Hands Over Groin Meaning (Body Language)

Body Language Hands Over Groin

This is a non-verbal communication in which an individual in a social situation moves their hand from one area of their body to another.   The most popular gesture is when someone’s hands move from the top of their head down to their groin.  

This is usually done when the person feels intimidated or scared so they subconsciously protect themselves by using this gesture.  

It can also be used when there is a power difference between two people and one individual tries to assert dominance, or when someone feels insecure and wants to hide parts of their body that they feel self-conscious about.  

Before we read too much into why we cover our groin area, we should take into account the most important thing when reading body language of others: the context around the nonverbal cues.  

Why Do People Touch Their Groin Area

Why Do People Touch Their Groin Area

People will touch their groin area when they feel threatened or under attack. You will usually see this nonverbal display within men. A woman will tend to protect the ovaries area of their body This is an instinctual display of body language.

What Are Some Other Gestures That Are Used To Communicate

It is important to know that gestures are not just the ones that we use to communicate with others. gestures also include the ones we use when we are alone.

We can use gestures to communicate feelings, emotions, and thoughts. For example, if someone is happy they might cross their arms and clap or do a happy dance. If someone is angry they might make an angry face or make fists with their hands.

How Are Different Gestures Interpreted By Different Cultures

Gestures are a form of nonverbal communication that can be used to convey messages and emotions. They are also a way to show respect for others.

The problem with gestures is that they are often interpreted differently depending on the culture in which they are being used. For example, in some cultures, pointing at someone is considered an insult while in other cultures it’s considered rude not to point at someone you want to talk about.

This can lead to conflict when people from different cultures interact with one another because they might interpret certain gestures differently.

How Does The Context Of The Conversation Affect The Meaning Of A Gesture?

Gestures are a form of nonverbal communication that can be used to convey meaning. In order for gestures to be understood, the context of the conversation must be considered.

The context of the conversation also includes the room location, time of day, amount of people in the room, and hierarchy of individuals.

When reading a person’s body language, we have to take all of the above into consideration.

Understanding Context First 

The environment is the context in which gestures and other actions are understood.   When we analyze contexts, we want to get as much data as we can and take note of the conversation, where they are and the people around them.  

For example, during a conversation, you may hear a heated argument. You will know who is involved and where they are and the topic of conversation.  

This gives us the data we need to make an assessment of the situation.   Once we know the background and context, we will have a better idea of the full situation and what is really going on.

We will now look at a few body language cues for hands over the groin area.  

Clasping Hands Below The Belt Meaning  

Clasping Hands Below The Belt Meaning  

Clasping the hands below the belt is an associate confidence display. We usually see this when a police or security guard is trying to calm territory. Some people will use this when they feel threatened or insecure.

What should you do when you see this non-verbal gesture?

When you see someone standing with their hands clasping their belt depending on the context you should move away or display signs that you are no threat to them.

Hands Over Groin Meaning

Body Language Hands Over Groin Meaning

The use of hands to protect vulnerable organs is something you’ll often see on the soccer field. When using the wall to launch a shot, players will put their hands over their groin in order for them not to be hurt by the oncoming ball.  

This is usually a display of insecurity or protection. We generally see this as a negative body language trait. We suggest refraining from using this display in most situations, unless on the soccer field or other sporting events.  

Hand Over Crotch  

The crotch handover is an unconscious gesture that people use. It is when one individual surreptitiously places his or her hand over the crotch region while speaking with someone.

It is an act of concealment, but it may also be used to indicate dominance or just put oneself in a better position to get what one wants.  


Crossing the hands over one’s groin, or crotch is seen as a negative act. This act is often used to express displeasure or frustration.  

The person will cross his/her arms and grasp the opposite elbow with the hand on the same side of the body.

Phil Taylor Author Body Language Matters
Phil Taylor Author Body Language Matters

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