What Does It Mean When A Guy Sends You A Purple Heart? (Full Facts)

  • By: Phil Taylor
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The purple heart emoji is often used to indicate love or affection, but it can also be used to signify something more simple, like support or appreciation. In the context of a guy sending you a purple heart emoji, it generally means that the sender is supportive of or fond of the recipient. It’s also possible that the sender is joking around or teasing the recipient in a friendly way. 

When a guy sends you a purple heart emoji, he may be saying that he cares or appreciates you. The reason for sending it could be different, but no matter what it is, the meaning remains the same – he cares about you and your feelings.

The thing to think about with the purple heart emoji can also falling in love or having strong feelings toward someone. These are usually sent at the start of a relationship again it boils down to the context of your situation. I would suggest if you are thinking about this kind of stuff check out our post on how to read body language.

The other meaning of the purple heart is sensitivity and compassion. So it will depend on the context of when he sent you the heart. For example, did he send it when you had bad news? Or is it just at the start of a new relationship?

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Next, we will take a look at 9 meanings of the purple heart emoji and when to use the purple heart or a different color heart emoji like the pink heart.

9 Meaning Of The Purple Heat Emoji.

  1. It means they are attracted to you.
  2. He wants to start a romantic relationship.
  3. He wants to support you.
  4. He thinks you are close friends.
  5. He admires you.
  6. He thinks you are into k-pop.
  7. He’s feeling empathetic About Something
  8. His favorite color is purple
  9. It could mean any of the above, depending on the context in which it was sent.

It means they are attracted to you.

The main reason a purple heart emoji is used is to show attraction. The heart is usually used at the very start of a relationship when he is unsure about how you feel. He may be looking for reasons from you but more about that later down the line

He wants to start a romantic relationship.

If he’s texting you constantly with the purple heart it could mean he wants to be more than friends and testing the water to find out how you feel different color heart emoji means different things to different people.

He wants to support you.

One other potential reason a guy might send you a purple emoji is if he feels like he wants to support you. If he has only just sent this in his text, think about what you are going through – have you had bad news? Is he trying to be supportive?

He thinks you are close friends.

Sometimes a guy will send a purple emoji because he thinks you are a good friend and a red one could indicate something more. It really could be as simple as that. Context is key to understanding what is going on in his head.

Does he think you are into k-pop?

If you follow a k-pop band then he could be sending a purple heart for that reason and no other. Hopefully, this won’t crush my hopes and dreams of romantic love.

He’s feeling empathetic about something?

Sometimes a guy will feel sorry for you or sad for you and show he feels your pain with a purple heart 💜. Did something happen to you that would make him feel this way?

His favourite color is purple.

It could be that his favorite color is purple and loves to send purple heart emojis. I know a guy who wears nothing but purple and also writes emails and sends the text in purple writing only.

It could mean any of the above, depending on the context in which it was sent.

The text could mean different things depending on the context in which it was sent. All of the above could be the answer to why he is sending a purple heart. Consider the content of your conversations and the answer will be apparent.

frequently asked questions

What do the colors of heart Emojis mean?

The colors of heart emojis have different meanings. A yellow heart emoji means you are friends with someone. A purple heart emoji means you have a close bond with someone. A green heart emoji means you are in love with someone. A black heart emoji means you are feeling sad or upset.

What’s the difference between Purple Heart and a red heart emoji? ❤️

The red heart emoji is a symbol of love. The purple heart emoji can have different meanings depending on the context. It’s important not to confuse the two.

What’s the difference between Purple Heart and a Green Heart? 💚

The green heart emjoi represent love, support, close bonds, and admiration for things that have some relation to the color green, from nature to sports teams that use green

in their uniforms.

The green heart emoji can represent can represent love, support, close bonds, and team color. The difference is the eat heart is typically used to represent a team and the 💜 purple heart for love or admiration.

What’s the difference between Purple Heart and a black heart? 🖤

A black heart means your love sad stuff or has a black soul the opposite to the purple heart means affection or a sign of love.

What’s the difference between Purple Heart and a brown heart? 🤎

The brown heart emoji is said to represent black live matters and love the difference is the purple one is purely sent if you care for someone and not an emoji that represents an organization.

What’s the difference between Purple Heart and a blue heart? 💙

The blue heart emoji represents love, support, admiration, happiness, and excitement the difference is the blue heart can also represent a cold heart compared to the purple heart which represents a more pure emotion.

What’s the difference between Purple Heart and a yellow heart?💛

The yellow heart emoji, 💛, is often used to show liking and friendship, but it can also convey love like any other heart symbol or emoji. Just like the purple heart, the yellow heart means love and friendship.

What’s the difference between Purple Heart and a broken heart emoji?💔

The broken heart emoji represents someone who feels like they have lost their love compared to the purple heart the broken heart has a completely different meaning.

What’s the difference between Purple Heart and a smiling face? 😊

The purple heart emoji signifies love and appreciation, while the smiley face emoji represents happiness and smiles.

Other Meanings Of The purple heart

The Purple Heart Medal is a physical and emotional symbol of sacrifice and dates back to 1782. It recognizes those that have been killed or wounded in battle while serving on behalf of the United States.

The Purple Heart is a medal that is awarded to members of the United States military who have been wounded in combat.

The Purple Heart is also sometimes referred to as the “Heart of a Hero.” The Purple Heart is one of the most prestigious medals that can be earned by a member of the military, and it is a symbol of the sacrifices that these men and women have made in defense of their country

Final Thoughts

The meaning of a purple heart can range from “I care deeply for you” to “I am attracted to you” to “I am thinking of you.” It all depends on the context of the situation to what it really means. If you have found this post helpful then you should check out our digital body language post.