100 Negative Words Starting With W (With Definitions)

100 Negative Words Starting With W (With Definitions)

There are plenty of negative words starting with the letter W in the English language. These words range from mild insults to severe criticism and can be used to express a wide range of emotions.

Some of the most common negative words starting with W include words like ‘worn-out’, ‘wayward’, ‘weak’, ‘worthless’, ‘wicked’, and ‘weary’. Other less-used negative words starting with W include ‘wimpy’, ‘worst’, and ‘whiny’.

These words can be used in various contexts, such as in conversation or writing. Individual words can be used to convey feelings of disappointment or disdain, while phrases can be used to construct complete negative sentences.

Knowing the meanings and proper usage of these negative words starting with W can help you communicate your thoughts and feelings more effectively and precisely.

100 Negative Words Starting With W (Adjective List)

Wail – to make a loud, high-pitched sound of grief or pain
Warped – twisted or bent out of shape
Wary – feeling or showing caution about possible dangers or problems
Wasted – to be consumed, used, or spent without purpose or result
Weak – lacking physical strength or energy
Weary – feeling or showing tiredness, especially as a result of excessive exertion or lack of sleep
Weird – suggesting something supernatural or uncanny; strange or bizarre
Wicked – morally wrong; evil or sinful
Wilted – to become limp or drooping, as a plant
Wince – to give a slight involuntary grimace or shrinking movement of the body out of pain or distress
Wobbly – unsteady, shaky, or unstable
Woeful – full of sorrow or misery; very sad
Worthless – having no value or use; useless
Wounded – injured, harmed, or hurt
Worrying – causing anxiety or concern
Wretched – in a very unhappy or unfortunate state
Wrong – not correct or true; unjust or dishonest
Wrathful – full of anger or rage
Wrinkled – having or showing lines or creases on the skin or face
Wry – using or expressing dry, especially mocking, humor
Weirdo – a person who is strange or bizarre in behavior or appearance
Waste – to use or spend carelessly or without purpose
Wanting – lacking in a particular quality or thing
Wretchedness – a state of extreme misery or unhappiness
Whining – complaining in a petulant or whiny manner
Whiplash – a sudden jarring or jerking motion of the head or neck
Whack – to strike forcefully with a sharp blow
Whimsical – playfully quaint or fanciful, especially in an appealing and amusing way
Whiny – complaining in a petulant or whiny manner
Whipping – a beating or flogging with a whip or similar implement
Whipping boy – a person who is blamed or punished for the faults or shortcomings of others
Whirlwind – a current of air moving rapidly around and around in a circular motion
Whistle-blower – a person who exposes wrongdoing within an organization
Whore – a promiscuous woman, often used as an insult
Wickedness – morally wrong behavior or actions
Withholding – refusing to give or provide something
Withered – shriveled or dried up, especially as a result of aging or disease
Witless – foolish or lacking in common sense
Withdrawn – reserved or aloof; not friendly or sociable
Woe – great sorrow or distress
Wolfish – resembling or characteristic of a wolf in behavior or appearance
Worn-out – exhausted, used up, or obsolete
Worrisome – causing worry or concern
Wrangle – to argue or dispute noisily or angrily
Wrath – extreme anger or rage
Wrongdoing – an illegal or immoral act
Wrongful – not right or fair; unjust
Wryly – in a dry or sarcastic manner
Wasted effort – effort that was made but had no effect
Waste of time – a task or activity that was not productive or useful.
Warlike – having a belligerent or aggressive nature
Washed out – lacking in color, vitality, or interest
Weakness – the state or condition of lacking strength or power
Weariness – the state of being tired or exhausted
Weirdly – in a strange, eerie, or mysterious manner
Weltering – in a state of turmoil or confusion
Whacked – exhausted, tired, or mentally drained
Whimpering – making a soft, plaintive cry or sound
Whipping post – a post used for public flogging or punishment
Whirlpool – a rapidly rotating mass of water or air that sucks objects in
Whiskey-soaked – drunk on whiskey or heavily influenced by alcohol
White-hot – intensely hot or passionate
Wickedly – in a morally bad or evil manner
Widowed – having lost one’s spouse to death
Wildly – in an unrestrained or uncontrollable manner
Willful – intentionally disobedient or defiant
Winged – having wings; or injured in the wing or shoulder
Winterless – a place without winter, often used negatively to describe a tropical climate
Witchy – relating to or characteristic of a witch; often used as an insult
Withering – causing someone to feel humiliated or insulted
Woebegone – sad or miserable in appearance
Worrywart – a person who worries excessively about trivial things
Wound up – nervous, tense, or agitated
Wrong-footed – caught off guard or made to feel uncomfortable
Wryness – a dry, mocking, or sarcastic humor or tone
Wasted potential – not fulfilling one’s potential or talent
Wastefulness – the quality of being wasteful or extravagant
Watchful – being vigilant or alert for danger or harm
Waterlogged – soaked or saturated with water
Wayward – difficult to control or predict; disobedient or stubborn
Weak-kneed – lacking in courage or strength
Wear and tear – damage or deterioration caused by regular use or aging
Wearying – tiring or exhausting
Weather-beaten – worn or damaged by exposure to the elements
Weeping – crying or shedding tears
Weirdness – the quality or state of being strange or unusual
Whackjob – a person who behaves in a bizarre or irrational manner
Whimsy – a fanciful or playful notion or idea
Whiningly – in a complaining or whining manner
Whiplike – resembling or characteristic of a whip in motion or shape
Whipsawed – caught between two opposing forces or decisions
Whirring – making a low, continuous sound like that of a spinning object
Whistle-stop – a small or insignificant place; often used in a derogatory manner
Wholeheartedly – with complete sincerity or enthusiasm
Wickednesses – immoral or evil acts or behavior
Wiggle room – freedom or flexibility to maneuver or make changes
Will-less – lacking in willpower or determination
Wintry – cold, bleak, or harsh like winter
Wistful – having or showing a feeling of longing or regretful yearning
Wobbly-legged – having weak or unsteady legs or knees

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of negative words that start with w we have listed some of the most common ones for you to look at and some more unusual ones to describe someone or something in this article. We hope you have found the correct word from the above list. Until next time thanks you for taking the time to read.

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