Read Signs She Likes You (Body Language)

  • By: Phil Taylor
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When a girl likes you she will display many nonverbal messages, signs, and signals. Below we have listed some of the main ones you can read.

It’s always important to remember that there are no absolutes in body language and you must read in clusters and in context.

You could misinterpret body language messages that leads you to the wrong conclusion if you think you’re in the right.

There are many different ways that a girl may show she does not like you, but there are also many signs that she does like you as well.

14 Body Language Signs She Likes You

  1. She makes a lot of eye contact with you.
  2. She gazes into your eyes.
  3. Her blink rate will increase.
  4. Her pupils will dilate.
  5. She tries to start conversations with you.
  6. She will groom herself often.
  7. She will flick her hair more than your around.
  8. She will use more open body language.
  9. She will touch you more often.
  10. Touching will increase around you.
  11. She will start to look after your appearance.
  12. She will wear more seductive clothes.
  13. She will show more flesh around her body.
  14. She will lick her lips more when around you.

There are many signs she likes you if you can read her body language correctly. Maybe you’re in luck and you’ll get a date.

How To Read Nonverbal Communication To Win Her Over

How To Read Nonverbal Communication To Win Her Over

Attraction can be defined as a discussion between two people who are trying to influence the other.

This is accomplished by four different stages: approach, contact, rapport, and date. A lot of information about what one might be thinking can be obtained through reading body language and non-verbal communication.

The way you approach another person or group, where they stand, or how they gesture can all give insight into what they want to achieve in the interaction.


When you first approach her, there are a few things you should bear in mind.

Where is she? What is she doing? Who is she with? We need to think about the environment as we don’t want to mess this up the first time around.

Remember that first impressions are extremely important and literally made within eight seconds of meeting someone

It is important to make eye contact with someone when interacting because this can give them confidence in you.

This will make them more receptive to your conversation and will make it easier for you to get that first connection.

We do suggest this happens in a natural way as this is the best approach when trying to win her over.

Natural can be starting a conversation with her and her friends, it can be sharing an experience or tip together. It could be at a family gathering, wedding, christening, holiday celebration, or barbarism.

Smile genuinely when you see her. This is a great nonverbal way of letting her know you like her.

No one said this was going to be easy, but if you like the girl then you have to do put in some effort in order to win her over. It will be worth it in the end.


So you’ve made a good start? Now what? You better have something good to say. The best option is if you’re at an event together and are sharing an experience. This is an easy-in for a conversation. Ask questions like: What did you think about it? The band, the ride, the trip, etc you get the picture.

So what if you’re at school, university, or in a bar and want to make that connection or start a conversation? Ask how she is doing? It can be a simple as that, give her a warm smile and ask if she would like a drink if at a bar?

If you are at school you could try asking her for some advice or where to go? Just be nice and don’t be a d**k.


Building rapport is the aim of the game. You want her to know, like, and trust you. Try to make her feel safe by not coming across as aggressive or a sleaze bag.

There are a few body language tricks we can use to make this easier on ourselves. Mirror her body language, for example, by copying the way she moves. But don’t do it too much. This will build trust with her. To learn more about reading body language, check out our full page here.

Use a DJ-style voice tone to lower the tone of your voice, so it sounds smooth like chocolate. This will add a bit of warmth to your voice.

Basic Hygiene

No one likes a smelly person, if you want to win the girl over you need to dress to impress, have a haircut, shave, and smell good. Remember, we are trying to stack the odds in our favor and build rapport with her. Trim your nails, brush your teeth, have clean hands, and wash your face.


Once you have spent some time with her and she is comfortable with you being around and give you good body language signals it’s time to ask her on a date.

Ultimately, this is the end goal. I ask you to share some time with me.

You need to really think about where you are going, what time of day or night and the people who will be around you or if you just want a one-on-one date.

You can ask for data on the first meeting if you have that connection be with advice not to it always best to build a friendship first and then move to date mode after.

Body Language Signs She Doesn’t Like You

Body Language Signs She Doesn't Like You

Body language is how we communicate without words. It’s something you learn from a young age. Think of it as the silent language we all speak and know, but sometimes we can’t understand it because it doesn’t make sense.

