91 Halloween Words That Start With K (With Definitions)

Halloween Words That Start With K (With Descriptions) 

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As Halloween approaches, it’s a good idea to brush up on some spooky vocabulary. Words that start with “K” are perfect for adding a little fright to your conversations, stories, or decorations. Here are a few examples with definitions:

Kraken: a mythical sea monster known for dragging ships and sailors to their watery demise.
Kelpie: a Scottish water spirit that takes the form of a horse and lures people to their doom in the water.
Kibosh: to put an end to something; as in “put the kibosh on that Halloween party idea.”

These words can be used in any spooky context, from telling ghost stories to decorating your home. For instance, you might create a Kraken-themed display complete with tentacles and underwater sounds. Or, you might tell a story about a kelpie that haunts a local lake. Whatever you do, incorporating Halloween words that start with “K” is sure to add some extra terror to the season.

 91 Halloween Words That Start With K ( Full List)

Kook: A person with unusual or eccentric behavior.
Kryptonite: A fictional mineral that weakens Superman.
Knife: A sharp instrument used for cutting.
Kaleidoscope: A tube containing mirrors and pieces of colored glass or paper.
Kraken: A legendary sea monster often depicted as a giant octopus or squid.
Knock: A sound made by striking a surface with a hard object.
Kiss: A gesture of affection made by pressing one’s lips to another person or object.
Karaoke: A form of entertainment where people sing along to popular songs.
Kobold: A mischievous household spirit from German folklore.
Kit-Kat: A chocolate bar made of layered wafers.
Krampus: A horned creature from Austrian folklore who punishes naughty children.
Ketchup: A thick sauce made from tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, and spices.
King: A ruler or monarch.
Kettle: A metal container used for boiling water or cooking food.
Knight: A medieval warrior who fought on horseback.
Key: A small metal object used to unlock or start something.
Keg: A large barrel used for storing and dispensing beer or other liquids.
Kernel: The edible part of a nut or grain.
Kiln: An oven used for baking pottery or other materials at high temperatures.
Kid: A young goat or a child.
Kitten: A young cat.
Kleptomaniac: A person with a compulsive urge to steal.
Kitchen: A room or area where food is prepared and cooked.
Kit: A set of tools or equipment needed for a specific task.
Kringle: A Scandinavian pastry filled with almonds and raisins.
Kiosk: A small booth or stand used for selling goods or providing information.
Knockout: A punch that renders someone unconscious.
Kabuki: A traditional Japanese dance-drama.
Killer: A person or animal that kills another.
Katana: A long, curved sword used by Japanese samurai.
Kratom: A plant native to Southeast Asia with psychoactive properties.
Kitty: A term of endearment for a cat or a child.
Kangaroo: A marsupial with powerful hind legs and a tail used for balance.
Keep: A fortified structure used for defense.
Kale: A leafy green vegetable.
Keychain: A small chain or ring used to hold keys.
Kindred: A group of people with similar ancestry or beliefs.
Knead: To press and stretch dough or other materials with the hands.
Knickknack: A small, decorative object.
Knob: A rounded handle or projection used for opening or turning something.
Knot: A twisted or entangled mass of material.
Kodak: A brand of cameras and photographic equipment.
Koi: A type of ornamental fish.
Kokopelli: A fertility deity from Native American mythology.
Kool-Aid: A brand of flavored drink mix.
Kraken rum: A spiced rum named after the legendary sea monster.
Krispy Kreme: A popular doughnut chain.
Keg stand: A party trick where a person drinks beer upside down from a keg.
Kicking: A physical activity involving the use of the feet.
Kooky costume: A strange or unusual Halloween outfit.
Kafkaesque: Describes a situation that is surreal, nightmarish, or disorienting.
Karloff: Refers to Boris Karloff, a British actor known for his portrayal of Frankenstein’s monster.
Kernel panic: A computer error that causes the operating system to shut down unexpectedly.
Kevlar: A strong and heat-resistant material used to make body armor and other protective gear.
Kidney: An organ in the body that filters waste from the blood.
Kilogram: A unit of measurement for mass.
Kilt: A traditional Scottish garment worn by men.
Kindling: Small sticks or twigs used to start a fire.
King cobra: A venomous snake found in South Asia.
Kioskophobia: The fear of encountering kiosks or small enclosed spaces.
Kiss of death: A gesture or action that is thought to bring bad luck or harm to the recipient.
Kitbash: A hobbyist technique of modifying or customizing model kits.
Kitchen witch: A witch who practices magic in the kitchen or uses food and cooking as part of their practice.
Kittiwake: A small seabird found in the North Atlantic.
Kleptophobia: The fear of theft or being robbed.
Kneecap: The bony structure covering the front of the knee joint.
Knightmare: A recurring bad dream or nightmare.
Knock-knock joke: A type of joke that involves a dialogue between two people.
Knotwork: Decorative patterns made by interlacing cords or threads.
Koan: A paradoxical statement or riddle used in Zen Buddhism to aid in meditation.
Kodiak bear: A large subspecies of brown bear found in Alaska.
Kookaburra: A large bird native to Australia known for its distinctive call.
Kopeck: A unit of currency used in Russia and other former Soviet countries.
Krav Maga: A form of self-defense and martial art developed by the Israeli army.
Krokodil: A synthetic drug that can cause severe damage to the skin and other organs.
Krummholz: Stunted trees and shrubs found at high altitudes.
Kubrickian: Describes a style of filmmaking inspired by the work of director Stanley Kubrick.
Kudzu: A fast-growing vine native to Asia that has become invasive in some parts of the world.
Kufic: A style of Arabic calligraphy characterized by angular, geometric shapes.
Kugel: A Jewish dish made from noodles or potatoes.
Kumquat: A small citrus fruit with a sweet, edible rind.
Kung fu: A Chinese martial art characterized by fast, fluid movements.
Kuroshio: A warm ocean current that flows along the east coast of Japan.
Kush: A strain of cannabis known for its relaxing and sedative effects.
Kwanzaa: An African-American holiday celebrated in late December.
Kyrie: A prayer used in Christian liturgy, typically sung or chanted.
Kymophobia: The fear of waves or large bodies of water.
Kypselos: A legendary Greek sculptor known for his statue of Zeus at Olympia.
Kypria: An epic poem from ancient Greek mythology.
Kyma: A type of sound synthesis used in electronic music production.
Kytotoxin: A poisonous substance found in certain

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When it comes to Halloween words that start with a K there are some really frightening and scary ones on your word list. We hope you have found the right Halloween-related word for your needs. Until next time thank you for reading.

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