What Is the Best Way to Outsmart a Narcissist?

  • By: Phil Taylor
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Narcissists are usually in love with themselves and believe that they are the best people in the world. They are also very sensitive to criticism and will react defensively. There are a few ways to outsmart a narcissist.

We will take a look at the most common ways to outsmart a narcissist in this article and if at all it is possible.

5 Ways To Outsmart A Narcissist.

When it comes to tackling or outsmarting a narcissist, there are a few tricks we can use to reflect their behavior back to them and almost confuse them on the spot.

1. Agree With Them.

We think the best way to outsmart a narcissist is to agree with them, no matter what they say. For example: If they say you don’t look good, you say, yes, I don’t look good. The narcissist may say you’re being condescending, you’re talking down to me etc. But if you say you agree with them, they have nowhere else to go with it.

Remember to always keep a level head with a narcissist. Don’t let them get you into an emotional state because that’s what they want, that’s what they feed off.

A narcissist’s game is to manipulate you, not to beat you. If you agree with them, you take their power away. Remember, the only way a narcissist wins is by putting you down to make themselves look good. If you agree with them, it will remove that power.

2. Show Empathy.

Ok, you’re probably thinking this is the last thing you want to do. But empathizing with a narcissist can really throw a wrench into their plans.

This is because they won’t expect it. They are expecting you to react the same as you always have. Remember this, this article is about outsmarting a narcissist, so doing something different is key.

If you knock them off balance and keep doing sideways moves, they won’t know which way to go next. One day you’re kind and nice to them, the next day you’re angry or you’re around them. Remember, you’re messing around with a narcissist.

But whatever you do, don’t get drawn into a fight with them. If you do, you’ve lost. This is what they want to see you emotional.

3. Take Advantage Of Them.

This is all about getting leverage over them. You want to figure out what they’re lying about and catch them in their lies or things they don’t want others to know about them. When you get any information on them, don’t show them you have it, keep the evidence.

Wait for the time when you have maximum control over them before you drop your leverage over them. When you know all their moves, they’ll show the real side of their personality.

4. Keep Them Guessing.

Just like showing empathy, you are going to drop more emotional tactics around them like laying mines in a field. You should never show a narcissist what you truly want because they will see this as your Achilles heel, instead start saying things you don’t want but act it out so the narcissist goes after that idea first.

Make it seem like the thing you really want is the most important thing in the world to you and that anything else is not important at all.

Then when they think they have won, switch it up again and set a new goal. Pretend like the old goal isn’t important anymore. Then switch back to the old goal, they will get confused and think you’re playing games with them when all the time, you haven’t revealed your hand at all.

If your opponent is one step ahead, don’t let him know that. Keep him guessing and they will be unprepared for what’s coming next. By being unpredictable, you will have the upper hand.

5. Find Yourself.

Find your true self, find your core being and come from a place of power. A narcissist cannot find themselves, so they will use you vicariously. By becoming stronger and saying no, the narcissist will have no power over you at all.

Remember a narcissist lacks empathy, they feel entitled and they have a deep need for attention. The worst thing about narcissists is that they might not even know they’re narcissists.


Narcissists are masters of manipulation. They have a deep-seated need to be recognized and admired. As it turns out, the best way to get that admiration is to put somebody else down. If you take away their power by agreeing with them, they have no place to go and that is one of the best ways to outsmart a narcissist, as well as find your true self-worth.

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