What Does Holding Up 4 Fingers Mean (TikTok)

What Does Holding Up 4 Fingers Mean (TikTok)

A lot of people refer to an image of a teenager doing the fours-up hand gesture (known in the meme parlance as “the Beast Boy”) appearing green and Photoshopped as his Teen Titans counterpart, Beast Boy. 

what does hold up 4 fingers mean

The picture was reposted regularly and became a meme, often used for jokes. It is still unknown when the unedited photo was originally uploaded, but the first reposts of the picture were posted to Instagram on April 4th,2022. The picture of four fingers on the hand with “Two plus two is four” was the most viewed photo of 2022. It was used to demonstrate how most people cannot answer 2+2 questions correctly.

Where did 4 finger up meme come from?

Twitter account, SunX5 shared a green Beast Boy-like image of the teenage boy and 5,500 likes in a month. The spread to Twitter and Instagram helped this meme go viral. 

Early on in the meme’s history, these captions featured Teen Titans characters doing things or expressing their enthusiasm for the number four. One such caption, “Two fours are better than one,” has been repeated in considerably all memes promoting the picture, including those spotlighting

TikTok Timeline.

Beast Boy. The popularity of the meme eventually spread to TikTok, where users created videos and posted them to the platform featuring the character being asked to show a number of something, then making the gesture corresponding to that number by holding up the appropriate number of fingers.

This spawned a rule which has come to be known as “4 plus 4,”¬†June 15th was a busy day for Beast Boy memes. The video created was shared over 474,000 times in 24 hours. On the very same day, another video created by the same person was shared about 684,000 times. Links to the meme on TikToc can be found here.

Final Thoughts.

There are a few other meaning to what 4 finger up means depending on the context of the situation. We hope you have found your answer to the meme or meaning. Thanks for reading.

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