100 Christmas Words That Start With The Letter B

100 Christmas Words That Start With B (With Definition)

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Welcome to my cozy corner of the internet where I’m thrilled to share with you an extensive list of Christmas-related words, each starting with the letter ‘B’.

Whether you’re looking to expand your vocabulary, write some festive poetry, or simply get into the holiday spirit, this list is crafted with care to bring the essence of Christmas to life through words that resonate with joy, nostalgia, and celebration.

Let’s embark on this alphabetical adventure and unwrap the magic each word holds.

100 Christmas Words Beginning With The Letter B

1. Bells

Bells are often associated with Christmas as decorations and in songs, symbolizing joy and the announcement of the holiday.

2. Bethlehem

Bethlehem is the small town in the Middle East considered the birthplace of Jesus Christ.

3. Boughs

Boughs of holly and evergreens are used to decorate homes during Christmas time.

4. Baubles

Baubles are colorful ornaments typically used to decorate Christmas trees.

5. Boxing Day

Boxing Day is the holiday celebrated the day after Christmas, traditionally a day to give gifts to the less fortunate.

6. Blizzard

A blizzard can refer to a severe snowstorm, often associated with a white Christmas.

7. Baking

Baking is a common activity during the Christmas season, where people bake cookies, pies, and other festive treats.

8. Bows

Bows are decorative items used for gift wrapping and adorning wreaths and trees during the holiday season.

9. Brandy

Brandy is a spirit that is often enjoyed during Christmas, sometimes used to create a flaming Christmas pudding.

10. Bûche de Noël

Bûche de Noël is a traditional French Christmas cake shaped and decorated to look like a Yule log.

11. Belen

Belen is the Spanish term for the Nativity scene that depicts the birth of Jesus.

12. Befana

Befana is a folklore character associated with Christmas in Italy, known for bringing gifts to children.

13. Blessings

Blessings are often spoken or shared during the Christmas season as a way of expressing good wishes and happiness.

14. Balsam

Balsam is a type of evergreen tree, often used as a Christmas tree because of its fragrant needles.

15. Bazaar

Christmas bazaars are markets where festive goods and gifts are sold during the holiday season.

16. Bitter cold

Bitter cold describes the very cold temperatures that often accompany the Christmas season in many parts of the world.

17. Bonfire

Bonfires are sometimes a part of Christmas celebrations, particularly in regions where the holiday coincides with colder weather.

18. Ballads

Christmas ballads are sentimental songs that tell a story, often relating to the themes of Christmas.

19. Brunch

Christmas brunch is a late morning meal that combines breakfast and lunch, enjoyed by families during the holiday season.

20. Bonbons

Bonbons are sweet confections, often chocolate-covered, that are popular treats during Christmas.

21. Brass band

Brass bands are musical ensembles that play traditional Christmas carols and music during the festive season.

22. Befriending

Befriending the less fortunate and embodying the spirit of giving is a significant part of the Christmas ethos.

23. Babushka

In Russian Christmas tradition, Babushka is a woman who, according to legend, gave gifts to children.

24. Bountiful

Bountiful refers to the abundance of food, gifts, and joy that is often experienced during Christmas.

25. Boots

Boots are not only practical footwear for the cold Christmas weather but also a symbol of St. Nicholas, who is said to leave gifts in them.

26. Berries

Berries, especially red holly berries, are a traditional part of Christmas flora used in decorations.

27. Brevity

Brevity in holiday greetings and toasts is appreciated during the busy Christmas festivities.

28. Brightness

Brightness from Christmas lights and decorations adds to the festive atmosphere of the season.

29. Bundle up

To “bundle up” is a common phrase used to remind others to dress warmly in the cold of the Christmas season.

30. Banquet

A banquet is a large feast, often associated with Christmas celebrations and elaborate meals.

31. Bliss

Bliss is the joy and contentment felt during the Christmas season.

32. Ballerina

Ballerinas are often featured in Christmas performances of Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker” ballet.

