80 Negative Words Starting With E (List)

  • By: Phil Taylor
  • Time to read: 4 min.

So you are looking for a list of negative words that start with E in this post we have found 80 of the best for you to choose from.

Finding the right words to succinctly and accurately express yourself can be quite empowering. Here’s hoping you find the perfect phrases for your purpose! Good luck and best wishes for success!

80 Negative Words Starting With E

Earthquake – a sudden shaking of the ground caused by the movement of tectonic plates
Eerie – strange and mysterious, causing a feeling of unease or fear
Effrontery – insolent or impertinent behavior; audacity
Egoistic – selfish or self-centered
Envy – the feeling of jealousy towards someone’s achievements or possessions
Emptiness – lack of content or substance; a feeling of loneliness or despair
Enmity – hostility or hatred towards someone or something
Entropy – a state of disorder or chaos
Exasperation – the feeling of intense irritation or annoyance
Erratic – unpredictable or irregular in behavior or movement
Exasperation – feeling of intense irritation or annoyance
Exile – forced removal from one’s home or country
Exploitation – the act of using someone or something for one’s own advantage
Extinction – the state or process of being eliminated or wiped out completely
Extravagance – excessive spending or indulgence in luxury
Exclusion – the act of shutting someone or something out
Exclusionary – tending to exclude or discriminate against certain groups or individuals
Excruciating – extremely painful or agonizing
Exhaustion – a state of extreme fatigue or weariness
Exorcism – the act of driving out evil spirits or demons from a person or place
Expulsion – the act of forcing someone to leave a place or organization
Expunge – to erase or remove completely
Extortion – the act of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats
Extermination – the act of killing or destroying completely
Extinguish – to put out or quench, especially a fire or flame
Exude – to ooze or discharge, often with unpleasant odors or substances
Enervation – a state of weakness or exhaustion
Enfeeble – to weaken or make feeble
Entanglement – the state of being tangled or caught up in something, often causing difficulty or trouble
Envenom – to poison or contaminate with venom or other harmful substances
Envious – feeling or showing envy or jealousy towards someone or something
Epileptic – relating to or suffering from epilepsy, a neurological disorder characterized by seizures
Erosion – the process of wearing away or being worn away, often by natural elements such as wind or water
Erroneous – incorrect or mistaken
Eviction – the act of forcing someone to leave a property, often by legal means
Exacerbate – to make a situation worse or more intense
Excessive – going beyond what is normal or reasonable; too much or too many
Excuse – a reason or explanation offered to justify or pardon something that is considered wrong or inappropriate
Exorbitant – excessively high or expensive
Expensive – costing a lot of money
Exasperating – causing irritation or annoyance
Egotistical – excessively self-centered or self-absorbed
Effete – weak or ineffectual
Entitled – feeling deserving of special treatment or privileges without earning them
Entropy – a measure of the disorder or randomness in a system
Envenomed – poisoned or contaminated with venom or other harmful substances
Erratic – unpredictable or irregular
Elusive – difficult to catch or understand
Endless – never-ending, continuous
Exploitative – unfairly taking advantage of someone or something for personal gain
Exaggeration – overstatement or exaggerating beyond the truth
Extremism – the holding of extreme political or religious views
Exhausting – tiring or draining of energy
Enraging – making someone extremely angry or furious
Estranged – separated or alienated from someone or something once close
Egotism – excessive self-centeredness or self-importance
Exclusionism – the practice of excluding certain groups or individuals based on certain characteristics
Extortionate – excessively high or unreasonable in price or demand
Exaggerated – magnified beyond the truth or reality
Embittered – feeling resentful or bitter about something
Eradication – the complete destruction or elimination of something
Escalation – the process of increasing or intensifying something, often a conflict or a problem
Enfeebling – weakening or making feeble
Emaciation – excessive thinness or wasting away of the body
Euthanasia – the act of intentionally causing the death of a person or animal to end their suffering
Emanate – to come forth or emit from a source
Encumber – to burden or weigh down with something difficult or oppressive
Engulf – to swallow up or overwhelm completely
Enslave – to make someone a slave or hold them in bondage
Entrap – to catch or trap someone in a difficult or compromising situation
Exhilarating – causing feelings of excitement or joy
Expatriation – the act of abandoning one’s own country or nationality
Extirpation – the act of completely destroying or rooting out something
Exudation – the process of oozing or discharging, often with unpleasant substances or odors
Enthusiasm – excessive or exaggerated excitement or zeal
Enthrall – to captivate or fascinate someone completely
Euphemism – a mild or indirect word or phrase used in place of a more direct or offensive one
Excessive – going beyond what is normal or reasonable; too much or too many

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