How to Trigger Hero Instinct Through Text (Message)

How to Trigger Hero Instinct Through Text (Message)

So you’ve heard about the “hero instinct” and want to trigger it through a text? This is probably because you’re at your wit’s end and your man has become emotionally unavailable to you or the only way you take about feelings is through text. Well, whatever the reason, we’ll take a look at what the hero instinct is and how we can trigger it with texts, PMs, or DMs.

First, we will take a look at what the hero instinct is and what it does. Next, we will explore the top five texts you can send to get your man back on track with you.

What is the hero instinct?

The hero instinct is a biological drive that makes men want to protect and provide for women. It is a secret obsession that triggers a man’s primal desire to be the hero for his woman or partner. The need stems from our hunter-gatherer days when man would provide food, shelter and protection from all sorts of nasty things.

Every man has this instinct, but not all men know how to use it properly. James Bauer coined the term “hero instinct” and he believes that every man wants to feel like a hero. He says that men want to protect and care for women because it makes them feel needed and wanted. When a man feels like he is needed, he feels like a hero.

But in today’s age, it is difficult for a man to become a hero, as it is not clear what his role is anymore. There are blurred lines as a woman can provide and protect just as well as any man can if she wishes.

However, the instinctual need is still deep inside a man and woman and can trigger this natural process in him, you can make him feel like a hero again, and you can do this without him knowing and not in a negative way. Texting is a great way to start.

So how do we go about this over text? Well, I’m glad you have asked this is really simple.

Top 3 Ways To Trigger His Hero Instinct Over Text.

  1. Ask for his Help.
  2. Show Your Appreciation.
  3. Support His Purpose

Ask For His Help.

To trigger his hero instinct, you need to make him feel needed and like a hero. You can say something like, “I really need your help with this” or “I can’t do this without you” “I need your help with something.” or “I’m having trouble with something and I need your advice.” This will make him feel wanted and needed, and he’ll be more likely to want to help you.

Show Your Appreciation.

If he has helped you out with something, drop him a quick text saying something like “thanks for your help with ___________. I couldn’t have done it without you.” or “that chat we had the other day really helped me clear things up.” or “You’re my rock, thanks for being there for me.”

You’re telling your man that without him in your life, you couldn’t have done the things you have done without him there. This is triggering his desire to save you and protect what he’s helped make yours.

Support His Purpose.

When you know a person’s purpose in life or their goals, you can then support them in achieving them together. You can ask questions about the topic, ask how they’re getting on with x, or send them a text message with encouragement.

What should I say to trigger his hero instinct through text?

The best way to trigger his hero instinct is to ask for his help with something, it can be anything, and this is a covert way of triggering his hero instinct. To find out more about this concept you should check out James Bauer’s website The Vessel.

Final Thoughts.

There are no hard and fast rules on how to trigger his hero instinct, but we have suggested some of the best ways to do this above. They are simple to wrap your head around and will be even better when you put them into action. Try coming up with your own text messages to see what will happen. If you have enjoyed reading this post then you may like to learn more about digital body language and the art of communication.

Phil Taylor Author Body Language Matters
Phil Taylor Author Body Language Matters

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