33. Blizzard

A blizzard is a severe snowstorm, and having one during Christmas can create a picturesque winter wonderland.

34. Blue

Blue is a color sometimes used in Christmas decorations to represent night or cold.

35. Bugle

Bugles are musical instruments that may play Christmas tunes or be used as decorations.

36. Babes

Babes, or young children, are central to the Christmas narrative and celebrations, often participating in plays and songs.

37. Bedeck

To bedeck is to decorate, and homes are commonly bedecked with festive ornaments during Christmas.

38. Bubbly

Bubbly refers to sparkling wine or champagne, which is commonly used to toast during Christmas celebrations.

39. Burlap

Burlap is a material sometimes used in rustic Christmas decorations, such as stockings or ribbons.

40. Beguile

Christmas displays and performances aim to beguile the audience, capturing the magic of the season.

41. Brocade

Brocade is a richly decorative fabric often used in Christmas attire or decorations.

42. Buffet

A buffet is a style of meal where guests serve themselves, popular at Christmas parties.

43. Burl

A burl is a tree growth in which the grain has grown in a deformed manner, and burl woods are sometimes used for unique Christmas decorations.

44. Brisk

Brisk weather is common during the Christmas season, prompting warm fires and hot drinks.

45. Brittle

Brittle is a type of candy often made around Christmas time, typically consisting of flat broken pieces of hard sugar candy embedded with nuts.

46. Biography

Biographies of figures like Saint Nicholas or Jesus Christ are often read or recounted during the Christmas season.

47. Breath

Visible breath in the cold Christmas air adds to the ambiance of winter festivities.

48. Brooch

A brooch is a piece of jewelry, often worn during Christmas gatherings as a decorative accessory.

49. Banter

Banter is the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks, common at Christmas gatherings.

50. Ballet

Ballet performances, particularly “The Nutcracker,” are a holiday tradition for many during the Christmas season.

51. Bonnet

A bonnet is a kind of headwear that was traditionally worn during Christmas and is still part of various historical or traditional celebrations.

52. Beads

Beads are small decorative objects that are often used to adorn Christmas trees and crafts.

53. Banner

Banners are often hung up as part of Christmas decorations, displaying festive messages or images.

54. Ball

A ball, specifically a Christmas ball, is a round ornament that hangs from the branches of a Christmas tree.

55. Basilica

A basilica is a large and important church that often holds special services around Christmas time.

56. Bless

To bless is to invoke divine care or to express good wishes, a common practice around Christmas.

57. Bishop

A bishop is a senior member of the Christian clergy, often associated with St. Nicholas, the bishop of Myra, who is a figure associated with Christmas.

58. Butterscotch

Butterscotch is a type of confectionery whose sweet flavor is popular during the Christmas season, especially in candies and desserts.

59. Bundle

A bundle could refer to a package or collection of items wrapped together, often gifts at Christmas time.

60. Brighten

To brighten is to add light or color, something that many people do to their homes during Christmas with lights and decorations.

61. Bubbly

Bubbly is often used to describe personalities during the festive season or sparkling drinks served at Christmas celebrations.

62. Bounteous

Bounteous is used to describe generosity and abundance, which is especially relevant during the season of giving.

63. Biography

A biography of famous individuals related to Christmas, like Saint Nicholas, is often read during the holiday season.

64. Brew

Brew refers to drinks like mulled wine or spiced cider that are popularly consumed during Christmas.

65. Ballroom

A ballroom might be the setting for a Christmas gala or a festive holiday dance.

66. Banjo

A banjo is a musical instrument that might feature in folk renditions of Christmas music.

67. Bouquet

A bouquet, though commonly associated with flowers, can also refer to a collection of diverse items or fragrances prominent during Christmas.

68. Burlap

Burlap is a coarse fabric often used in rustic-themed Christmas decorations.

69. Baroque

Baroque music is frequently performed during Christmas concerts, featuring composers like Handel and Bach.

