86 Negative Words Starting With M (With Definition)

86 Negative Words Starting With M (With Definition)

There are many negative words that start with an M we have listed the most common and a few others for you to check out below.

Negative words starting with M can be useful in our daily lives as they help us express negative emotions or situations more clearly. For example, the word ‘malicious’ means intending to do harm or being spiteful, while ‘malfunctioning’ refers to a device or system not working correctly.

By using these negative words, we can convey our thoughts and feelings more accurately and effectively, and avoid sounding vague or ambiguous. However, it is important to use negative words with care and tact, especially when communicating with others. Using too many negative words might come across as overly critical or aggressive, whereas using them too sparingly can undermine the message we are trying to convey. 

Negative Words Starting With The Letter M

Malevolent – having or showing a wish to do evil to others.
Malice – the intention or desire to do evil.
Malignant – very infectious or virulent; tending to cause harm.
Morbid – characterized by an abnormal and unhealthy interest in disturbing and unpleasant subjects.
Morose – sullen and ill-tempered.
Moody – given to unpredictable changes of mood, especially sudden bouts of gloominess or irritability.
Malfeasance – wrongdoing, especially by a public official.
Misery – a state of great unhappiness or discomfort.
Malfunction – failure to function properly.
Misanthrope – a person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society.
Muddled – confused and disorganized.
Malign – evil in nature or effect; malevolent.
Menacing – suggesting the presence of danger; threatening.
Monotonous – dull, tedious, and repetitious.
Mistake – an error or misjudgment.
Messy – untidy or dirty.
Mortifying – causing someone to feel extremely embarrassed or ashamed.
Mournful – feeling, expressing, or inducing sadness, regret, or grief.
Miserable – wretchedly unhappy or uncomfortable.
Maladroit – clumsy, awkward, or inept.
Mordant – having or showing a sharp or critical quality; biting.
Mutinous – refusing to obey the orders of a person in authority.
Merciless – showing no mercy or pity.
Manipulative – characterized by indirect, deceitful, or underhanded tactics to control or influence others.
Meager – lacking in quantity or quality; inadequate.
Melancholy – a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause.
Malignancy – a cancerous growth or tumor.
Mad – mentally ill; insane.
Moribund – at the point of death; in terminal decline.
Malefaction – an evil deed; a crime.
Malodorous – smelling unpleasant.
Munificent – larger or more generous than is usual or necessary.
Maggoty – infested with maggots.
Mercenary – primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics or principles.
Malefic – causing or capable of causing harm or destruction, especially by supernatural means.
Moron – a stupid person.
Muggy – hot and humid.
Malignance – the quality of being malevolent or harmful.
Misguided – having or showing faulty judgment or reasoning.
Mischievous – causing or showing a fondness for causing trouble in a playful way.
Malingerer – a person who feigns illness or injury to avoid work or duty.
Moronic – very foolish or stupid.
Muck – dirt, rubbish, or waste matter.
Marred – impaired or damaged.
Moaning – making low and mournful sound.
Malignity – malevolence or hatred.
Mismatched – not matching or harmonizing with something else.
Murky – dark and gloomy, especially due to thick mist.
Muddling – making a mess of something or causing confusion.
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Machiavellian – characterized by cunning and deceit.
Malapropos – inappropriate or out of place.
Martinet – a strict disciplinarian.
Megalomaniacal – having an obsession with power and grandeur.
Meretricious – apparently attractive but having no real value or integrity.
Mephitic – foul-smelling and unpleasant.
Mendacious – lying or dishonest.
Misogynistic – showing a hatred or dislike of women.
Moratorium – a suspension of an activity or law.
Mortified – feeling extremely embarrassed or ashamed.
Mutilated – having been disfigured or damaged.
Malicious – intending to do harm.
Monstrous – extremely ugly or unpleasant; inhumanly cruel or wicked.
Minatory – expressing or conveying a threat.
Melodramatic – overly dramatic or emotional.
Mawkish – overly sentimental or emotional.
Melancholic – feeling or expressing sadness or melancholy.
Moribund – dying or in terminal decline.
Mundane – lacking interest or excitement; dull.
Maladaption – a poorly adapted or maladaptive response to a situation or environment.
Malefaction – an evil deed or wrongdoing.
Malodorous – having a bad smell or odor.
Masturbatory – excessively self-indulgent or self-centered.
Macho – overly aggressive or assertive in a masculine way.
Miscreant – a person who behaves badly or breaks the law.
Mired – stuck or bogged down in a difficult situation.
Malignant – causing harm or destruction.
Mediocre – of only moderate quality; not very good.
Mortal – subject to death or destined to die.
Martyrdom – suffering or death for a cause.
Muzzy – unclear or confused, as if from drinking too much alcohol.
Migrant – moving from one place to another, often with difficulty or hardship.
Muttering – speaking in a low or indistinct voice.
Misleading – giving the wrong idea or impression.
Misshapen – deformed or distorted in shape.
Melancholia – a feeling of sadness or depression without any obvious cause.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to negative words starting with the letter M there are a few you can choose from we hope you have found one from our list. Until next time thanks you for reading.

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