How To Be The Center Of Attention (Always Be Your Best!)

How to be the center of attention

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We all want to be the center of attention. We want people to look at us, admire us and want to be like us.

But what is the secret? How can we become the center of attention? How can we get people to stare at us and have a burning desire to be like us?

The answer is simple: by being you.

To be the center of attention, you first need to know what it is that makes you stand out. Once you know your unique selling points, you can then work on maximizing them. There are many ways to make yourself the life of the party, but it takes a bit of practice and determination.

One way to become the center of attention is by being funny. Jokes and witty comments will make people laugh and pay attention to you.

Another way is to be flamboyant and dress in a way that stands out from the rest. Being energetic and outgoing will also draw people to you. Whatever your personality is, own it and use it to your advantage.

The most important thing is to be confident in yourself. 

We will take a look at some of the best ways to be the center of attention in a more natural way.

How To Be The Center Of Attention (Full Brake Down.)

Be Confident.

Be Confident.

How to find your inner confidence within yourself.

It’s easy to find your inner confidence. You just need to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Once you know what you’re good at, it’s a lot easier to start working on those skills in a way that can advance you in your life and career.

Ask yourself: What is my strength? How can I capitalize on it? An example would be, I’m good at sales, and this helps me connect with people and build rapport.

Hold that feeling within, because that’s your core strength. You have a unique set of skills and the desire to use them. You should tap into your inner strengths.

Understand Your Body Language.

Understand Your Body Language.

Your body language needs to be on point when you walk into a room. Stand tall, walk with your head held high, and move confidently. Make good eye contact with everyone in the room and smile.

Dress To Impress.

Dress To Impress.

Dress to impress, its amazing to me how many people overlook this as part of the core of being center of attention. Think about the Oscars, think about the amazing dresses you see there or tuxedos you see actors wearing, that’s how people dress to impress.

A great tip that was once told to me was to check out the latest fashion trends and dress according to your age. Don’t wing it; study what people are wearing to keep up with current trends.

There are plenty of ways to do this, including following people on Pinterest, Instagram, and other platforms for inspiration.

Communication Is Key.

Communication Is Key.

Where you talk from you talk to. That’s the secret to communication: if you come from a place of knowing and passion, this will come across in conversations one-on-one and within groups. We hear a lot of “FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT” vibes but I don’t think this works, not really most people have a bull shit detector and will pick up on unauthentic communication.

Have An Option On Relevant Topics.

Its important to stay in touch with hot topics of current affairs.

With the world news, you can stay up to date with what’s happening in the world, and be able to have good conversations with others. You can show that you care about world issues, and are aware of events when conversation diverts to a different topic.

Be The Most Interesting Person In The Room.

To be the most interesting person in the room, you will need to have good stories and be a good storyteller.

Being an interesting person to talk to is not always easy. It takes effort to become an interesting person. You’ll need to have good stories, be a good storyteller, and use your life experience as a way of providing those stories.

You’ll want people to find you fascinating because you’ve been places, seen things, and done things that others haven’t done.

One of the best ways to tell stories is to learn from the masters and that’s why we recommend this book Storyworthy By Matthew Dicks.

Words Are Important.

Language is a powerful tool. Words have the power to create, inspire and motivate others. In order to use language effectively, you need to have a strong command of grammar and vocabulary. You also need to be able to structure your sentences well in order to get your point across as efficiently as possible. If you’re not artificial then it’s time to sharpen the saw to speak.

Be Energetic.

Being the center of attention requires you to have the most energy, be the most upbeat person in the room. It’s a skill many people don’t have or only have in waves, but if you want to be the center of attention it’s worth figuring out.

It is not as simple as working out or drinking more water. You need to understand the root of your energy and what you can do to change it.

Create Great Memories.

Memories are a powerful thing. They can be fleeting or they can transcend time and space, becoming a part of the fabric of who we are. The best memories are the ones that are unexpected and different from our norm.

If you can create stories for others to tell then you are halfway to being the center of attention the next time you step into a room with these people.

Everyday life can oftentimes feel monotonous and unmemorable, so try to do something that’s different on a regular basis. You never know what will stick with people and create lasting memories.

A simple way to draw people in is to tell good stories and entertain them. Can you sing, play a musical instrument or perform a magic trick?

Tips & Tricks

Some tips for gaining attention could include making a memorable and attention-grabbing debut, using shocking or controversial statements, or being exceptionally creative or innovative.

Questions And Answers

Questions And Answers

1. How can you become the center of attention? 

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to become the center of attention will vary depending on the individual.

However, some tips for gaining attention could include being outgoing and engaging, being creative and expressive, or being dynamic and energetic. Additionally, being interesting and memorable can also help make someone the center of attention.

2. What are some things you can do to get others to focus on you? 

Some behaviours that can get someone to focus on you are making eye contact, speaking in a clear voice, and using hand gestures. You can also try to be interesting and engaging by sharing stories or asking questions.

3. What are some ways to make yourself stand out from the crowd? 

There are a few ways to make yourself stand out from the crowd. 

One way is to have a unique talent or skill. This could be something like playing an instrument, speaking a foreign language, or being an expert at a particular hobby. 

Another way to stand out is to have a strong personality. You can do this by being outspoken and confident, or by being unique and interesting. 

Finally, you can also stand out by dressing differently than everyone else. You can wear interesting or unique clothing, or you can mix and match styles to create a look that’s all your own.

4. How can you get people to pay attention to you? 

There are many ways to get people to pay attention to you. Some methods include being interesting, being novel, or being useful.

Additionally, you can try to be attention-grabbing by being outspoken or outrageous. It’s also important to be visible and present in the places where your target audience is likely to be. Finally, make sure to communicate your message in a clear and concise way.


There are a few things to keep in mind in order to become the center of attention. First and foremost, you need to put in the effort to be interesting and engaging. Secondly, you need to be aware of your surroundings and make sure that you’re the focus of as much attention as possible.

Finally, you need to be comfortable with being in the spotlight. If you can master these three things, you’ll be able to become the center of attention anywhere and anytime.

Phil Taylor
Phil Taylor Body Language Expert