What Does Furrowed Brow Mean (Body Language)

What Does Furrowed Brow Mean (Body Language)

People with furrowed brows have very expressive faces. This can be seen in the lines on your forehead and between your eyebrows. These lines are created over time as people grow older and use their faces to express what they are saying.

The term “furrowed brow” is often used to describe someone who looks worried or concerned. A furrow is a line, crease, or wrinkle in the skin, usually caused by the movement of muscles underneath. On the forehead, furrows are commonly referred to as brow furrows or frown lines.

While brow furrows may appear to be a sign of worry or sadness, they can also be caused by other emotions, such as curiosity or confusion. In fact, many people who have furrowed brows are actually quite happy!

So, if you see someone with a furrowed brow, don’t automatically assume they’re frowning, confused, or angry. It could just be wrinkles caused by an expression of emotion over time, and not necessarily an indication of how they’re really feeling.

We will next take a look at the 6 meanings of what the furrowed brow could mean.

6 Meanings OF What Does Furrowed Brow Mean?

All of the below expressions are context-dependent; you should take a look at the person’s surroundings to see what is going on and what conversation is taking place. This will give you clues as to why a person is furring their brow in the first place.

  1. Concern.
  2. Worry.
  3. Stress.
  4. Anxiety.
  5. Concentration.
  6. Intense thinking.


You will see a furrowed brow when someone is concerned about something someone has said or done. For example, you could be having a conversation with your partner about something bad that has happened to you that day, and you may see them pull their eyebrows together to show concern.


This is the same as a concern in some way, if you have been given some worrying news you may furrow your brow together until you process this.


People become stressed when they are faced with a situation that makes them feel uncomfortable. This stress may be physical, mental or emotional. Potential signs of physical stress include moving from side to side, protecting themselves and furrowing their brow. When people are stressed their body will show signals such as furrowed eyebrows and other facial features which provide clues.


When people feel anxious, they show it. They may rub their head or let out a big sigh when they worry or feel stressed out. You will also see a furrowed brow.


Sometimes when I concentrate, I furrow my brow when trying to take in information or figure something out.

Intense thinking.

When people think intensely, they often frown and furrow their brows. This happens for example when they’re working out a problem or looking at a computer screen.

What does a furrowed brow look like?

Frowning is a facial expression that can be caused by different things. For example, when someone is sad or disappointed they may have a frown on their face. Though most people frown when they are concentrating on something.

A furrowed brow is an expression that looks like the person has deep lines on their forehead. It can be caused by many things, such as concentration or worry.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to furrowed brows, there are a few different meanings, but you can figure this out by paying attention to the context around them. This will give you all the clues you will need when trying to figure this out. We hope you enjoyed reading this post and if so, please check out Body Language Of The Face (Complete Guide)

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