100 Christmas Words That Start With O (With Definition)

100 Christmas Words That Start With O (With Definition)

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Hello there! I’m excited to share with you an intriguing array of Christmas-related words that all begin with the letter ‘O’. Each word carries a piece of the holiday’s joy and tradition, and I can’t wait to dive into these festive terms with you. From delightful decorations to heartfelt traditions, let’s unwrap the meanings together!

100 Christmas Words Beginning With O List

1. Ornament

Small decorative objects that are hung on a Christmas tree.

2. Ornaments

Multiple decorative items used to adorn Christmas trees and homes during the festive season.

3. Orchestra

A group of musicians who may perform Christmas music during the holiday season.

4. Organ

A musical instrument often used to play Christmas carols in churches.

5. Offering

A gift or contribution given at Christmas time, often in a religious context.

6. Oven-baked

Referring to foods traditionally cooked in an oven during Christmas, like cookies or ham.

7. Overjoyed

A feeling of great happiness, common during Christmas festivities.

8. Overcoat

A warm coat worn over other clothes in winter, often associated with Christmas outings.

9. Overeat

To eat too much, which is a common occurrence during Christmas feasts.

10. Overindulge

To allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of eating and drinking too much during Christmas time.

11. Opening

The act of unwrapping Christmas presents.

12. Opera

Some operas are themed around Christmas and are popular to attend during the holiday season.

13. Outreach

Charitable activities that increase in frequency during Christmas, aiming to help the less fortunate.

14. Outfit

Special clothes that people might wear for Christmas celebrations.

15. Outpouring

An expression of strong emotion, often seen during joyful Christmas reunions.

16. Outdoors

Many Christmas activities, like markets and caroling, take place outdoors.

17. Outsized

Something unusually large, such as an outsized Christmas stocking or decoration.

18. Outing

A trip or excursion, often organized around Christmas to see decorations or visit family.

19. Oval

Many Christmas table decorations, such as tablecloths or placemats, feature oval shapes.

20. Ovation

Applause or praise, often given after a Christmas performance.

21. October

In some places, Christmas preparations and celebrations start as early as October.

22. Officer

Officers in the Salvation Army are often seen collecting donations during the Christmas season.

23. Official

Christmas is an official holiday in many countries around the world.

24. Offspring

Children, who are often the focus of joy and gift-giving during Christmas.

25. O Holy Night

A popular Christmas carol that celebrates the birth of Jesus.

26. O Little Town of Bethlehem

Another well-loved carol that is sung during the Christmas season.

27. O Tannenbaum

The German version of the carol “O Christmas Tree.”

28. Once-a-year

Many Christmas traditions and activities are described as once-a-year events.

29. One-horse

As in “one-horse open sleigh,” from the famous Christmas song “Jingle Bells.”

30. Ongoing

Christmas celebrations that continue over a period of time.

31. Online

Shopping online for Christmas gifts has become increasingly common.

32. Onset

The beginning of the Christmas season, which for many starts right after Thanksgiving.

33. Onlooker

Spectators at Christmas parades and other public festivities.

34. Onward

Moving forward, often used in Christmas narratives or songs to suggest progress or journeying.

35. Opulence

The state of being luxurious or lavish, common in some Christmas celebrations.

36. Optimal

The best or most favorable, often used in the context of planning for the perfect Christmas.

37. Optimism

Hopefulness and confidence about the future, which is a sentiment often associated with the Christmas season.

38. Option

Choices, as in the various options for Christmas gifts or holiday activities.

39. Orderly

Arranged or organized, which is how many people like their Christmas decorations.

40. Original

Being the first of its kind, like an original Christmas song or story.

41. Ornate

Elaborately or highly decorated, often used to describe Christmas decor.

42. Outdo

To surpass in performance, often used when people talk about making this Christmas better than the last.

43. Outlet

Stores or malls where people might go Christmas shopping for discounts.

44. Outline

A plan or a preliminary sketch, often made for Christmas events or projects. 

Certainly, here are more Christmas-related words starting with the letter ‘O’ along with their descriptions.

46. Outright

Completely or immediately, such as buying a Christmas gift outright rather than on layaway.

47. Outstretch

To extend one’s arms widely, often in the gesture of giving or embracing during Christmas.

48. Outweigh

To be heavier or greater in importance, like the joy of Christmas outweighing the stress of preparation.

49. Outwit

To get the better of someone, possibly in a Christmas-themed board game or playful family banter.

50. Ovation

A round of applause typically given to performers in Christmas plays and concerts.

51. Overcome

To successfully deal with or gain control of something, like overcoming the rush to prepare for Christmas.

52. Overhang

To project or extend beyond, such as Christmas lights overhanging from the roof of a house.

53. Overlay

To cover the surface of something, such as overlaying a Christmas table with a festive cloth.

54. Overlook

To fail to notice something, or a high place with a view, where people might gather for Christmas fireworks.

