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People use body language to communicate with each other. Body language is divided into two types. Non-verbal communication and verbal communication.

Nonverbal communication includes facial expression, gestures, posture, eye contact, touch, and proximity.

Body language, hand face, is the most significant type of body language that we do unconsciously.

When we touch someone’s face, we’re sending a signal that we like them or care about their opinion of us; it can also signal dominance or aggression if it’s not done in a friendly way.

There are, however, plenty of other reasons why we touch our faces. We will explore these reasons below.

The human brain is wired to look for cues from other people’s faces and bodies in order to determine how they feel about the interaction and what their intentions might be.

We will take a closer look at the different meanings below.

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Body language hand on face a lot

Body language hand on face a lot

Body language experts use the following to determine if somebody is lying:

  • Hand gestures (for example, when somebody touches their nose or ear)
  • Facial expressions (if somebody touches their mouth or chin)
  • Eye movements (when somebody blinks a lot or stares at you for an extended period of time)

Hand on face your face often is a sign that you are feeling nervous, embarrassed, uncomfortable, or anxious.

However, somebody language experts say that hands your face while telling a lie could be a sign of blocking.

The more we see someone touching their face, the more likely we are to say that they are feeling under stress. However, context is key here. They could simply be having a hot flush.

Body language hands on face and lips meaning

Body language hands on face and lips meaning

Hands-on the face and lips are usually a sign that someone is thinking or contemplating something that is challenging.

They will use an index finger and thumb to pinch the lip and rub the face with their dominant hand while thinking about a topic.

This is a context thing if you see them touching their face and lips whilst being asked tough questions this could be a way of pacifying themselves and soothing themselves.

Context is key when it comes to reading body language correctly.

What does body language hands on face and neck mean

What does body language hands on face and neck mean

The hand on the face or neck typically means that the person is emotionally distraught or about to burst into tears. It’s a way of calming ourselves down when under emotional distress.

You will typically see the hand move around the back of the other and then onto the face, usually done with the non-dominant hand.

What should you do when you spot someone’s hands on their face and neck?

Asking the person to leave the situation might help them feel better. It can be hard when people are experiencing stress because their feelings become overwhelming and they need to get away from it.

They should take some time for themselves or go somewhere to relax so things stop making them feel so emotional after a while.

We also see this when someone touches the face and hair.

What does body language hand on face and hair mean

What does body language hand on face and hair mean

When someone is touching their face or hair is often associated with anxiety or nervousness.

There are many other reasons people touch their heads or faces during conversations as well including checking for sweat or removing lint from clothes.

Your interpretation of these gestures will depend on the context of the conversation.

Remember context will give you the clues to how that person is really feeling.

What does body language hand on face while listening mean

What does body language hand on face while listening mean

The hand on someone’s face with our index finger, middle finger, or thumb is a common way to convey that we are paying attention to them.

Depending on the context there are a few different meanings when it comes to touching the face whilst listening.

If your example, you’re telling a story to destress, they could show horror by touching their face or blocking their face.

This is a way of building rapport with you and showing you nonverbally that they’re listening to you.

It is possible that the person may be feeling uncomfortable with what they are being discussed.

They could just be scratching an itch on their face and we often do. There are a few meanings you need to take into consideration when deciding what the type of conversation is and where they are.

What does body language hands on face when talking mean

What does body language hands on face when talking mean

A person touching their face when they are talking could be a sign of nervousness and insecurity. They could be feeling pressured and need to wipe away sweat or try to cool down.

We will now look at rubbing the face.

What does rubbing face body language mean

What does rubbing face body language mean

Rubbing your face is an action that indicates that you are exhausted or frustrated.

It may also be used as a form of self-soothing if you are feeling insecure, scared, or embarrassed.

Think about the last time you rubbed your face. I typically rub my face when I’m tired or stressed out

Is a hand on face seen as attraction

Is a hand on face seen as attraction

The hand on the face, like rubbing your eyes or biting your lip, is a way to try and reduce the tension in the area on the face.

If someone touches their face when they’re talking to you or listening to you, it could be a sign of attraction.

The “touching” can be done in various ways: with one hand on different points of the face, with two hands on both sides of the nose or by rubbing both temples.

Again, this goes back to context. You have to assess what is going on in order to get a good read on a person and to understand why they hand is on their face. Remember, there are no absolutes in body language.

Why are pop stars obsessed with hands on their faces

Pop stars seem to be obsessed with putting their hands on their faces. Why is that?

There are a number of reasons why pop stars touch their faces. One common reason is to frame the face in photos or to highlight certain features.

When pop stars are going about their daily lives they won’t touch their faces any less than you or I would normally. It’s important to remember that they too are humans, just like you and me.



Hand on the face from a body language point of view has many different meanings and conditions. It could mean they are feeling under pressure or on the other hand, it could mean they are trying to block something out.

The only way we can really figure out what’s going on with a person is by studying the contact around their face.

We hope this has been a useful article. It’s worth checking out our other posts, too.

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