130 Negative Words Starting With R (List)

130 Negative Words Starting With R (Word List)

If you’re searching for negative words that begin with the letter R, then you’ve come to the right place. Below is a comprehensive list of such words to help you express yourself more effectively.

I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of engaging, uncommon, and potent adjectives that have detrimental connotations.

It can be hard to articulate what you’re thinking, but finding the perfect words to express your thoughts has tremendous power. Here’s wishing you luck in your search for the right words!

130 Negative Words Starting With R

130 Negative Words Starting With R
Rancid – having a stale or unpleasant smell or taste.
Reckless – without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action.
Relentless – continuing without becoming weaker or less severe.
Repulsive – causing disgust or aversion; offensive.
Resentful – feeling bitter or angry towards someone or something.
Rotten – decomposed, decaying, or putrid.
Rash – acting or speaking without thinking or planning.
Rigorous – extremely thorough, strict, or demanding.
Repugnant – extremely distasteful or unacceptable.
Rude – displaying a lack of manners or consideration towards others.
Rebellious – refusing to obey rules or authority.
Rigged – dishonestly or unfairly arranged in someone’s favor.
Rough – harsh, uneven, or unpleasant.
Ratty – shabby, unkempt, or in poor condition.
Riotous – characterized by or involving public disorder.
Restless – unable to relax or stay still.
Ruthless – having no compassion or mercy; merciless.
Risky – involving the possibility of danger or harm.
Raving – extremely enthusiastic or excited in an irrational way.
Reproachful – expressing disapproval or criticism.
Regretful – feeling or showing regret or remorse.
Rusty – old, worn out, or in poor condition.
Rejected – dismissed, spurned, or refused.
Resigned – accepting a situation that is perceived as bad or unwelcome.
Reckoning – a settling of accounts or a time when one must face the consequences of one’s actions.
Rank – having a strong unpleasant smell or taste.
Reluctant – unwilling or hesitant to do something.
Repetitive – characterized by repetition.
Redundant – unnecessary, superfluous, or repetitive.
Repelling – causing disgust or aversion; repulsive.
Retaliatory – involving revenge or retribution.
Regressive – returning to a previous or less developed state.
Resentment – bitter indignation or ill will felt as a result of a perceived unfair treatment.
Rubbish – worthless or useless material; garbage.
Ruffian – a violent, lawless person.
Rancorous – characterized by bitterness or resentment.
Rotting – decaying or decomposing.
Retarded – slower or less advanced in progress or development.
Ruinous – causing complete destruction or downfall.
Revolting – extremely unpleasant or offensive.
Ridiculous – deserving or inviting mockery or ridicule.
Rigid – inflexible, strict, or unyielding.
Retrogressive – moving backward or becoming worse.
Repressed – restrained or inhibited in expression or emotion.
Rigor mortis – stiffness of the body that sets in after death.
Rambling – unfocused or lacking coherence.
Ravaged – damaged or destroyed.
Refractory – difficult or impossible to control or influence.
Residual – remaining or leftover after other parts have been removed.
Reckoning – a time when one must face the consequences of one’s actions.
Reprehensible – deserving condemnation or disapproval.
Reprobate – morally unprincipled or wicked.
Risible – causing laughter; ridiculous.
Reclusive – avoiding the company of other people.
Repudiate – refuse to accept or be associated with.
Redundancy – the state of being no longer needed or useful.
Reiterate – repeat or restate something for emphasis or clarity.
Rampant – spreading unchecked or unrestrained.
Reveal – to make known something that was previously hidden or secret.
Renounce – formally declare one’s abandonment or rejection of something.
Ransack – search thoroughly and aggressively, often causing damage or destruction.
Reek – emit a strong, unpleasant smell.
Restrain – prevent from doing something by using physical or moral force.
Reprimand – a rebuke, especially an official one.
Ruin – reduce to a state of ruin or destruction.
Rust – deterioration or corrosion of metal.
Ridden – oppressed or dominated by a particular feeling or problem.
Rigidity – the quality of being inflexible or unyielding.
Recession – a period of economic decline.
Revoke – officially cancel or annul.
Regrettable – causing regret or disappointment.
Rejection – the act of dismissing or refusing someone or something.
Retaliation – the act of returning an attack or injury.
Reluctance – unwillingness or hesitation to do something.
Refusal – the act of refusing or rejecting something.
Robbery – the act of taking property from someone using force or threat of force.
Rhetoric – language that is intended to impress or persuade but may be insincere or meaningless.
Regret – a feeling of sadness or remorse.
Relinquish – give up or surrender something.
Reproach – address someone in such a way as to express disapproval or disappointment.
Retardation – the act or process of slowing down or delaying.
Repel – drive back or repulse an attack or invasion.
Ridicule – to mock or make fun of someone or something.
Repentance – the feeling of regret or remorse for one’s actions.
Rigged – arranged in a dishonest or unfair way.
Rampage – a period of violent and uncontrollable behavior.
Rot – decay or decompose.
Relapse – a return to a former state, especially after improvement.
Rancid – having a bad or unpleasant smell or taste, typically as a result of being old or stale.
Racketeer – a person who engages in illegal activities, especially extortion or fraud.
Renegade – a person who betrays a group or cause they were once loyal to.
Reproachful – expressing disapproval or disappointment.
Rugged – harsh or difficult to navigate.
Rote – mechanical or habitual repetition, especially without comprehension or thought.
Recluse – a person who lives in seclusion from society.
Ransomed – the act of paying a sum of money in order to release someone from captivity.
Ruthless – having no compassion or pity; merciless.
Regretful – feeling or expressing regret or sorrow.
Reprimanded – scolded or rebuked for an offense or wrongdoing.
Rhetorical – used for effect or emphasis rather than conveying information or making an argument.
Repentant – expressing or feeling sincere regret or remorse.
Repugnant – extremely distasteful or offensive.
Rejected – dismissed or refused as unacceptable or unsatisfactory.
Retribution – punishment inflicted on someone as vengeance for a wrong or criminal act.
Regressive – becoming less advanced or returning to a former or less developed state.
Resigned – having accepted something unpleasant that one cannot do anything about.
Rigorous – extremely thorough, exhaustive, or demanding.
Reckoning – the process of calculating or estimating something.
Robbed – taken away by force or theft.
Rivalry – competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field.
Repulsive – arousing intense distaste or disgust.
Raffish – unconventional and slightly disreputable, especially in an attractive manner.
Rudderless – lacking direction or guidance.
Regrettable – causing sorrow or disappointment.
Red-handed – caught in the act of committing a crime or wrongdoing.
Rattled – unnerved or disturbed.
Rustic – lacking in refinement or sophistication.
Risky – involving the possibility of danger, harm, or loss.
Rhetoric – language designed to have a persuasive or impressive effect on its audience, but often regarded as lacking in sincerity or meaningful content.
Ruinous – causing or likely to cause complete destruction or collapse.
Repetitive – involving the repetition of the same action, phrase, or idea.
Rigid – stiff or unyielding; not flexible.
Recrimination – an accusation in response to one from someone else.
Refuse – something that is discarded or rejected as useless or unwanted.
Repugnance – strong dislike or aversion.
Rusty – out of practice or unused to something.
Repercussion – an unintended consequence of an event or action.
Resentful – feeling or showing bitterness or anger at being treated unfairly.
Regret – a feeling of sadness or remose.

There are plenty more negative words that begin with an R we hope you have found the one you are looking for in this post. Until next time thanks you for reading.

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