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Why Body Language Is So Important In A Presentation

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Why Body Language Is So Important In A Presentation

Expert speakers know how to use body language to their advantage. They’re fully aware of what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. They do this to make sure that their audience is paying attention and understanding them better.

There are some really simple tricks and tips to make sure you use the correct body language when presenting. The first is never let your hands drop below your waistline; you should always keep your hands above waist height in order to project your thoughts through your non-verbal’s.

When a person speaks or moves in a certain way, they emit information about their thoughts and feelings – either consciously or without realizing it. We will cover the dos and don’ts later in the post.

What Is the Importance of Body Language in Effective Presentations

What Is the Importance of Body Language in Effective Presentations

Many people think that body language is just what you project from your physical body, but it’s a lot more than that. It’s how you communicate with others without words or a ton of gestures.

We communicate about 60% of what we are saying through body language, so if we are not congruent with what we are saying, this can send mixed signals to your audience.

Body language can convey a message to others about what you’re going through and how you’re feeling without any words being said at all.

There are ways to project confidence or positivity when you do your presentation with your non-verbal’s

The Most Powerful Tips You Can Use Quickly in Any Presentation

Public speaking is something that many people dread, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many things you can do to make your presentation more memorable, persuasive, and powerful.

It is important for you to know that the audience takes notice of everything that happens on stage. This may include how well you speak, what you wear, and how confident you are in what you say.

The following are 10 powerful tips for public speaking.

Walking on to the stage or getting up in front of an audience.

Believe it or not, your audience will have already decided whether or not they like you within a fraction of a second. Most people will make that decision within a few seconds when they first see you and you walk onto the stage. That’s why it’s important to dress to impress; everyone knows that the sayings “know, like and true” are true.

Well, the way you dress is super important as a first impression.

You need to walk onto the stage with open body language, hands out, palms open. You are being judged on whether you are good for them or if you should be moved away because they are going to put us in danger.

The Five Minimum Requirements in Order to Win the Crowd

The question people will ask themselves subconsciously is this person going to be a friend? Do they look like someone I already know? If that is the case you are now gathering data, that fits your assumption about how they are like someone you already know.

  • Eye contact
  • Smile
  • Eyebrow Flash
  • Open hands above the waste with palms out
  • Dress accordingly

If you don’t tick the four boxes above, you could be seen as either an energy-efficient person or someone we don’t like. That could turn the audience off or even worse against you initially.

Correct Eye Contact

When you walk on stage, try to make eye contact with as many people as possible. Eye contact is one of the most powerful things we have in our arsenal when we use body language. You don’t want to stare at people for too long. For each person, you should spend about two seconds, and then move on to the next person. You also want to count this pattern as you deliver your presentation, constantly looking at your audience will help you deliver your message.

There is a way to read the room through a blink rate. You can tell if your audience are loving what you are saying or becoming bored simply by observing their blink rate. To find out the quick calculation check out how to notice blink rate in an audience and crush it here.


There are two types of smiles: a fake one and a real one called a Duchenne smile. This is a smile that uses your eyes and makes the corners of your eyes wrinkle sometimes known as crow’s feet. We like to call it a true, genuine smile of happiness.

It has been proven that the more you smile, the better you will feel. When you smile, your brain releases neuropeptides that help you relieve stress and calm you down in that moment.

Most people will reflect this back to you through their nonverbal cues, and that’s what you want when delivering a presentation, people on your side.

Eyebrow Flash

The eyebrow flash is a nonverbal signal that tells others you recognize them subconsciously. Try this with the next person you see: raise your eyebrows without speaking to them nine times out of ten, they will flash theirs back to say, “We saw you and we’re okay with that.”

This one is not to be underestimated. Most body language is simple as it has been bred into use, but interlingually understanding something is a totally different matter altogether.

Keep Your Hand Above Your Waist Line And Palms Out

Often you need to gain trust quickly and one of the quickest ways is with your hands open or palms showing above the waistline. The universal gesture is called the truth plane, it’s where you gesture from the navel area with palms open. This shows you have no weapons or tools that could hurt them. Yes, it’s basic, but it’s how evolution has structured us to stay safe so we may as well use it.

Dress To Impress

Have you ever been in a public place and a homeless person walked past or tried to engage with you? Your first instinct is to move away from them or get them away from you as quickly as possible. That’s because they probably smell and are wearing old, dirty clothes.

Now, if you’re reading this, chances are it won’t be you. But I want you to consider what you’re wearing as you will be judged on your appearance.

If you’re delivering a formal presentation, business attire is in order, and maybe a fresh haircut. Being well grooms sends a signal to others you look after yourself so you can look after this project or message you are tiring to deliver.


Stand with your feet about shoulder with apart, stand like a normal person then you wanna put just a tiny bit of weight on the front of your foot.

Stand up straight, put your head straight forward and expose just a little of your neck so you feel more comfortable. Make sure you’re not too exposed or it’s going to look awkward.

If you start to feel tense, squeeze your toes to release any excess energy.

Learn From Other Presenters

One of the most powerful Ted Talks we have ever seen on body language and presentation is Mark Bowden’s TedX Toronto Talks below. Watching this will give you an idea of how to present. He is using embedded commands and all the tips mentioned above.


Choose your behavior around people. Most of the people you see will be indifferent to you, you were designed this way. You will also notice people who are like you and you feel comfortable with automatically. You need to be aware of your body language and tone of voice in order to deliver a successful message. This will help with establishing rapport and create a feeling of friendship. If you can do this successfully, you will have more credibility as a speaker and be able to better deliver your points and understand why body language is so important in a presentation.

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