96 Halloween Words That Start With L (With Definitions) 

Halloween Words That Start With L (With Descriptions) 

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Halloween is a time when people love to express themselves by using Halloween-related vocabulary. Some people like to use Halloween words that start with L to add more spice to their conversations.

These words could be used to describe Halloween costumes, decorations, or even food. Some definitions of Halloween words that start with L include ‘Lantern’ which is a decorative object made of carved pumpkin, ‘Lurk’ which means to stay hidden while waiting to scare someone, ‘Lurker’ which is someone who hides or sneaks around to scare people, ‘Lycanthrope’ which refers to a werewolf or a person who thinks they have the power to change into a wolf or a werewolf.

These words can be used to express oneself in a creative and fun way during Halloween conversations or celebrations. For instance, one could say “I love the lantern you carved, it’s a perfect decoration for Halloween” or “The werewolf costume you wore last Halloween was amazing, you looked so scary“.

96 Halloween Words That Start With L (Full List) 

Lantern – a container with a candle inside used for lighting.
Lurking – to move stealthily and remain hidden.
Lycanthropy – the supernatural transformation of a person into a wolf.
Lethal – causing or capable of causing death.
Lucifer – another name for Satan or the devil.
Lobotomy – a surgical procedure that involves removing a part of the brain.
Lair – a secret or hidden place, especially for a wild animal.
Lunacy – insanity or madness.
Luminous – emitting or reflecting light.
Laboratory – a place where experiments are conducted.
Laceration – a deep cut or tear in the skin or flesh.
Lurid – vivid in color or excessively gruesome.
Lifeless – without life or animation.
Lethargy – a state of sluggishness or laziness.
Labyrinth – a maze-like structure.
Leviathan – a sea monster or giant creature.
Limbo – an uncertain state or condition.
Lockjaw – a condition where the jaw becomes stiff and difficult to open.
Lice – small parasitic insects that infest the hair or skin.
Luminaries – people who are famous or influential in a particular field.
Lagoon – a shallow body of water separated from the sea by sandbars or coral reefs.
Land of the Dead – a mythical place where the dead reside.
Lamia – a female demon that preys on children.
Laughter – the act of laughing or a sound of amusement.
Liquid – a substance that flows freely but is of constant volume.
Locusts – a type of grasshopper that swarms and causes damage to crops.
Living Dead – zombies or undead creatures that have risen from the dead.
Lullaby – a soothing song to help someone fall asleep.
Lycan – a werewolf or other similar creature.
Lollipop – a small candy on a stick.
Lurker – someone who observes or spies in a secretive way.
Lightning – a sudden discharge of electricity in the atmosphere.
Lost Soul – a person who is deeply troubled or spiritually adrift.
Leatherface – a fictional character from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”
Living Nightmare – a situation or experience that is terrifying or overwhelming.
Last Breath – the final exhalation before death.
Leech – a blood-sucking worm or parasite.
Long Night – a period of time characterized by darkness or danger.
Lake Monster – a mythical creature that lives in a body of water.
Little Monsters – young or small creatures that are scary or dangerous.
Lovecraftian – referring to the horror fiction of H.P. Lovecraft.
Lurid Dreams – vivid and disturbing dreams that may be related to horror or trauma.
Lost Children – children who have gone missing or become lost.
Lava – molten rock that flows from a volcano.
Lovers’ Lane – a secluded area where couples go to make out.
Lamentation – an expression of grief or sorrow.
Loch Ness Monster – a mythical creature that is said to live in Loch Ness, Scotland.
Living Death – a condition where a person is technically alive but appears dead.
Legend – a traditional story or myth.
Life Force – the energy or vitality that keeps someone alive.
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Certainly! Here are 50 more Halloween words that start with L and their descriptions:
Lich – an undead creature, typically depicted as a skeletal wizard or sorcerer.
Phantom Limb – the sensation of feeling a missing limb after amputation.
Lost Souls’ Cemetery – a spooky graveyard where lost souls are said to linger.
Lethal Injection – a method of execution where a deadly dose of drugs is injected into the body.
Lycan Hunter – a person who hunts werewolves.
Labyrinthine – complex and intricate, like a maze.
Lichgate – a gate or archway at the entrance to a cemetery.
Lurid Tales – stories that are sensationalized or excessively gruesome.
Lament Configuration – a puzzle box that serves as a portal to Hell in the “Hellraiser” series.
Luminol – a chemical used to detect traces of blood at a crime scene.
Leviathan Cross – a symbol consisting of a cross with two additional lines, often used in satanic rituals.
Lycanthrope Hunter – a person who hunts werewolves.
Lilliputian – extremely small, like the tiny people in Jonathan Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels.”
Limbless – without limbs, like a snake or worm.
Lycanthropy Virus – a fictional virus that causes people to turn into werewolves.
Lycan Queen – a powerful female werewolf.
Languish – to suffer from being in a prolonged state of depression or neglect.
Life-Size – the same size as a living person or thing.
Lockpicking – the skill of opening a lock without a key.
Lycan Bloodline – a family lineage of werewolves.
Lacerating – tearing or cutting deeply.
Lightning Bolt – a symbol associated with the Greek god Zeus and often used in witchcraft.
Lonesome Ghost – a ghost that haunts a place alone.
Lurking Fear – a feeling of dread or terror that something is lurking nearby.
Lunar Eclipse – an astronomical event where the moon is temporarily obscured by the earth’s shadow.
Labyrinthine Mind – a mind that is complex and intricate.
Luminiferous – producing or giving off light.
Lichdom – the state of being a lich, an undead creature with magical powers.
Lost Boy – a child who has gone missing and never been found.
Living Nightmares – dreams or experiences that are so scary they feel like they’re real.
Lockdown – a state of confinement, often used in reference to prison or quarantine.
Lethal Weapon – a deadly object or substance used as a weapon.
Limping Ghost – a ghost that appears to be injured and limping.
Luminous Skeleton – a skeleton that glows in the dark.
Leechcraft – the practice of using leeches for medical purposes.
Lycan Clan – a group of werewolves who share a common ancestry.
Lethargic Zombie – a slow-moving, listless zombie.
Living Doll – a doll that appears to be alive or possessed.
Longinus Spear – a spear said to have pierced the side of Jesus Christ, often depicted in horror and supernatural media.
Luminous Ghost – a ghost that glows or emits light.
Lurid Gossip – sensationalized or scandalous rumors.
Labyrinthine Path – a path that is complex and winding.

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There are plenty of more Halloween words that start with the letter L we have listed over 90 Halloween words that begin with L in our unlimited word list. We hope you have found the right one for your need above. Until next time thank you for reading.

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