86 Negative Words Starting With O (With Definition)

86 Negative Words Starting With O (With Definition)

There are several negative words beginning with the letter ‘O’ used in everyday speech. Here, we have put together some of the most popular ones with their definitions to help you better understand what they mean.

Negative words are important to have in our vocabulary because they allow us to express our negative thoughts and feelings in a more precise and impactful way. When we use negative words, we can convey strong emotions such as frustration, anger, and disappointment, which can help us better communicate our ideas and opinions.

Negative words starting with O, such as “obnoxious,” “offensive,” and “outrageous,” provide us with a range of options to express our negative feelings and convey our message to others. By using these words, we can describe negative situations and behaviors with accuracy and clarity.

It’s important to use negative words appropriately and thoughtfully, as overuse can bring unnecessary negativity and cause harm to others. Therefore, we should use these words in moderation and with respect.

86 Negative Words Starting With The Letter O

Obnoxious – highly offensive or unpleasant
Obscene – offensive or disgusting, especially sexually
Offensive – causing someone to feel hurt or upset
Odious – extremely unpleasant or repulsive
Oppressive – unjustly inflicting hardship and constraint
Opposed – in conflict or disagreement with something
Obstructive – tending to impede or hinder progress
Overbearing – unpleasantly or arrogantly domineering
Outrageous – shockingly bad or excessive
Obdurate – stubbornly refusing to change one’s opinion or course of action
Ominous – giving the impression that something bad or unpleasant is going to happen
Obsolete – no longer in use or no longer useful
Offensive – causing resentful displeasure; highly irritating, angering, or annoying
Opaque – not able to be seen through; not transparent
Off-putting – causing a feeling of aversion or disgust
Off-kilter – not working properly; off-balance or out of alignment
Off-color – vulgar or indecent in language or humor
Odd – strange or peculiar
Opprobrious – expressing scorn or contempt
Overcritical – excessively or unfairly judgmental
Oppressive – weighing heavily on the mind or spirits; causing depression or discomfort
Obese – excessively fat or overweight
Overwrought – agitated or upset to the point of being unable to function properly
Overly – excessively, too much
Overzealous – excessively enthusiastic or devoted
Oversensitive – easily hurt or offended
Overconfident – excessively self-assured or certain
Overwhelmed – buried or swamped by too much of something
Offensive – causing resentment or disgust; highly irritating, angering, or annoying
Obstructionist – intentionally blocking or impeding progress
Oblique – not straightforward or direct in action or speech
Obstinate – stubbornly refusing to change one’s opinion or course of action
Offhand – without previous thought or consideration; casual
Outdated – no longer in use or no longer fashionable
Overkill – excessiveness or overabundance, especially to the point of being wasteful or unnecessary
Overly aggressive – excessively forceful or assertive
Overrated – given more praise or value than it deserves
Overindulgent – excessively lenient or permissive
Obfuscating – deliberately making something unclear or difficult to understand
Overreacting – reacting excessively or with exaggerated emotions
Oversimplified – too simple or lacking in detail
Ossified – no longer capable of adapting to new situations; rigid
Overheated – overly emotional or excited
Overstated – exaggerated or overstressed
Overworked – exhausted or excessively burdened by too much work
Sure, here are 50 more negative words starting with O:
Objectively unpleasant – objectively unpleasant, despite individual tastes or preferences
Obstructionary – intentionally or unintentionally obstructing progress or change
Obstetric – relating to childbirth, often used in a negative context
Obtrusive – attracting undue attention or interfering with one’s privacy
Obtuse – lacking sharpness or intelligence; slow-witted or dull
Obvious – lacking subtlety or nuance, or too easy to notice
Odoriferous – having a strong or unpleasant smell
Off-base – mistaken or inaccurate; not on the right track
Off-camber – not level or even, often used in a negative context
Officious – overly eager or intrusive in offering help or advice
Omnipotent – having unlimited power, often used in a negative context
Onerous – involving great effort or difficulty, often in a negative sense
Opprobrium – public disgrace or shame
Ornery – bad-tempered or irritable
Osseous – relating to or resembling bone, often used in a negative context
Outcast – a person who has been rejected by society or a group
Outlandish – bizarre or unconventional in a negative way
Outrage – intense anger or indignation
Outright – complete and total, often used in a negative context
Over-aggressive – excessively forceful or confrontational
Over-ambitious – having unrealistic or excessive aspirations
Overblown – excessively exaggerated or overemphasized
Overcautious – excessively cautious or hesitant, often in a negative context
Overcomplicated – unnecessarily complex or convoluted
Overcrowded – too crowded or packed with people or things
Overdone – excessively or improperly cooked, or excessively exaggerated
Overdue – late or delayed beyond the expected time
Overemotional – excessively emotional or sensitive
Overhyped – excessively promoted or advertised, often in a negative context
Overlooked – ignored or disregarded
Overly complicated – needlessly complex or convoluted
Overly dramatic – excessively emotional or theatrical
Overly optimistic – excessively hopeful or confident, often in a negative context
Overpriced – excessively expensive or overvalued
Overshadowed – obscured or made less important by something else
Overtaxed – excessively burdened or taxed, often used in a negative context
Overweening – excessively arrogant or presumptuous
Opportunistic – taking advantage of circumstances or situations for personal gain
Organizational – relating to or involving the organization of something, often used in a negative context
Overprotective – excessively protective or cautious, often in a negative context.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right negative words that start with O can be challenging we have included many from the English language and some unusual ones for you to take a look at. We hope you have found the right word from this list thank you for taking the time to read.

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