70. Beam

Beam can refer to a ray of light or a smile, both of which are abundant in the joyous Christmas season.

71. Baste

Baste is a cooking process involving moistening meat with liquid, and it is frequently done during the preparation of a Christmas turkey or ham.

72. Blithe

Blithe describes a cheerful indifference, which can characterize the carefree spirit of the holiday season.

73. Board games

Board games are a popular form of entertainment for families during Christmas gatherings.

74. Bunting

Bunting is a festive decoration made of fabric, paper, or plastic, commonly used to adorn spaces for Christmas.

75. Bracing

Bracing refers to the invigorating effect of the cold Christmas air, often experienced during outdoor activities.

76. Bon voyage

Bon voyage is an expression used to wish someone a good trip, often said to friends and family traveling during the Christmas season.

77. Brim

Brim can refer to the uppermost edge of a cup or glass, which might be filled with festive drinks during Christmas toasts.

78. Brioche

Brioche is a type of bread that is rich and slightly sweet, often served during Christmas breakfast or brunch.

79. Blizzard

A blizzard is a severe snowstorm, and during Christmas, it can create a picturesque but challenging setting for holiday travel.

80. Burl

A burl is a tree growth where the grain has grown in a deformed manner; burl woods are often used in finely crafted Christmas decorations.

81. Bittersweet

Bittersweet describes something that is sweet with a bitter edge, like the emotions some might feel during the holiday season due to absent loved ones.

82. Boreal

Boreal relates to the northern regions, from where many Christmas traditions and legends originate, including the tale of Santa Claus.

83. Bourbon

Bourbon is a type of whiskey that might be enjoyed during Christmas festivities.

84. Breviary

A breviary is a liturgical book used in Christian worship, particularly by priests, and during the Christmas season, it contains specific prayers and hymns.

85. Bangle

A bangle is a type of bracelet that might be given as a gift or worn to Christmas parties.

86. Belief

Belief is central to the Christmas spirit, whether it is in the religious aspect of the holiday or the magic of Santa Claus for children.

87. Bobsleigh

A bobsleigh is a vehicle used for racing down icy tracks, and it’s something people might associate with winter and Christmas in snowy regions.

88. Baritone

A baritone is a male singing voice that is often heard in Christmas choirs and carols.

89. Blazer

A blazer is a type of jacket that might be part of a festive outfit for Christmas events.

90. Blush

Blush can refer to a rosy color often associated with the cold or the excitement of Christmas festivities.

91. Brandish

To brandish means to wave something about, especially a weapon, but in a Christmas context, it could jovially refer to waving a festive sparkler.

92. Bridle

A bridle is part of the equipment used to direct a horse, reminiscent of the horses that might pull a sleigh in traditional Christmas scenes.

93. Brevity

Brevity, or the concise use of words, can be a valued trait when writing Christmas cards or messages.

94. Brisk

Brisk describes something energetic or quick, like a brisk walk on a cold Christmas morning.

95. Bucolic

Bucolic describes an idyllic rural life, often depicted in pastoral Christmas scenes.

96. Ballad

A ballad is a form of verse, often a narrative set to music, and Christmas ballads are a staple of holiday music.

97. Barge

A barge is a flat-bottomed boat, which might be used in places like Venice for a Christmas regatta.

98. Balsamic

Balsamic refers to balsamic vinegar, which is used in cooking and might feature in Christmas recipes.

99. Bilingual

Bilingual refers to the use of two languages, which can be pertinent during Christmas when families of diverse backgrounds gather together.

100. Bastion

A bastion is a strong defense or fort, which can symbolically represent the strength of family bonds during the Christmas season.

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve enjoyed this alphabetical journey through Christmas-related words that start with ‘B’. It’s been a pleasure to dive into the festive lexicon and explore the many facets of the holiday season, from the spiritual to the celebratory. May this list inspire your Christmas creativity and add a little extra sparkle to your holiday cheer.

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