50 Christmas Words That Start With V (With Definition)

50 Christmas Words That Start With V (With Definition)

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Hello, and welcome to our festive collection of musings! As the holiday season approaches, I find myself drawn to the warmth and joy that Christmas brings. It’s a time of year that’s rich with tradition and sprinkled with the magic of anticipation.

In the spirit of this wonderful time, I’ve put together a list of Christmas-related words that start with the letter ‘V’.

Each of these words holds a connection to the yuletide season, whether through music, food, decorations, or the deep-rooted stories that make Christmas so special.

50 Christmas Words Beginning With V

1. Virgin

The term often refers to the Virgin Mary, a central figure in the Nativity of Jesus, which is celebrated at Christmas.

2. Velvet

A luxurious fabric used in Christmas decorations, such as stockings and Santa Claus costumes.

3. Vigil

A watch or period of surveillance, especially on the eve of a festival or holiday like Christmas Eve.

4. Village

Christmas villages are miniature village displays during the Christmas season.

5. Visit

During the Christmas season, many people visit family and friends.

6. Vision

Some Christmas stories, like “A Christmas Carol,” include visions or ghosts visiting the protagonist.

7. Vixen

One of Santa Claus’s reindeer as named in the famous Christmas poem “The Night Before Christmas.”

8. Vanilla

A flavor often found in Christmas cookies and other holiday treats.

9. Vigour

Referring to the energy and enthusiasm with which people often celebrate the Christmas season.

10. Veneration

The act of regarding with reverential respect or admiring deference, often practiced at Christmas.

11. Vocal

Choral and vocal music is a significant part of Christmas celebrations.

12. Voyage

The journey of the Magi to visit the newborn Christ or modern holiday travels.

13. Vine

While not directly related to Christmas, vines can be associated with the garlands used in decorations.

14. Vintage

Old-fashioned or classic Christmas decorations and themes.

15. Virtue

The Christmas season is often a time when virtues like hope, charity, and love are emphasized.

16. Victory

Some Christmas carols and hymns speak of the victory of light over darkness.

17. Variety

The variety of Christmas gifts, foods, and traditions celebrated worldwide.

18. Volunteer

Many people volunteer during the Christmas season to help those less fortunate.

19. Vibrant

Describing the lively and colorful atmosphere of Christmas celebrations.

20. Value

Reflecting on the values that are important during the Christmas season, such as family and giving.

21. Vast

Often used to describe the seemingly endless array of Christmas lights and decorations.

22. Veil

Winter snow often veils the landscape during Christmas in many countries, creating a picturesque scene.

23. Vault

Church vaults are often the site of Christmas services and celebrations.

24. Verses

Christmas cards and carols often contain verses of joy and goodwill.

25. Vest

Festive vests are worn during Christmas parties and gatherings.

26. Vigilant

The night before Christmas is often a time of vigilance for children awaiting Santa Claus.

27. Viable

Referring to the practicality and possibility of Christmas wishes and plans.

28. Vibrancy

The general mood and decor during the festive season are full of vibrancy.

29. Vice

Christmas stories sometimes include a moral lesson about overcoming vice.

30. Vantage

A vantage point to view Christmas parades or light displays.

31. Vow

Some people make Christmas vows or resolutions, similar to New Year’s resolutions.

32. Venerate

The act of honoring saints or religious figures associated with Christmas.

33. Vocabulary

The special set of words that are used around the Christmas period.

34. Voluble

Describes the chattiness of family gatherings at Christmas.

35. Votive

Votive candles may be lit during Christmas as a part of the festive decorations or religious practices.

36. Vortex

Sometimes used poetically to describe the flurry of activity during the Christmas season.

37. Voyageur

Referring to the travelers or the act of traveling home for the Christmas holiday.

38. Velvetine

A fabric similar to velvet often used in Christmas attire or decorations.

39. Vigilance

The care taken by parents to hide Christmas presents from their children and keep the magic alive.

40. Vagabond

In some Christmas narratives, characters may be portrayed as vagabonds or travelers.

41. Veranda

Many people decorate their veranda with lights and ornaments for Christmas.

42. Vernal

Though it refers to spring, the term can evoke the sense of renewal that comes with the Christmas season.

