Body Language Dictionary

Body Language Dictionary and meaning. Remember we must always read body language in clusters of information and there are no absolutes when we analyze even the experts get it wrong from time to time.

NameBody RegionGesture Type
Arm CrossArmsClosed
Arms on HipsArmsClosed
Arms Behind BackArmsOpen
Elbow ClosureArmsClosed
Elbow OutArmsOpen
Guiding ArmsOpen
Arms in AirArmsOpen
Knee HuggingArmsUnsure
Single Arm WrapArmsClosed
Gestural AbsenceBodyClosed
Eyebrow NarrowingEyesUnsure
Eye Blink RateEyesStress
Eyebrow FlashEyesOpen
Ocular Orbital TensionEyesUnsure
Pupil ConstrictionEyesClosed
Pupil DilationEyesOpen
Eye SquintEyesStress
Confirmation GlanceFaceUnsure
Jaw ClenchingFaceAggression
Lip CompressionFaceConcealing
Lip RetractionFaceUnsure
Foreign Object InsertionFaceUnsure
Surprise FaceUnsure
Teeth SuckingFaceAggression
Nostril Wing Dilation FaceAggression
Toes UpFeetOpen
Foot Withdrawal FeetUnsure
Toes Pointed InwardFeetClosed
Behind HeadHandsOpen
Hands on the Back of the NeckHandsUnsure
Chin StrokeHandsOpen
Digital ExtentionHandsOpen
Digital Flexation HandsClosed
Eyelid RubbingHandsUnsure
Finger to NoseHandsUnsure
Facial TouchingHandsUnsure
Genital Protecting HandsClosed
Two Handed GraspingHandsClosed
Knee ClaspHandsUnsure
Locked FingersHandsRelaxed
Lint Picking HandsUnsure
Palms DownHandsClosed
Palm Exposure HandsOpen
Hands in PocketsHandsClosed
Chest TouchingHandsUnsure
Clasping the ThighsHandsOpen
Throat ClaspingHandsUnsure
Wrist to ForeheadHandsUnsure
Wrist TouchingHandsClosed
Chin ThrustHeadAggression
Head BackHeadOpen
Head DowncastHeadOpen
Head SupportHeadUnsure
Head TiltHeadOpen
Vertical HeadshakeHeadOpen
Figure Four Leg CrossLegsOpen
Barrier CrossLegsClosed
Binding LegsLegsClosed
Leg CrossingLegsOpen
Double Leg CrossLegsClosed
Groin ExposureLegsOpen
Locked Ankles LegsClosed
Adam’s Apple RaiseNeckStress
Shoulder ShruggingNeckOpen
Swallowing NeckClosed
Belonging CarelessnessObjectOpen
Personal Belonging Security CheckObjectUnsure
Chair ArmsObjectStress
Clothing Covering ObjectClosed
Feet Around Chair LegsObjectUnsure
Fist on TableObjectAggression
Groin ShieldObjectClosed
Jacket ButtoningObjectClosed
Jewelry PlayObjectUnsure
Object Barrier ObjectClosed
Object ConcealmentObjectClosed
Object InteractionObjectOpen
Interaction With Other’s PropertyObjectOpen
Shoe RemovalObjectOpen
Watch CheckingObjectOpen
Pelvic FacingPelvicOpen
Pelvic TiltPelvicOpen
Constantly Raised ShouldersShoulderUnsure
Self HugShoulderClosed
Single Shoulder ShrugShoulderUnsure
Breathing RateTorsoOpen
Torso FacingTorsoOpen
Postural TiltTorsoOpen
Direct ChronologyVerbal 
Vocal Hesitancy Verbal 
Mini Confessions Verbal 
Non Answer StatementVerbal 
Non Contracting Statements Verbal 
Over ApologizingVerbal 
Pronoun AbsenceVerbal 
Psychological DistancingVerbal 
Question Reversal Verbal 
Resume StatementsVerbal 
Rising Vocal PitchVerbal 
Increase in Vocal SpeedVerbal 
Phil Taylor Author Body Language Matters
Phil Taylor Author Body Language Matters

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Phil Taylor, the founder of, embarked on a journey to unravel the secrets of non-verbal communication and to delve deep into the intricacies of body language. His passion didn’t stop there; it expanded to encompass various realms of psychology. A professional hypnotherapist and a master of close-up magic, Phil possesses a vast reservoir of knowledge and understanding in the field of communication. His multifaceted experiences have honed his expertise, turning him into a formidable force in the exploration of human interaction.

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