100 Christmas Words That Start With The Letter N

100 Christmas Words That Start With N (With Definition)

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Hello and welcome! As the festive season approaches, I’m thrilled to share a collection of Christmas-related words that start with the letter ‘N’.

These words bring out the essence of the holiday season, from traditional terms that resonate with the Christmas spirit to festive nouns that adorn our conversations. Let’s embark on a yuletide linguistic journey together!

100 Christmas Words Beginning With N

1. Noel

The term “Noel” is derived from the French word meaning “Christmas” and is used to describe the Christmas season or carols.

2. Nativity

The Nativity refers to the scenes or artistic depictions of the birth of Jesus Christ.

3. Nutcracker

A decorative tool often associated with Christmas for cracking nuts, and also a ballet known for its Christmas theme.

4. North Pole

Traditionally, the North Pole is celebrated as the home of Santa Claus and his workshop.

5. Nog (as in Eggnog)

A holiday beverage consisting of milk, sugar, eggs, and spices, often served with a splash of rum or brandy.

6. Naughty

A term used to describe children who have behaved badly and are at risk of receiving coal from Santa instead of presents.

7. Nice

The opposite of naughty; a list Santa checks to decide who receives gifts.

8. Nights

Referring to the evenings of the holiday season, which are often filled with festive lights and activities.

9. Nutmeg

A spice commonly used in holiday cooking and baking, particularly in eggnog and Christmas cookies.

10. Nuts

A traditional holiday treat often found in stockings or served in bowls at Christmas gatherings.

11. Nibbles

Small snacks or appetizers served during Christmas parties and gatherings.

12. Noel-verse

A fictional universe where Christmas-related stories and characters exist.

13. Nougat

A sweet confection found in many Christmas candies and desserts.

14. Nisse

A mythical creature from Nordic folklore, akin to a gnome, associated with the Christmas season.

15. Newborn

Referring to the nativity story of the newborn Jesus.

16. News (Good News)

Often refers to the Gospel accounts of Jesus’s birth, considered as the “Good News.”

17. Neighbors

During Christmas, it’s customary to visit or exchange gifts with neighbors.

18. Nut Roast

A vegetarian dish often served during Christmas dinners.

19. Noel Candle

A candle specifically lit or used during Christmas to signify the light of the season.

20. Nativities

Plural for nativity; often refers to collections or multiple displays of the nativity scene.

21. Nickel

Sometimes used to refer to the small gifts or coins placed in Christmas stockings.

22. Nylons

Stockings, which are hung by the fireplace for Santa to fill with presents.

23. ‘Neath (as in ‘neath the tree)

Colloquial for beneath, referring to the placement of Christmas presents under the tree.

24. Nut Brown

A color often associated with Christmas, found in holiday decor and seasonal attire.

25. Noel Music

Music that is played or sung during the Christmas season, encompassing a variety of carols and songs.

26. Nestle

As in “nestled all snug in their beds,” from the famous Christmas poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas.”

27. Nostalgia

A sentimental longing for past Christmas celebrations and traditions.

28. Nightcap

A warm drink taken before bed on a cold Christmas night, often with a dash of alcohol.

29. Noel-time

Another term for the Christmas season, emphasizing its time-bound nature.

30. Notes

Christmas cards or notes are often sent to friends and family during the holiday season.

31. Nutcracker Suite

A selection of music from the ballet “The Nutcracker,” often played during Christmas.

32. Navigation (Star of)

Refers to the Star of Bethlehem, used by the Wise Men for navigation to find the newborn king.

33. Noel Poem

A poem written about Christmas or the festive season.

34. Novelty

Christmas is a time when many novelty items, like ugly Christmas sweaters, become popular.

35. Necktie

A common Christmas gift, often with festive patterns or colors.

36. Network

Christmas is a time when people network with family and friends, often at holiday parties.

37. Nap

Short sleeps or naps after a heavy Christmas meal are a common tradition for some.

38. Nectar

Sometimes used to describe sweet drinks served at Christmas, like punch or mulled wine.

39. Needle

Refers to the pine needles on Christmas trees which are a central part of the holiday’s decor.

40. Nativity Play

A play reenacting the birth of Jesus Christ, commonly performed during Christmas time.

41. Notation

Musical notation for Christmas carols and songs that are played or sung during the season.

42. Nimbus

Artistic depictions of holy figures in nativity scenes often include a nimbus or halo.

43. Noel Card

A Christmas card, often with “Noel” written on it as a greeting.

44. Night Before Christmas

Refers to the famous poem by Clement Clarke Moore, “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” often read on Christmas Eve.

45. Nutcracker Soldier

A traditional decorative figure that represents the soldiers in the “Nutcracker” ballet.

46. Nourishment

During Christmas, a focus is often on the nourishment of both body and soul, through food and fellowship.

47. Nippy

Describes the often chilly or crisp weather experienced during the Christmas season.

48. Nightly

Many Christmas traditions, like lighting an advent candle, occur nightly during the season.

49. Nativity Fast

In some Christian traditions, a period of fasting before Christmas, similar to Advent.

50. Nondenominational

Christmas celebrations that are inclusive of all, regardless of religious affiliation. 