43. Verbena

A plant that might be part of a Christmas floral arrangement.

45. Vestige

Some Christmas traditions are vestiges of older customs and practices.

46. Vigilantism

In some Christmas stories, characters take action to ensure the holiday is saved or preserved, echoing themes of vigilantism in a lighthearted way.

47. Veneration

Often during Christmas, there is a veneration of the nativity scene and the figures within it, symbolizing the birth of Jesus.

48. Vibrato

The musical term vibrato can be associated with the skilled singers of Christmas carols.

49. Virescence

This term refers to the state of being green. At Christmas time, this can relate to the evergreen decorations such as holly, mistletoe, and Christmas trees that are used.

50. Vitrine

A glass cabinet which might be used to display Christmas collectibles or fine ornaments.

51. Vindication

Christmas-themed stories often involve a character’s vindication, as in the redemption of Ebenezer Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol.”

52. Vicar

In many communities, the vicar plays a central role in Christmas religious services and activities.

53. Vial

Small vials may be used for holding essential oils or fragrances often associated with Christmas scents like pine or cinnamon.

54. Vicinity

The vicinity of one’s home is often filled with Christmas lights and decorations during the season.

55. Vigilante

In some modern Christmas tales, there might be a character who acts as a vigilante to ensure holiday cheer.

56. Vantage

Many Christmas movies or stories might refer to a vantage point where characters witness a magical Christmas moment.

57. Viaduct

In holiday model train displays, a viaduct might be a feature that the train passes through, often adorned with seasonal decor.

58. Viscosity

This could relate to the texture and consistency of Christmas foods and treats, like syrup for puddings or glaze for hams.

59. Vesper

The evening star, or a reference to evening prayers, which could be a part of Christmas Eve traditions.

60. Voluminous

Describing the voluminous nature of Christmas feasts or the full skirts of festive dresses.

61. Volition

The act of choosing or deciding; during Christmas, this can refer to choosing the perfect gift or deciding on holiday plans.

62. Vivify

To enliven or animate; Christmas decorations and lights vivify the winter landscape.

63. Veneer

The shiny, decorative surface applied to Christmas crafts or furniture where the holiday feast is served.

64. Vernal

Though associated with spring, vernal can describe the fresh and new feeling that comes with the Christmas season.

65. Verisimilitude

The appearance of being true or real; in Christmas displays and Santa setups, creating a sense of verisimilitude is important for the festive illusion.

66. Vestibule

The entrance area of a house, which is often decked out with Christmas wreaths and welcoming decorations.

67. Vagary

The unpredictability of a white Christmas, depending on the vagaries of the weather.

68. Verdant

Referring to the greenery of Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands.

69. Vesperal

Relating to the evening, it can be associated with Christmas Eve services and celebrations.

70. Victuals

An old-fashioned word for food, which is plentiful during Christmas feasts.

71. Viand

Another word for an article of food, which might be used in the context of a Christmas meal.

72. Vizard

An old term for a mask or disguise; during Christmas, children may dress up in costumes for plays or for fun.

73. Votary

A devoted follower or admirer; in the context of Christmas, it could refer to someone who is especially enthusiastic about the holiday traditions.

74. Valance

A decorative drapery hung across a window or along the front of a table, which may be part of Christmas home decor.

75. Vaudeville

A type of entertainment popular in the early 20th century, which might be referenced in Christmas performances or historical contexts.

76. Vellum

A fine parchment that could be used for making high-quality Christmas cards or decorations.

77. Vespertine

Something related to the evening; Christmas Eve is a time when vespertine celebrations occur.

78. Viability

The suitability for living or existence; in the context of Christmas, discussing the viability of a real vs. artificial Christmas tree might be a topic.

Final Thoughts

It’s been a delightful journey diving into the world of Christmas-related words beginning with ‘V’. Although it’s a challenging task to encapsulate the vastness of Christmas in a mere alphabet slice, each word we’ve explored carries a fragment of the holiday’s spirit. From the names of revered figures to the materials that make up our cherished decorations, these words collectively paint a picture of a season filled with wonder and communal joy. Thank you for joining me in this exploration of Christmas vocabulary.

Phil Taylor
Phil Taylor Body Language Expert