100 Negative Words Starting With L (With Definitions) 

  • By: Phil Taylor
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Hopefully, you are looking for a negative word starting with an L if this is the case you have come to the right place we have listed around 100 and some of the most commonly used below.

These words include “lonely,” “lost,” “lack,” “lousy,” “lazy,” and “liar.” Each of these words expresses a different type of negativity: loneliness, disorientation, scarcity, poor quality, apathy or lack of energy, and dishonesty. We need these words because they allow us to be more specific and accurate about our negative experiences or emotions.

They can also be used to express empathy or understanding when someone else is going through a difficult time. However, it’s important to use these words with caution and sensitivity, as they can be hurtful and damaging if used carelessly. It’s best to use them in situations where they are truly applicable and necessary, and to avoid using them excessively or as insults.

100 Negative Words Starting With The Letter L

Lamentable – causing grief or sorrow; deserving of pity or sympathy
Languid – lacking in vigor or vitality; weak or sluggish
Lascivious – inclined to lustfulness; lecherous or sexually unrestrained
Lax – lacking in rigor or strictness; negligent or careless
Lazy – averse or disinclined to work or exertion; indolent or idle
Lecherous – having or showing excessive or offensive sexual desire; lustful
Lethal – causing or capable of causing death or serious harm; deadly or fatal
Liar – a person who tells lies; one who deceives or misleads
Lifeless – lacking in vitality, energy, or animation; dull or uninteresting
Limiting – restricting or constraining; confining or constricting
Loathsome – causing disgust or hatred; repulsive or detestable
Lonesome – solitary or lonely; desolate or abandoned
Long-winded – tediously prolonged or wordy; verbose or prolix
Lousy – very poor or bad; of inferior quality or value
Low – lacking in height, position, or status; inferior or humble
Lubricious – slippery or smooth; having a tendency to slide or glide
Ludicrous – ridiculous or absurd; laughable or foolish
Lukewarm – moderately warm; tepid or lacking in enthusiasm or interest
Lumpy – uneven or irregular in texture or shape; bumpy or rough
Lurid – gruesome or sensational; shocking or exaggerated
Lying – not telling the truth; deceitful or false
Labored – done with great effort or difficulty; strenuous or difficult
Laggard – slow to move or respond; tardy or sluggish
Lame – disabled or impaired; ineffective or inadequate
Landless – without land or property; homeless or destitute
Lang – long and dull; tedious or boring
Lapsed – having expired or elapsed; invalid or expired
Laxative – causing looseness or relaxation of the bowels; purgative or cathartic
Lazybones – a lazy or slothful person
Lead-footed – slow or clumsy in movement; heavy or ponderous
Leaking – allowing water or other liquid to enter or escape; dripping or oozing
Lean – lacking in flesh or fat; thin or skinny
Leery – suspicious or cautious; wary or distrustful
Left-handed – awkward or clumsy; unskilled or inept
Leftist – advocating radical or socialist political views; progressive or liberal
Legless – without legs or unable to walk; paralyzed or crippled
Less – inferior or smaller in quantity or quality; inadequate or deficient
Lice-infested – infested with lice; parasitic or verminous
Licentious – lacking moral discipline or restraint; promiscuous or wanton
Liegeless – without a feudal lord or master; disloyal or rebellious
Lifeless – lacking in energy or spirit; dull or uninspired
Likeless – lacking similarity or resemblance; different or dissimilar
Limited – restricted or confined; constrained or bounded
Limy – containing or resembling lime; calcareous or chalky
Lineless – without lines or contours; featureless or indistinct
Lingering – lasting for a long time; pro
give me another 50 dont repeat any
Lament – to express sorrow or regret; to mourn or grieve
Landlocked – enclosed or surrounded by land; lacking access to the sea
Languish – to weaken or become feeble; to waste away or decline
Lapdog – a person who obeys or flatters someone in a servile manner; a small dog that sits on a person’s lap
Larceny – theft of personal property; stealing or thievery
Lardaceous – resembling or containing lard; greasy or oily
Lascars – Asian sailors or seamen; laborers or servants on a ship
Lassitude – weariness or fatigue; lack of energy or enthusiasm
Latent – present but not visible or apparent; dormant or inactive
Laughable – ridiculous or absurd; amusing or comical
Laurelless – without laurels or honors; unsuccessful or unrecognized
Lawless – without laws or rules; anarchic or disorderly
Layoff – termination of employment; dismissal or redundancy
Lazy-bones – a lazy or indolent person; a sluggard or loafer
Leaden – heavy or dull; lacking in liveliness or spirit
Leakproof – resistant to leaking or spilling; waterproof or airtight
Leaky – allowing liquid or air to escape; porous or permeable
Lecher – a man given to excessive or lustful sexual desires; a lecherous person
Ledgeless – without ledges or projections; flat or featureless
Leechlike – resembling a leech; parasitic or bloodsucking
Left-wing – politically liberal or progressive; socialist or radical
Leglessless – without legs; immobilized or helpless
Lemnian – barbarous or cruel; savage or brutal
Leprous – affected by leprosy; having a disease that causes disfigurement and numbness
Lethargic – drowsy or sluggish; inactive or apathetic
Letterless – without letters or written communication; illiterate or uneducated
Level-headed – calm and sensible; rational or prudent
Liability – responsibility for something; legal or financial obligation
Liable – responsible or answerable; susceptible or likely
Licentiate – a person who has obtained a professional degree; an unqualified or unlicensed practitioner
Life-sucking – draining or exhausting; consuming or debilitating
Lifeworn – worn out or exhausted; aged or weathered
Lightless – without light or illumination; dark or unlit
Lightsome – cheerful or merry; nimble or agile
Limber – flexible or pliable; supple or adaptable
Limp – lacking firmness or stiffness; weak or feeble
Limpid – clear or transparent; serene or calm
Linger – to delay or procrastinate; to stay or remain
Linty – covered with lint or fluff; fuzzy or dusty
Lipless – without lips; expressionless or emotionless
Listless – lacking in energy or enthusiasm; indifferent or apathetic
Literally – in a strict or literal sense; exactly or precisely
Littered – filled with trash or debris; cluttered or messy
Livid – discolored or bruised; enraged or furious
Loath – reluctant or unwilling; averse or disinclined
Loathly – repulsive

Final Thoughts

When it comes to negative words that start with an l there are plenty of adjectives you can you from this list of negative words.  Some are more powerful than others we hope you have found the right one for your needs.