100 Christmas Words That Start With O (With Definition) 

100 Christmas Words That Start With O (With Definition)

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Hello there! I’m excited to share with you a special collection of Christmas-related words that all start with the letter ‘O’. This festive season is rich with unique terms that capture the spirit of the holiday, and today, we’re exploring a slice of this merry lexicon.

Whether you’re penning your holiday cards, looking for inspiration to decorate your home, or simply want to expand your vocabulary this Christmas, these words will surely sprinkle a bit of joy and anticipation of the season into your day.

Let’s delve into the world of ‘O’ and discover the charm each word holds in celebrating Christmas

100 Christmas Words Beginning With O

1. Ornament

A decoration is often hung on a Christmas tree, usually made of glass, metal, wood, or ceramics.

2. Orchestra

A large instrumental ensemble that can play Christmas music during the holiday season.

3. Offering

A gift or contribution is given at Christmas time, often in a religious context.

4. Oven-baked

Referring to food prepared in the oven, common for Christmas dishes like turkey or ham.

5. Overjoyed

The feeling many experience on Christmas morning, especially children when opening presents.

6. Once-a-year

An event or occurrence that happens exclusively during the Christmas season.

7. Outreach

Community service or charity work that is especially emphasized during the Christmas period.

8. October

Though not in the Christmas season, preparation and anticipation for Christmas often start in October.

9. Olde

A term used to describe traditional or old-fashioned Christmas practices.

10. Organ

A musical instrument used in churches for Christmas carols and hymns.

11. O Holy Night

A popular Christmas carol known for its moving melody and lyrics.

12. O Come, All Ye Faithful

Another well-known traditional Christmas hymn.

13. Outdoors

Many Christmas activities, such as markets or caroling, take place outdoors.

14. Office party

A Christmas celebration held by businesses or organizations for their employees.

15. Outfit

Special clothing chosen for Christmas festivities, often featuring red, green, and festive patterns.

16. O Tannenbaum

The German version of the Christmas carol “O Christmas Tree.”

17. Opulent

Christmas decorations or celebrations that are lavish and luxurious.

18. Overtime

Many workers experience overtime during the Christmas rush, especially in retail.

19. Order

Placing an order for Christmas gifts, especially online, has become a common practice.

20. Online shopping

A convenient way to purchase Christmas gifts, which has increased in popularity.

21. Observe

Many observe Christmas as a religious holiday, attending church services.

22. Olfactory

Relating to the sense of smell, engaged by Christmas scents like pine or gingerbread.

23. Off-season

The time before the Christmas season when preparations and early sales begin.

24. Open house

A type of Christmas gathering where guests can come and go as they please.

25. Overture

The musical introduction to a Christmas play or ballet, like “The Nutcracker.”

26. Opera

Christmas-themed operas are performed during the holiday season.

27. Outreach program

Many organizations host outreach programs to help the less fortunate at Christmas.

28. Oatmeal cookies

A type of cookie that might be left out for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

29. Onesie

A type of cozy garment often worn during the Christmas morning.

30. Ornamental

Anything decorative that adds to the festivity of Christmas, like wreaths or garlands.

31. Ointment

Sometimes found in Christmas stockings as a practical gift.

32. Oyster stew

A traditional Christmas Eve dish in some cultures.

33. Oracle

In some traditions, Christmas is a time for predicting the future, oracles might be consulted.

34. Off-key

The way some Christmas carols might be sung by the less musically talented.

35. Opening

The act of opening Christmas presents, a highlight of the day.

36. Oak

A type of tree under which some might gather for Christmas celebrations.

37. One-horse open sleigh

Made famous by the Christmas song “Jingle Bells.”

38. Oregano

An herb that may be used in Christmas cooking.

39. Organizing

The process of preparing and arranging Christmas activities or decorations.

40. Original

Many seek to give original gifts that are unique and personal for Christmas.

41. Overflowing

Describes a stocking or a heart full of joy during Christmas time.

42. Overeat

Something many people do during the Christmas feast.

43. Overcast

A type of weather that may be present during Christmas, especially in colder climates.

44. Opting

Choosing or deciding on Christmas gifts or menus.

45. Old-fashioned

Refers to traditional Christmas decorations or celebrations.

46. Off-white

A color of Christmas decor that is subdued and classy, often found in candles or ornaments.

47. Ongoing

Christmas celebrations that continue throughout the season.

48. Orange

Fruits that are traditionally put in Christmas stockings.

49. Onward

Often used to describe the movement of Christmas parades or the progression of holiday traditions.

