendous – Extremely unpleasant or horrifying.
Horrible – Extremely unpleasant or disagreeable.
Hostile – Unfriendly or antagonistic.
Humiliate – To cause someone to feel ashamed or embarrassed.
Humorless – Lacking a sense of humor.
Hunger – A feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by lack of food.
Hurtful – Causing emotional pain or distress.
Hypocritical – Behaving in a way that contradicts one’s stated beliefs or values.
Hysterical – Emotionally out of control or irrational.
Harm – Physical or mental injury or damage.
Harrowing – Extremely distressing or disturbing.
Hazy – Unclear or indistinct.
Hostility – Unfriendly or antagonistic behavior.
Howl – A loud, prolonged cry of distress or pain.
Humdrum – Boring or monotonous.
Humiliation – The state of feeling embarrassed or ashamed.
Hygiene – The practice of maintaining cleanliness and health.
Hypocrisy – The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform.
Hypocrite – A person who engages in hypocrisy.
Hateful – Full of hatred or animosity.
Heartbreak – Intense sadness or grief caused by a loss or disappointment.
Hindered – Prevented or impeded from progressing or developing.
Hostage – A person who is held captive or under someone else’s control.
Sure, here are another 50 negative words starting with “H” along with their descriptions:
Hack – To gain unauthorized access to a computer system or network.
Haggard – Looking exhausted or worn out.
Hair-raising – Causing fear or terror.
Hallmark – A distinguishing feature or characteristic that is typical of something negative.
Hamstring – To cripple or incapacitate someone or something.
Hand-to-mouth – Living in poverty or from one day to the next.
Hanker – To have a strong desire or craving for something.
Hapless – Unfortunate or unlucky.
Harangue – A lengthy and aggressive speech or lecture.
Harbor – To give shelter or refuge to someone or something undesirable.
Hard-hearted – Lacking compassion or empathy.
Hardship – An instance of severe suffering or deprivation.
Harebrained – Foolish or reckless.
Harshness – The quality of being unpleasantly severe or critical.
Hatchet man – A ruthless person who does dirty or unpleasant work.
Hauteur – Arrogance or condescension.
Hazard – A danger or risk.
Heartache – Intense sadness or grief.
Heedless – Disregarding or ignoring advice or warnings.
Hemorrhage – A profuse bleeding or loss of blood.
Henpecked – Continually nagged or controlled by a spouse.
High-handed – Arrogant or overbearing.
Hindrance – Something that obstructs or impedes progress or development.
Hobble – To walk with difficulty or a limp.
Hobson’s choice – A choice between two equally undesirable options.
Horrid – Extremely unpleasant or distasteful.
Hot-tempered – Easily angered or irritable.
Hovel – A small, squalid, and unpleasant dwelling.
Hubris – Excessive pride or arrogance.
Humbug – Deceptive or insincere talk or behavior.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to negative words that start with an H there are plenty to choose from we have to list them above the one that is used the most from our word list is hate this an adjective you can use to hurt someone.  We hope you have found the perfect word you have been looking for until next time thanks for reading.