92 Negative Words That Start With N (With Definition)

92 Negative Words That Start With N (With Definition)

There are many negative words in the English language that start with the letter “N.” Some of the most commonly used negative words starting with “N” are “No,” “Not,” “Negative,” “Nasty,” and “Nauseous.”

The word “no” is used to express disagreement or refusal. “Not” is used to indicate the opposite of something or negation. “Negative” is used to describe a thought or feeling that is pessimistic or unfavorable. “Nasty” is often used to describe something that is unpleasant, distasteful, or repugnant.

Finally, “nauseous” describes a person or thing that causes a feeling of nausea or sickness. When using these words in conversation, it is best to be aware of their impact and tone to ensure that you are conveying your message clearly and respectfully.

Negative Words That Start With N (Adjective List)

Naive – lacking experience, wisdom, or judgment
Nasty – unpleasant, offensive, or repulsive
Negative – expressing or implying the opposite of something
Needy – overly dependent on others for support or attention
Neglectful – failing to care for or attend to something properly
Nervous – easily agitated, anxious, or worried
Neurotic – excessively anxious or obsessive
Noisy – making a lot of loud or disruptive sounds
Nonchalant – appearing unconcerned or indifferent
Noncommittal – unwilling to commit oneself or take a clear position
Noncompetitive – lacking or not conducive to competition
Nonconformist – one who refuses to conform to established norms or standards
Nondescript – lacking distinctive qualities or characteristics
Nonexistent – not existing or not real
Nonfunctional – not working or not capable of functioning properly
Nonproductive – not productive or not resulting in anything useful or beneficial
Notorious – widely known for a bad quality or deed
Numb – lacking feeling or responsiveness
Nutty – crazy, foolish, or eccentric
Nasty-tempered – having a bad or irritable temperament
Nihilistic – rejecting all religious or moral principles in the belief that life is meaningless
Nauseating – causing nausea or disgust
Negligent – failing to take proper care or give sufficient attention to something
Needy – requiring constant attention or help from others
Negative-minded – tending to see the worst in things or people
Neophobic – having an irrational fear of new or unfamiliar things
Nervy – bold to the point of being impudent or cheeky
Nescient – lacking knowledge or awareness
Nettlesome – causing irritation or annoyance
Neurotic – having or relating to neurosis, a mental disorder characterized by anxiety and obsessiveness
Nightmarish – resembling a nightmare, extremely frightening or unpleasant
Nippy – uncomfortably cold or chilly
Nocturnal – active or occurring during the night
Noisome – foul-smelling, unpleasant, or harmful
Nonadaptive – not able to adapt or adjust to changing circumstances
Nonconforming – not conforming to established norms or standards
Nonconstructive – not contributing to the improvement or progress of something
Nondiscriminatory – not making distinctions or showing prejudice based on differences
Nonprogressive – not making progress or showing improvement
Nonsensical – lacking sense or meaning
Nonstandard – not conforming to established norms or standards
Nontransparent – not easily understood or open to scrutiny
Nosey – excessively curious or intrusive
Numbing – causing numbness or dullness
Nurtured – lacking proper care or attention
Narrow-minded – unwilling to consider different ideas or perspectives
Naysaying – consistently expressing negativity or opposition
Negative-thinking – tending to focus on the negative aspects of situations
Neanderthal – primitive or uncivilized in behavior or thinking
Necrotic – relating to or causing the death of tissue
Negativistic – exhibiting negativity or opposition for its own sake
Neglectful – failing to give proper care or attention
Nervous wreck – someone who is constantly anxious or stressed
Nihilism – the rejection of all religious or moral principles, often resulting in a sense of despair
Nitpicky – overly concerned with minor details, often to the point of annoyance
Non-achiever – someone who consistently fails to meet their goals or expectations
Non-believer – someone who rejects or lacks belief in a particular religion or ideology
Non-cooperative – unwilling to work together or collaborate
Non-credible – lacking in credibility or trustworthiness
Non-essential – not necessary or important
Non-existent – not present or not real
Non-functional – not working or operating properly
Non-progressive – not showing or promoting progress or improvement
Non-responsive – not reacting or responding to stimuli
Non-sensical – lacking in meaning or coherence
Nonsensicality – the quality of being nonsensical
Non-standard – not conforming to established standards or norms
Non-stop – continuous and without interruption, often in a negative way
Non-supportive – lacking in support or encouragement
Non-transferable – unable to be transferred or moved to another context or situation
Nostalgic – excessively sentimental about the past, often to the point of being unrealistic
Notable – worthy of note or attention, but often in a negative context
Notorious – well-known for negative reasons or qualities
Numbness – the lack of sensation or feeling
Nuptial – relating to marriage, often in a negative or ironic way
Nutrient-poor – lacking in essential nutrients for growth or health
Nutty – eccentric, irrational, or foolish
Nymphomaniac – a woman with an excessive or uncontrollable sexual desire
Nasty-looking – unappealing or repulsive in appearance
Needy – excessively dependent on others, often to the point of being manipulative or demanding
Negative feedback – criticism or feedback that focuses on the negative aspects of something
Negative influence – a person or thing that has a harmful or detrimental effect on others
Negative stereotype – a widely-held but inaccurate or harmful belief about a particular group of people
Negativity – the tendency to focus on the negative aspects of situations, people, or things
Neglect – the act of failing to care for or attend to something properly
Neophyte – a beginner or novice, often with negative connotations of inexperience or naivety
Nerve-racking – causing extreme stress or anxiety
Nervous breakdown – a period of extreme mental or emotional stress that can lead to a loss of functioning
Nescience – ignorance or lack of knowledge
Nether – situated beneath or below, often with negative connotations of darkness or danger
Net loss – a financial loss after all expenses and revenue have been accounted for
Never-ending – seemingly without end, often with negative

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of negative words starting with N we have listed over 90 for you to choose from. No, or Not is the most commonly used adjective that starts with the letter N. There are many more negative adjectives and examples but we have found the best. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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