One such example of body language is when a woman doesn’t like you and she’s not interested in you. She’ll turn her head away from you or literally look over your shoulder to avoid eye contact with you. If she does make eye contact, she’ll do so for less than 10 seconds at a time before breaking away to look elsewhere again.

She will move away from you or face a different direction. If you see her back, this is a good sign that she doesn’t like you or wants you to be around her.

She will cross her arms around her waist area. This is a strong sign that she doesn’t like you at all.

Her feet are a really good indication of where she wants to be or who she is feeling good around. If you see her feet pointing away from you or towards someone else, this is a negative body language signal.

Fake smile, there are two types of smiles: a Duchenne smile that reaches your eyes and fades from your face, and a fake smile that flashes across the face and is gone as quickly as it came.

If she flashes a smile at you, this is bad news for you. She either doesn’t like what you said or she isn’t into you the way you are with her.

Remember that we read body language in clusters of information, so if you see any of the above in short spaces of time, this is a strong indicator that she doesn’t like you.

Are Women Better Than Men At Reading Body Language

Are Women Better Than Men At Reading Body Language

It has been researched that women are better than men at reading body language because they have better memory for faces and the ability to discern the emotions of other people.

This is an evolutionary thing as males would go off hunting and females would stay at home to look after the young. Females couldn’t defend themselves against males as they are not built with the same size so they have to develop ways of staying ahead of the game regard to men.

This is called a gut reaction or a gut instinct. That is why women are better at reading body language than men. It is

built into them from birth.

Signs You Can Look Out For To Tell If She Likes You

She Makes A Lot Of Eye Contact With You

She Makes A Lot Of Eye Contact With You

Nonverbal cues to look out for:

  • Short glances constantly
  • Glances across the room
  • When you walk into a room she looks at you instantly.

She Gazes Into Your Eyes

  • She looks into your eyes for longer than 10 seconds.
  • She staring into your eyes in conversation.
  • She stars at you when friends are around.
  • You will see an increase in her blink rate as you approach her.
  • You will see an increase in here blink rate as you talk.

Her Pupil’s Will Dilate

  • Pupils dilate when we do something we like.
  • Look for wide pupils in her eyes.

She Tries To Start Conversations With You

  • With a group of friends, she asked you if you had an option.
  • She asks about your family.
  • She asks about hobbies.
  • She asks about your job.

She Will Groom Herself Often

  • She will look in the mirror when you are around.
  • She will have a hand mirror and use it around you.
  • She will make sure her clothes look good.

She Will Flick Her Hair More When You’re Around

  • When you see a girl or woman flick or toss her hair this is a signal she is into. She subconsciously does this action to get your attention

She Will Use More Open Body Language

  • She will use her hand a lot more.
  • She will hug you when she greets you.
  • She will sit with her leg open.
  • She will display her breasts more.
  • You will see her palms more in conversation.

She Will Touch You More Often

  • She will touch in conversation.
  • She will touch when more when you are flirting.
  • She will knock into accidentally on purpose.
  • She will rub your leg
  • She will move closer to your genitals.
  • She will squeeze your arms.

Touching Will Increase Around You

  • She will caress or stroke objects more gently or lovingly.
  • She will hold a glass to her mouth in a more seductive way.

She will start to look after your appearance

  • She will pick lint off your clothes.
  • She will straighten your tie.
  • She will button up any clothing that needs attention.

She Will Wear More Seductive Clothes

  • She will wear more tight fitting clothes.
  • She will wear a top to show her breasts or expose more.
  • She will wear a short skirt to expose her legs more.
  • She will wear a tight jeans.


There are plenty of signs that she likes you. You just need to stay aware of what is going on and the contact you find yourself in with her when reading her nonverbal body language cues. Always remember that there are no absolutes in body language reading and it is down to how you interpret the signs she is displaying. You could get it wrong. But if you don’t try, you’ll never know. If you found this blog interesting, please check out our other post on body language here.

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