55. Overtake

To catch up with and pass while traveling, such as a sleigh overtaking another in a Christmas parade.

56. Overture

A musical introduction, often played at the beginning of Christmas concerts.

57. Overwhelm

To have such a strong emotional effect that it is difficult to know how to react, like being overwhelmed by Christmas generosity.

58. Owe

To have an obligation to pay or repay something, especially in terms of Christmas gift exchanges.

59. Owner

The person to whom something belongs, often seen with “Owner” signs during Christmas sales.

60. Oxen

Animals that are sometimes included in Nativity scenes during Christmas.

61. Oxygenate

To supply or infuse with oxygen, as in oxygenating a home with fresh pine scent during Christmas.

62. Oyster

A type of seafood that is sometimes featured in Christmas meals, especially in coastal regions.

63. Ozonic

Relating to or having the smell of fresh air, associated with the crispness of outdoor Christmas markets.

64. Oomph

The quality of being exciting, energetic, or sexually attractive, often added to Christmas parties with lively music.

65. Oodles

A very great number or amount of something, such as oodles of Christmas gifts under the tree.

66. Onus

Used to refer to someone’s duty or responsibility, like the onus on parents to create a magical Christmas for their children.

67. Opaque

Not able to be seen through; not transparent, like some Christmas window decorations.

68. Open-hearted

Displaying or characterized by generosity and warmth, especially during the Christmas season.

69. Open-minded

Willing to consider new ideas; unprejudiced, which can include new Christmas traditions.

70. Opine

To express an opinion, something that happens often during Christmas dinner conversations.

71. Opportune

Done or occurring at a favorable or useful time; well-timed, like a surprise visit from a loved one at Christmas.

72. Oppose

To disapprove of and attempt to prevent, which could include opposing the commercialization of Christmas.

73. Oppress

To keep (someone) in subservience and hardship, which some charitable organizations aim to alleviate during Christmas.

74. Opt

To make a choice from a range of possibilities, like opting for a real tree versus an artificial one at Christmas.

75. Optician

A person qualified to make and supply eyeglasses and contact lenses, who might be visited in preparation for reading Christmas stories.

76. Optimize

To make the best or most effective use of something, such as optimizing lights for a Christmas display.

77. Optional

Available to be chosen but not obligatory, like optional gift exchanges at Christmas parties.

78. Oracle

A person or thing regarded as an infallible authority or guide on something, potentially including Christmas traditions.

79. Orate

To speak in a formal manner, which might be done during Christmas speeches or toasts.

80. Orbit

A sphere of activity, influence, or interest; range of action or experience, like the orbit of Christmas festivities.

81. Orchard

A piece of land planted with fruit trees, which in some places may include a Christmas tree farm.

82. Ordain

To order or decree something officially, such as a church service for Christmas.

83. Order

An authoritative direction or instruction to do something, like a last-minute Christmas gift order.

85. Ordinal

Relating to a thing’s position in a series, like the ordinal position of Christmas in the holiday calendar.

86. Ordnance

Military materials, such as guns and ammunition, which are not typically associated with Christmas but may appear in historical or commemorative contexts.

87. Ore

A naturally occurring solid material from which a metal or valuable mineral can be extracted, often symbolized in Christmas tales as gifts of the Magi.

88. Organza

A thin, stiff, transparent fabric made of silk or a synthetic yarn, commonly used in Christmas decorations and attire.

89. Orient

To align or position something relative to the points of a compass or other specified positions, often done with decorations to face viewers for maximum Christmas cheer.

90. Origami

The Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures, which can be a fun Christmas craft activity.

91. Orphan

A child whose parents are dead, often featured in heartwarming Christmas stories about finding a family or community.

92. Orthodoxy

Authorized or generally accepted theory, doctrine, or practice, including traditional ways of celebrating Christmas.

93. Oscillate

To move or swing back and forth in a regular rhythm, which could describe the motion of a Christmas pendulum or decorations in the wind.

94. Osmosis

The process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, knowledge, etc., such as cultural Christmas traditions being absorbed over time.

95. Ostracize

To exclude from a society or group, a situation that many outreach programs work to prevent during the Christmas season.

96. Oust

To drive out or expel someone from a position or place, not a typical Christmas activity but sometimes part of a dramatic Christmas story.

97. Outback

The remote and usually uninhabited inland districts of Australia, where Christmas is celebrated during their summer season.

98. Outbid

To offer a higher price than others, especially in Christmas auctions for charity.

99. Outburst

A sudden release of strong emotion, which can happen from joy, stress, or excitement during the Christmas period.

100. Outdo

To surpass in performance or quality, a common occurrence in friendly neighborhood competitions for the best Christmas lights display.

Final Thoughts

We’ve journeyed through a list of Christmas-related words starting with ‘O’, uncovering the many facets of the holiday season. It’s my hope that these words have added to your festive lexicon and brought a little extra holiday spirit into your heart.

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