100 Negative Words Starting With Z (With Definitions) 

  • By: Phil Taylor
  • Time to read: 5 min.

It’s hard to believe there are 100 negative words starting with the Z but there are we have listed many words that start with Z in this list of negative adjectives.

Using negative words in conversations can be an effective way to emphasize your point. If you’re looking for negative words starting with Z, here’s a list with definitions to help you out.

To convey disapproval or criticism, you might use words like zany (crazy or foolish), zealous (overly enthusiastic), or zilch (nothing or zero). If you want to express dissatisfaction or displeasure, you could try zero some (lacking significance), zombie-like (unresponsive or apathetic), or zonked (exhausted or worn out).

Other negative words starting with Z include zit-faced (having many pimples or acne), zodiacal (determined by astrology), and zero-sum (a situation where one person’s gain results in another’s loss).

By using these words in your conversations, you can convey a more nuanced and convincing argument.

100 Negative Words Starting With Z (Adjective List)

Zany – foolish, bizarre or absurd
Zealot – a fanatical or extreme follower of a particular cause or belief
Zestless – lacking enthusiasm or energy
Zapped – exhausted or drained of energy
Zilch – nothing or zero
Zoned-out – mentally absent or disconnected from one’s surroundings
Zombie-like – resembling a zombie; lifeless or expressionless
Zigzagged – erratic or irregular movements or behavior
Zapped – suddenly deprived of power or energy
Zeroed – brought down to nothing or eliminated completely
Zinged – hit or struck suddenly and sharply
Zonal – limited or confined to a particular zone or area
Zoonotic – relating to a disease or infection that can be transmitted from animals to humans
Zoomorphic – resembling an animal or taking on animal-like characteristics
Zymotic – relating to or caused by fermentation or infectious diseases
Zanyish – somewhat zany or eccentric
Zombifying – causing someone to become like a zombie; dulling or deadening the senses
Zirconic – resembling or containing the mineral zirconium
Zoonal – pertaining to animals or animal life
Zygotic – relating to or arising from a fertilized egg
Zanyistic – relating to or characterized by zaniness or absurdity
Zetetic – relating to or involving investigation or inquiry
Zenophobic – having an intense fear or dislike of anything unfamiliar or foreign
Zephyrous – relating to or resembling a gentle breeze
Zilchlike – resembling or characteristic of nothingness or emptiness
Zingless – lacking vitality, energy, or excitement
Zinky – having a strong or unpleasant smell, like that of zinc
Zippy – lively, energetic, or quick
Zoophytic – relating to or resembling a plant or animal
Zonked-out – extremely tired or exhausted
Zoological – relating to or concerned with animals
Zombie-making – causing someone to become like a zombie
Zymogenic – capable of causing fermentation or disease
Zymolytic – relating to or promoting fermentation
Zanyistic – relating to or characterized by zaniness or absurdity
Zanylike – resembling or characteristic of a zany
Zanyishness – the state or quality of being somewhat zany or eccentric
Zapped-out – extremely tired or exhausted
Zero-grade – of the lowest or least possible quality
Zero-point – the point or state of absolute nothingness
Zestful – full of energy or enthusiasm
Zest-killing – causing one to lose enthusiasm or energy
Zeteticism – a philosophy or approach emphasizing investigation or inquiry
Zincous – containing or resembling zinc
Zombie-ridden – infested or overrun with zombies
Zoogenous – originating from or caused by living organisms
Zoomed-in – focused or concentrated on a particular aspect or detail
Zoomorphicity – the quality or state of resembling an animal
Zoosporic – relating to or producing zoospores
Zoonoticity – the quality or state of being able to be transmitted from animals to humans.
Zestless – lacking flavor or interest
Zealous – overly enthusiastic or fanatical
Zygote – a single cell formed from the fusion of two gamete cells
Zoonosis – a disease that can be transmitted from animals to humans
Zapped – hit with a sudden, intense blow
Zephyrless – lacking a gentle breeze or air movement
Ziggurat – a massive, tiered temple structure in ancient Mesopotamia
Zonked – extremely tired or exhausted
Zoolatry – the worship of animals
Zoon – an animal belonging to a particular region
Zootrophic – relating to the feeding of animals
Zemindari – a system of land ownership and management in India
Zonal – relating to or divided into zones
Zygospore – a type of spore formed during sexual reproduction in some fungi
Zing – a sharp, unpleasant sensation or comment
Zest-killing – causing a loss of enthusiasm or energy
Zinky – having a metallic, unpleasant smell
Zinger – a witty or sarcastic comment
Zombielike – resembling a zombie, lifeless or unresponsive
Zoophobia – an extreme fear of animals
Zygoma – a bone in the skull
Zoolite – a mineral containing animal remains
Zonalite – a type of mineral that occurs in zones or layers
Zoologist – a person who studies animals
Zoster – a viral infection that causes a painful rash
Zymase – an enzyme that causes fermentation
Zestful – full of energy or enthusiasm
Zootomy – the anatomy of animals
Zenith – the highest point or peak
Zanyism – behavior that is absurd or ridiculous
Zymogenic – causing or relating to fermentation
Zoned – mentally checked out or disconnected
Zero-sum – relating to a situation in which any gain by one person or group is offset by an equal loss to another
Zorched – exhausted or burnt out
Zoonal – relating to or characteristic of animal life
Zoocentric – having a narrow, animal-focused worldview
Zooty – fashionable or stylish in a showy way
Zestfully – with enthusiasm or energy
Zigzagging – moving in a sharp, erratic pattern
Zoograft – a graft from one animal to another
Zygomatic – relating to or located in the cheekbone area
Zephyrian – relating to a gentle breeze
Zonular – relating to or resembling a zone or band
Zombie – a reanimated corpse, often portrayed in horror movies
Zoroastrianism – an ancient religion that originated in Persia
Zoftig – having a plump, curvy figure
Zoom – a sudden, intense increase or decrease in something
Zoogeography – the study of the geographical distribution of animals
Zonalism – the idea of dividing a region or country into zones
Zymoticity – the state or quality of being caused by or relating to an infectious disease

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of negative words that start with the letter Z we have listed most of the bad ones and a few positive ones to get you started in this complete list.  We hope you have found this post interesting and helpful. Until next time thank you for reading.