What To Do When He Suddenly Stops Texting You?

What To Do When He Suddenly Stops Texting You

If you are wondering what to do when he suddenly stops texting you, the answer is not to panic. There are many reasons why he might have stopped texting you. He might need some space, or maybe he is busy at work. It could also be that he is trying to initiate a break-up with you.

There are many things that can cause a guy to stop texting a girl and most of them are not bad news. The first thing that we should do when this happens is to give him some time and space and wait for him to text us again. Don’t overthink this too much; yes, it can be hard but you should allow a few days or even weeks before jumping to any conclusions.

In this article, we will take a look at what to do when a guy suddenly stops texting you and some simple rules to follow.

14 Simple Rules To Follow When He Stops Texting You.

  1. Don’t blame yourself.
  2. Give him space.
  3. Ask him why he stopped texting you.
  4. Move on.
  5. Distract Yourself.
  6. Call instead of text.
  7. Reach out to his friends.
  8. Check his social media.
  9. Don’t accuse him.
  10. Does he have plans?
  11. Understand the 24 rule.
  12. Accept that it’s happened delete and move on.
  13. Posative life attiude.
  14. Don’t text back.

1. Don’t Blame Yourself.

If a guy suddenly stops texting you, it can be difficult not to blame yourself or worry that you did something wrong. Sometimes, the real reason behind the sudden stop in communication is not what you think.

2. Give Him Space.

It can be really hard to understand the actions of men. They can make us feel insecure and confused which is a terrible feeling. It’s hard to know if they are just busy, ignoring us, or if they want space. If you have been texting nonstop for months and he suddenly goes cold it could be that he needs time to breathe so allow him some time to get back to you.

3. Ask him why he stopped texting you.

Men are simple. All you need to do is ask them why they stopped texting you and if you do, wait for a reply before over texting them. If he is trying to ghost you, then it’s time for a change of scenery.

4. Time To Move On.

If a guy suddenly stops texting you and you have asked why it’s time to move on. Yes it will hurt like hell at first but after a few weeks you will get over it. Some people are just not worth your time.

5. Distract Yourself.

One of the simplest things you can do when a guy suddenly stops texting you is to distract yourself. Play a game, go for a walk, go to the gym, read a book. Whatever you do, make sure your mind is occupied so you’re not wondering what he’s doing or why he stopped texting.

6. Call Him.

If you’re wondering how to tell if he’s ghosting you, try these simple steps. First, send him a text message and wait for a reply. If he doesn’t respond within 24 hours, it’s likely that he hasn’t seen your message. Next, call him to see if he answers the phone or calls you back within 48 hours. If he doesn’t answer or call back it could be time to let him go.

7. Reach Out to His Friends.

When you are close with a group of friends or have girlfriends with boyfriends are close, you can ask them how his doing after seeing their status on social media. But if you don’t know them too well or are in a new relationship and not sure who’s correct to ask, it’s best not to reach out. You don’t want to look needy.

8. Check His Social Media.

This is a bit sneaky, but checking his social media could give you information on where he is and who he is with. It will also give you a timeline of what he’s been up to. If you see him posting or commenting on someone else’s posts and not texting you back, you know he’s seen your message and ignored it.

9. Don’t accuse him.

Accusing him of not texting you back is the worst thing you can do and will instantly put him off. He could have lost his phone, had his phone confiscated, or any number of things that might mean he didn’t receive your text. So instead, wait until he gets back in contact with you.

10. Does he have plans.

He could be texting you and then all of a sudden stop. It may be because he needs to get ready or is going out. Men sometimes forget to share this kind of information and become too focused on the moment.

11. 24 Rule.

Giving someone 24 hours to respond before you text them back is a good rule of thumb. It gives them plenty of time to answer, or find another way to talk to you. If they don’t text you back within the 24-hour period then it’s alright to call/text them again and make sure everything is alright.

12. Accept That It Happened.

Accept that it happened, delete and move on. When someone suddenly stops texting you, you can just accept this as a fact and move on with your life. It can be hard, but boys change their minds for whatever reason. If you have tried to make contact and they’ve ghosted you, the best thing to do is move on.

13. Positive Life Attitude.

It’s not unheard of for people to come and go in our lives without warning. If this has happened, try to look at this from a different perspective. You might be freer to do something else or make more connections with people (friends, romantic partners).

14. Don’t Text Back.

If you can see that you’ve been texting, calling and reaching out to him without any reciprocation, it’s time to stop. You need to move on and find other ways to occupy your time with people who actually want you in their lives.


What to do when he suddenly stops texting you? The best thing to do is to wait for a reply and apply the 24-hour rule (see above). Sometimes, when people are texting back and forth they can miss texts that were sent in between their conversations.

There are many reasons why he suddenly stopped texting you. If you have found this article useful, then you can learn more about digital body language.

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