Body Language Tactics Scott Rouse (Reviewed).

Body Language Tactics Scott Rouse (Reviewed).

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Hello! I wanted to review this course on body language tactics because I think it has some relevance – especially if you’re trying to learn more about nonverbal communication and body language. However, it’s not all good.

Body Language Tactics is a body language reading course led by practitioners Scott Rouse and Greg Hartley. The course is aimed at teaching you to read the body language correctly. This is an on-demand course hosted by which means you can access it any time, anywhere to recap on anything you’ve spotted when you’re out and about. However, you will need access to the internet/data to view and log in. There is no app available for Body Language Tactics.

There are some things that they could have done better, for example, my membership was cancelled or removed and after multiple times of trying to gain access back (for something I paid for), I’m still unable to do so. The admin side of the course is total trash. But is the context any good? We will take a look at that later on in the post.

Quick Over View.

The Good.

If you want to learn body language quickly without reading books, then this course will definitely teach you that. You will learn from one of the very best in the business Greg Hartley and for that reason alone you should buy this course. Scott is also a very good teacher, and it seems to know what he’s talking about.

The Bad.

It seems as though this course was filmed around 2013; the quality of the recording is low (you will have seen it better on YouTube).The pdfs for the study materials also seem to have been taken from other sources and are not of particularly high quality or in order according to the modules you will be learning.

If anything goes wrong, you will find it hard to communicate with anyone responsible for the administrative side of things email here [email protected]

About Course & body language training.

The course is broken into 6 Modules and these are like micro-lessons, they are short, anywhere from 3 minutes to 9 minutes if you like long-form content, this course is not for you.

What media is used in the course?

  • Short-form Videos
  • Audio
  • PDF

Module 1

  • There are no absolutes.

Module 2

  • Comfort vs Discomfort
  • Illustrators
  • Adaptors
  • Regulators
  • Emblems
  • Affects Displays
  • Barriers

Module 3

  • Head, Face & Eyes.

Module 4

  • The Torso & Breathing
  • Hands
  • Arms
  • Shoulders

Module 5

  • Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs
  • Transmit and Receive.
  • Matching and Mirroring
  • Listening

Module 6

  • How to spot a lair.
  • A truthful person’s actions.
  • Deceptive person actions.

Who are the professional instructors you will be Learning from?

Greg Hartley

Greg Hartley (expert) is a senior corporate executive with expertise in interior design and human behaviour. He has served in the military, attorney, and human resources specialist, and has consulted with the media on human behaviour and body language. Greg is the author of seven books on body language.

Scott Rouse

Scott Rouse is a behavior expert who holds multiple qualifications in interrogation training and has been trained alongside the FBI, US Military Intelligence, and the Department. He is also the founding member of the best body language YouTube channel called “The Behavior Panel.”

How it Works

Once you pay your money through PayPal or bank transfer, you are automatically emailed your login details. You then go to a dashboard where the course is hosted. The dashboard seems quite outdated from memory.

Do you get a certificate?

Yes, you get some dodgy photoshopped pdf with your name on after you pass a short test at the end of the course.

Who is the Course aimed at?

The course is intended for beginners or people who want to learn more or become better communicators in life. Most people would benefit from a basic course like this.

Will the Course Make You A Body Langue expert?

No, not at all. It will give you the basic idea of how to read nonverbals but as with any new skill, it will take years of conscious practice to become confident and at ease with analysis people.

Does Body Language Tactics Have Any Socials?

You can find more information about body language tactics on the Facebook page. The page was last updated in 2021.

Is the course good value for money?

Yes and no – for $89 it’s a little steep for what you get. The content is good but the delivery isn’t that great. I was lucky and picked up the course in 2020 for $39 and since then it has increased. I did feel underwhelmed by the purchase at first but if you want to get a good understanding on how to read people then I haven’t found better.

It’s a fair price for what you get, but the delivery could be better.

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Final Thoughts.

Body language tactics is a good course and did what it said on the tin. The filming is low quality, but if you can get past that, you’re onto a winner with the content. After all, human behaviour doesn’t “move” as fast as technology, so the data is still relevant now as it ever was.

Phil Taylor
Phil Taylor Body Language Expert