What Does It Mean When Touching The Nose In Body Language

  • By: Phil Taylor
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Touching the nose in body language can have many different meanings, depending on the context and the environment in which the nonverbal is displayed.

We usually associate touching the noise with discomfort in body language, which is called a regulator or pacifier or it could be as simple as someone has an inch on their nose.

We sometimes see touching the nose when a bad smell is being detected or an indication of a smell or something bad is being recalled.

Taking into account observation of different cultures, and the context of the situation where this gesture was observed is important.

What Does Touching the Nose Mean Whilst Talking

If you have noticed this behavior whilst talking to someone, think back to where you were and the situation you were in.

Were you outside on a summer’s day?

Could the person touching their nose be trying to hold back a sneeze due to hay fever? Or were you inside having a difficult conversation?

A person touching their nose while talking could indicate dishonesty or discomfort but that depends on the context you see the movement in.

Touching The Nose While Listening Body Language

When you see someone touching their nose whilst listening to a conversation this could mean one of two things.

The first thing they’re indicating is that they smell something. This is nonverbal communication that is done without thought, and I don’t quite believe the story being told.

It could simply mean that they have a cold and need to blow their nose. As with the above, we have to read the body language in the context that we find ourselves in order to understand what touching the nose while listening means. To learn how to read body language check out this post.

Body Language Touching The Side Of The Nose

A gesture that is typically used as a way of conveying doubt, confusion, or uncertainty.

When you see this in a cluster of other information or data points this could be seen as a negative body language movement.

Touching Bridge Of The Nose In Body Language

People use this type of body language when they are feeling stressed or when they need to release some energy in highly stressful situations. Called a regulator or pacifier.

You will usually see someone rub the bridge of their nose in an effort to relieve tension during a tense conversation.

What Does Hands-On Nose Mean In Body Language

Hands on the nose typically means thinking or concentration, but it can also mean a few different things. Or it could be that the person’s noise is cold and they are trying to warm this up.

When thinking about hands on the nose when was the last time you used these gestures? Where were you and what were you thinking about or doing?

We can start to build awareness of our own body language and assign meanings in the context we find ourselves placing our hands on our noses.

Body Language Touching Tip Of The Nose

Touching the tip of the nose or tapping the tip of the nose usually means “mind your own business or for me to know and you to find out.

The gesture of touching the tip of the nose is often used when someone doesn’t want to answer a specific question, or they are unsure what to say, or they don’t know specific details about a subject.

When you see this, ask yourself what the person was doing or saying. Was the person stressed or being asked difficult questions? Remember that context is important when analyzing body language cues.

Touching The Nose While Flirting

Sometimes, you’ll see someone touching their nose while flirting. This is because they feel embarrassed or uncertain and need to release nervous energy sometimes called a regulator or pacifier in body language.

If they keep touching your nose, that’s a strong sign that they like you or are attached to you. It’s a place on the body that’s not often touched by people unless they are very comfortable or familiar with the person they are touching.

All in all, touching your nose while flirting is a positive sign they like you a lot.


Most people believe that touching the nose is a strong indicator of lying. However, just seeing this one body language cue we could never say this was absolute or even close to reliable. If we see someone touching their nose in a cluster or in a highly stressful situation, it’s a data point worth exploring as this could indicate a description.

Having said that, scratching the nose could be as simple as an itch or about to sneeze, and someone trying to relieve the tension within the body.

Once we can establish a lie and see the person touch their nose when they tell you the lie, we can use this information to ask more questions and take note when they touch their nose.

There are no absolutes in body language. You would need to first baseline someone’s behavior in order to get a true reflection of what’s going on. We would also have to take into account the context of the situation in order to get a true understanding and analysis.

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