51. Nutritional

Refers to the dietary aspects of the Christmas feast, which can range from indulgent to health-conscious choices.

52. Noggin

Slang for head, but during Christmas, it can whimsically refer to a mug used for eggnog.

53. Nibbling

The act of eating small amounts of festive treats, often done during holiday gatherings.

54. Noel Chorus

A group of singers performing Christmas carols, often called a chorus.

55. Nutty

Descriptive of the flavor found in many Christmas dishes, often from the use of actual nuts.

56. Nightgown

Traditional attire for Christmas morning, often depicted in Christmas stories and movies.

57. Nesting

The act of preparing one’s home for Christmas, similar to birds preparing a nest.

58. Nondenominational Prayer

A prayer offered during the Christmas season that is inclusive of all faiths.

59. Newsboy Cap

A style of cap that might be associated with historical Christmas attire or period dramas set during the holidays.

60. New Year’s Eve

While not exclusively about Christmas, it is intrinsically linked to the holiday season as the culmination of festivities.

61. Nativity Set

A collection of figures used to depict the Nativity scene, often displayed in homes and churches.

62. Noel Tradition

Any tradition that is specifically associated with the Christmas season.

63. Navy Blue

A color often used in Christmas attire and decorations, providing a contrast to the traditional red and green.

64. Nuzzle

A warm, affectionate gesture often exchanged between loved ones during the cozy Christmas season.

65. Nature

Christmas time often brings a focus on the natural elements of winter, used in decorations like wreaths and garlands.

66. Nutcracker Collection

Some people collect various nutcracker figures, which are prominently displayed during the Christmas season.

67. Noel Celebration

A festive event or party held to celebrate Christmas.

68. Nougatine

A confection made from sugar or honey, nuts, and egg white, often found in Christmas desserts.

69. Nursery

During Christmas, many nurseries are visited for their selection of Christmas trees and holiday plants.

70. Noel Song

A song sung during the Christmas period, often synonymous with a Christmas carol.

71. Novel

Christmas-themed novels are popular reads during the holiday season.

72. Nostalgic Films

Christmas is a time when many people watch classic, nostalgic films that have become holiday traditions.

73. Nightlights

Special Christmas-themed nightlights are often used to decorate homes during the festive season.

74. Nougat Candy

A sweet treat made of sugar or honey, roasted nuts, whipped egg whites, and sometimes chopped candied fruit.

75. Nativity Costume

Costumes used in nativity plays or as part of Christmas pageants.

76. Nectarine

While not a traditional Christmas fruit, nectarines can be used in festive recipes or as a fresh, sweet snack.

77. Nippy Air

Describes the brisk, cold air often associated with outdoor Christmas activities.

78. Nine Ladies Dancing

From the Christmas song “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” representing the ninth day of Christmas.

79. Nutcracker Ornament

Ornaments shaped like nutcrackers are popular decorations for Christmas trees.

80. Neapolitan

A term that could refer to Neapolitan ice cream, which, with its layers of different colors, might be served as a Christmas dessert.

81. Newfangled

Refers to new or different techniques or gadgets that might be given as Christmas gifts.

82. Nocturnal

Many Christmas celebrations and services, such as Midnight Mass, take place at night.

83. Nacreous

Descriptive of the lustrous, rainbow-like colors of nacre, or mother-of-pearl, which can be used in Christmas decorations.

84. Nook

A cozy corner or spot in a home where one might display Christmas decorations or curl up with a holiday book.

85. Nimbus Cloud

A type of cloud that could be part of a Christmas weather forecast, or artistically represented in Christmas scenes.

86. Nightshade

While the plant is not associated with Christmas, the term could be used in a Christmas mystery or story setting.

87. Nonpareil

A type of decorative candy used in Christmas baking, or it could mean something unequaled, like a unique Christmas experience.

88. Nosegay

A small bouquet, which might be used as a decorative piece during Christmas.

89. Neologism

Christmas time sometimes sees the creation of new words or phrases specific to the holiday season.

90. Nativity Pageant

A play or performance reenacting the birth of Jesus Christ, commonly held during Christmas.

91. Nutmeats

The kernel of nuts, often used in Christmas cooking and baking.

92. Narration

The telling of the Christmas story, whether through a family reading or a church service.

93. Nougat Bar

A sweet bar made with sugar or honey and nuts, commonly enjoyed during Christmas.

94. Naval Oranges

A type of orange that is in season during winter and can be used in Christmas recipes or as a traditional stocking stuffer.

95. Numinous

Describing an experience that is filled with a sense of the presence of divinity, which some may feel during the Christmas season.

96. Nurturing

The act of caring and providing for others, often emphasized during the season of giving.

97. Natty

An adjective to describe someone who is smartly dressed, perhaps in festive attire for a Christmas party.

98. Notation

Musical notation for Christmas carols and hymns is essential for holiday music performances.

99. Nostalgia

A sentimental yearning for the past, frequently felt during the Christmas season as people reminisce about past Christmases.

100. Network

The social or familial network that comes together during the holiday season to celebrate Christmas.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for joining me on this festive exploration of Christmas-related words beginning with ‘N’. I hope this list has enriched your vocabulary with more of the holiday cheer and maybe even sparked some creative ideas for your seasonal festivities.

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