50. Outlandish

Some Christmas costumes or decorations can be quite extravagant and unusual.

51. Outpouring

Christmas is a time for an outpouring of generosity and good will towards others.

52. Outstretched

Describes arms ready to receive hugs or gifts on Christmas.

53. Outing

A special trip or excursion that may be planned during the Christmas season.

54. Outsized

Refers to something unusually large, like an oversized Christmas stocking or decoration.

55. Ovation

A round of applause that performers might receive during Christmas concerts or plays.

56. Overhang

Decorations that might overhang a street or doorway, like Christmas lights.

57. Outdo

Trying to surpass previous years’ Christmas decorations or festivities.

58. Outshine

To eclipse all others, as a particularly bright star might on a Christmas tree.

59. Oval

Refers to the shape of some Christmas decorations, like certain baubles or table settings.

60. Overwhelm

The feeling one might get from the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season.

61. Ownership

Taking responsibility for organizing or providing something special for Christmas.

62. Outbound

Describes packages or Christmas cards sent to loved ones.

63. Outlast

Christmas traditions that have stood the test of time.

64. Outfitting

The act of decorating or preparing one’s home for Christmas.

65. Outgrow

Children may outgrow toys or clothes given as Christmas gifts.

66. Ovation

The act of applauding after a Christmas performance.

67. Outnumber

The plentiful amount of gifts or guests that may outnumber expectations at Christmas.

68. Opaque

Not transparent; could describe Christmas window clings or frosted lights.

69. Outpace

The speed at which Christmas seems to come faster each year.

70. Outskirts

The outer areas of a city where people may travel to cut down their own Christmas trees.

71. Outlaw

In historical contexts, someone who might have been pardoned as a Christmas act of clemency.

72. Outlook

People’s perspective or attitude towards the upcoming Christmas season.

73. Outfit

Special attire chosen for Christmas day or for attending Christmas parties.

74. Outpour

An abundant flow, often used to describe Christmas generosity or the sharing of food and drink.

75. Outsmart

What children try to do in order to catch Santa Claus in the act on Christmas Eve.

76. Outspoken

How family members might become when sharing Christmas stories or during festive debates.

77. Outperform

To do exceptionally well, such as a child in a Christmas pageant.

78. Outlive

Christmas memories that outlive the actual day and last throughout the year.

79. Outfitting

Gearing up with accessories for the cold, like scarves and mittens, during Christmas.

80. Outward

Showing or expressing inner feelings or decorations, as people do with Christmas displays.

81. Outcast

Someone who may feel left out during Christmas but is often the focus of charity during the season.

82. Outcry

A strong public expression of emotion that may come from a surprising Christmas gift.

83. Outback

In countries like Australia, Christmas is celebrated in the outback with barbecues.

84. Outboard

Refers to motors for boats used during Christmas getaways or parades on water.

85. Outbreak

An eruption of joy and happiness that often accompanies the Christmas season.

86. Outstrip

To surpass someone else’s Christmas lights display or festive decorations.

87. Outweigh

The benefits of the Christmas spirit, which often outweigh the stress of preparation.

88. Outwit

The cleverness required to find the perfect Christmas gift at the last minute.

89. Outgrow

The process kids go through with their belief in Santa Claus as they get older.

90. Outpace

The way that Christmas seems to come more quickly each passing year.

91. Oust

The act of removing or replacing old Christmas decorations with new ones.

92. Outburst

A sudden release of emotion, like the excitement when opening Christmas presents.

93. Outpouring

The generous amount of charity and goodwill given during the Christmas season.

94. Outlaw

As part of a Christmas narrative, a character who may come to redemption during the holiday.

95. Outright

Something given freely and openly, like Christmas gifts or compliments. 

96. Oust

To remove something, perhaps an old Christmas tradition to make room for a new one.

97. Outrun

To move faster than, as in trying to finish holiday shopping before Christmas Eve.

98. Outlast

To endure longer than, like the best Christmas lights that continue to shine season after season.

99. Outland

Fictional or remote places in stories told during Christmas time.

100. Outsmart

To defeat by cunning or ingenuity; perhaps how children think they can stay up late to see Santa Claus without being caught.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this excursion through the delightful array of Christmas-related words beginning with ‘O’. It’s fascinating how just one letter can open up a world of festive expressions, isn’t it? As we’ve seen, from ‘Ornament’ to ‘Outreach’, each term carries a piece of Christmas in its own unique way. I trust this list has brought a little more of the Christmas spirit into your heart and perhaps even inspired you with new ways to celebrate the season.

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