Body Language Of The Feet (One Step At A Time)

Body Language Of Feet (The Secret Is Right In Front Of You)

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Body language of feet provides plenty of information about a person or group of people. It is said by many body language experts to be the forgotten but most truthful area of nonverbal communication.

The feet can say where we want to go, who they find most interesting, if they want to leave, and if they find someone attractive.

This article will explore how to read these clues and what they can tell you about the person or group of people.

Before we jump ahead we have to understand how to read body language correctly first. This will give us a baseline to work from in understanding how a person or group of people will be feeling.

The first thing to consider when trying to assist someone in the context of the situation. This is important because it tells us more about how they are feeling, their environment, and what they might need next.

Understand Context First (Crack The Code Before We Begin)

Context according to google the noun context means “the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and which it can be understood”.

This is a perfect way to describe the context of someone’s body language. When studying or analyzing someone, we have to think about the context surrounding the non-verbal cues we’re seeing. In this case, lip compression.

The context will give us data points and clues to what is going on internally with a person so we can better understand what is really going on.

Now we understand the context we can get onto what lip compression could mean.

Body Language Feet Position (What It Truly Means)

Body Language Feet Position (What It Truly Means)

The position of the feet is vitally important in any context or conversation. There are many different ways we can interpret the feet. We will outline the most common ones in this shortlist.

Feet Pointing Towards You Or Somone

When the feet are pointed towards you during a conversation, this is a good nonverbal body language cue that they like you and are interested in what you have to say. Feet pointed towards you during a conversation is a positive body language cue.

Feet Pointing Away From You (What does it mean)

If someone’s feet point away from you during a conversation, it often means they’re not interested in what you have to say or want to be somewhere else.

Context plays a very important part here as you could misread the cue as a negative. They may have something to do or be somewhere and you’re holding them up?

Feet Pointing Away From You In A Group Of People

Again, context will play a strong part in understanding why the feet are pointing away from you. You would need to think about who is involved in discussion, where you are, and what’s at stake for each party.

If you are in a conversation with a senior member of staff or family member, then most of your colleagues or siblings will point their feet towards the most senior person in the room.

Body Language Feet Position Standing

If you’re talking to a group of people, then one way to figure out who a person prefers talking to would be by looking at where their feet are pointing – if their feet are turned toward the other speaker, then they seem most comfortable with that person.

Understanding Body Language Feet Attraction

There are many ways to tell if someone is attracted to you, and we need to read their body language in clusters of information before we can determine if they find you attractive.

I suppose what I am trying to say is that you cannot and should not just rely on a single piece of body language to work out if they want a romantic relationship with you.

Body language is a nuanced art that everyone interprets differently, and it’s important not to miss read the cues of another person. It’s going to take more than a fleeting glance or a quick touch to know for sure!

As discussed previously, feet point towards you in a great sign they like you.

Another way to tell if a woman likes you is if she dangles one shoe near her instep. If she slips the shoe back onto her foot, you know you’ve made an error and made her uncomfortable.

People will often mirror each other’s body language to show that they are comfortable with those around them. This is important to remember if someone is mirroring your feet and position and seems to like you on a subconscious level.

Body Language Feet Apart (What does it mean?)

There are many different signs we use to express dominance and power. One of the most popular is standing with feet apart and hands-on-hips, which is typically considered a sign of high confidence and aggression.

You usually see this nonverbal display at police stations or security checkpoints. The display is a way of claiming territory.

Body Language Feet Crossed (Is this negative)

Body Language Feet Crossed (Is this negative)

Some people may cross their feet as a sign of dominance or as a marker of authority or power.

Others may do so as a reaction to feeling uncomfortable in a particular situation or with particular individuals.

Perhaps it’s a sign of comfort, for example when someone is sitting at home in a chair reading. What other things are happening? Where are they? What conversation is happening?

Context is key to understanding when the feet are crossed.

Body Language Feet Movement (There is a lot we don’t think about)

The human body is a complex system. It has many parts that work together to function at its best. One of the most sensitive parts is the feet.

According to studies, feet movement can be used as a way to understand what the speaker wants to say. The movement of feet can help us determine if they are being truthful or not if they are confident or not, and whether they are being aggressive or not.

Therefore, it’s important for us to observe people’s feet movements when we talk with them so that we know how they feel and what they think about what we say.

Bouncy Feet

When we show signs of happiness, our feet move up and down. This is common when a child receives a present or an adult gets a promotion.

Agitated Feet

When the feet are agitated, they tend to move or shift from side to side or withdraw from view. The soles of the feet will usually be flat to the floor. When you see this behavior in a person, they usually want to leave or move the conversation on.

Foot Tapping

Foot tapping is usually seen when a person is happy when listening to a piece of music or trying to keep time with something or someone. The heel is on the floor and the toes are raised to tap, this is a complete motion and a good sign that someone is in a good mood.

Foot Blocking

Foot blocking is when someone raises the sole of the foot in a conversation or is done by raising one of the feet and placing it on the other leg’s thigh or knee.

The foot blocking gesture is a common body language that is used to prove resistance or agitation. If you want to see foot blocking action you should check out the Prince Andrew BBC Interview (the Epstein Scandal)

A foot blocking gesture is a sign of resistance and agitation and usually occurs when someone is not happy with the topic of conversation.


If you want to know whether someone is happy or not in a conversation, just look at their feet. If the person is tapping their toes, they is happy. If the person has the sole of their foot raised, they are not happy.

Phil Taylor
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