100 Christmas Words That Start With The Letter C

100 Christmas Words That Start With C (With Definition)

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Hello and welcome! As the festive season approaches, I’ve put together a fascinating collection of Christmas-related words, all starting with the letter ‘C’.

This list is more than just a vocabulary compilation; it’s a sleigh ride through the cozy, cheerful, and sometimes curious aspects of the holiday season.

So grab a cup of cocoa, get comfortable, and let’s explore these charming terms together.

1. Carol

A traditional festive song, typically a religious hymn celebrating the birth of Jesus.

2. Candy Cane

A cane-shaped candy stick, often peppermint-flavored and red and white striped, associated with Christmas.

3. Chimney

A structure through which Santa Claus enters a house to deliver gifts on Christmas Eve.

4. Chestnuts

Nuts that are traditionally roasted and eaten during the Christmas season.

5. Christmas

The annual Christian festival celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, held on December 25th.

6. Celebrate

To engage in festivities to honor Christmas.

7. Candles

Wax cylinders with a wick that are lit to provide light or scent, often used during Christmas for decoration.

8. Cards

Greeting cards sent to friends and family to convey Christmas wishes.

9. Charity

The act of giving to help those in need, often emphasized during the Christmas season.

10. Cake

A sweet baked dessert, often specially made and decorated for Christmas.

11. Cranberry

A tart red berry used in sauces and decorations, popular during Christmas meals.

12. Choir

A group of singers who perform together, often singing carols during Christmas.

13. Crib

A representation of the scene of Jesus Christ’s birth displayed during Christmas.

14. Christ

The title for Jesus of Nazareth, recognized in Christianity as the Messiah, and whose birth is celebrated at Christmas.

15. Comet

One of Santa Claus’s reindeer, as named in the famous Christmas poem “The Night Before Christmas.”

16. Cinnamon

A spice obtained from the inner bark of trees, commonly used in Christmas recipes.

17. Celebration

The action of marking one’s pleasure at Christmas by engaging in enjoyable activities.

18. Customs

Traditional practices followed by people during the Christmas season.

19. Comfort

A state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint, often sought during the cozy Christmas period.

20. Chime

The sound of bells, which is often associated with the festive atmosphere of Christmas.

21. Cheer

Joy and gladness typically experienced and spread during the Christmas season.

22. Cap

A soft, flat hat with a peak, often worn by Santa Claus.

23. Cold

The low temperatures experienced in many parts of the world during Christmas time.

24. Chimney sweep

A person who clears soot and ash from chimneys, traditionally associated with good luck and often mentioned in Christmas tales.

25. Chocolate

A sweet, brown food made from roasted and ground cacao seeds, often given as gifts or enjoyed as treats during Christmas.

26. Chorus

A part of a song that is repeated after each verse, especially common in Christmas carols.

27. Church

A building used for public Christian worship where Christmas services are often held.

28. Christmas Eve

The evening or entire day before Christmas Day, a time of anticipation and preparation.

29. Comet

Traditionally known as one of the celestial objects that are said to have led the wise men to Jesus’s birthplace.

30. Crystal

Often used to describe snowflakes or decorations that resemble the clear, sparkling appearance of crystals during Christmas.

31. Coat

A warm garment worn during the cold Christmas season.

32. Cookies

Sweet baked treats that are especially popular to make and eat during Christmas.

33. Cuddle

To hold close for warmth or comfort, something often done during the chilly Christmas season.

34. Communion

A Christian rite, the partaking of bread and wine, which is especially significant during Christmas services.

35. Chilly

Descriptive of the cold weather that often accompanies the Christmas season in the northern hemisphere.

36. Candy

A sweet confection served and enjoyed during Christmas festivities.

37. Carolers

Individuals who sing Christmas songs or carols, often going from house to house during the holiday season.

38. Chimney pot

The extension on the top of a chimney that increases the draft, Santa is often depicted as navigating these on Christmas Eve.

39. Cider

A popular drink during the Christmas season, often spiced and served warm.

40. Companionship

The good company of others, often sought and enjoyed during the Christmas holidays.

41. Christmas tree

An evergreen tree, often a pine or fir, decorated with lights and ornaments as part of Christmas celebrations.

42. Cracker

A festive table decoration that makes a snapping sound when pulled apart, containing a small gift and a joke.

43. Coal

A traditional item left in the stockings of children who have been naughty, according to folklore.

44. Countdown

The act of counting down the days until Christmas begins.

45. Craft

Handmade decorative items created for Christmas.

46. Costume

Outfits, such as Santa suits or angel wings, worn during Christmas plays or parties.

47. Chalice

A large cup or goblet, typically used during religious ceremonies, including Christmas Mass.

48. Cypress

A type of evergreen tree that can be associated with Christmas and used as an alternative to the traditional Christmas tree.

49. Clove

A spice used for seasoning dishes during Christmas feasts.

50. Cornucopia

A symbol of plenty consisting of a goat’s horn overflowing with flowers, fruit, and corn, used in Christmas decorations to signify abundance.

This is the first half of the list. Let’s proceed with the next fifty words and their descriptions.

51. Centerpiece

An important decorative object placed at the center of a dining table, often seen during Christmas feasts.

52. Chant

A repetitive song, spoken or sung during Christmas rituals or church services.

53. Chimney corner

A cozy nook by the fireplace where families gather to warm up during Christmas.

54. Chaplet

A wreath or garland for the head, typically used for decoration during Christmas time.

55. Chestnut tree

The tree that produces chestnuts; its nuts are often associated with Christmas roasting.

56. Cherub

A winged angelic figure represented in art, especially common in Christmas iconography.

57. Chandelier

A decorative hanging light with branches for several light bulbs or candles, often adorned for Christmas.

58. Children

The young humans who eagerly await Santa Claus and his gifts on Christmas.

59. Chimney stack

Part of the chimney that extends above the roof; Santa Claus is said to descend these on Christmas Eve.

60. Christmastide

The festival season from Christmas Eve to after New Year’s Day.

61. Cloak

A type of coat that is worn over other clothes, typically during the cold Christmas weather.

62. Caroling

The act of singing joyful songs or carols at Christmas.

63. Cheerleader

In the context of Christmas, someone who enthusiastically promotes the Christmas spirit.

64. Clink

The sound made by glasses being tapped together in celebration, common during Christmas toasts.

65. Clementine

A citrus fruit similar to a tangerine, often found in Christmas stockings.

66. Claus

Referring to Santa Claus, the jolly figure who delivers gifts to children on Christmas Eve.

67. Choirboy

A young male singer in a church choir, often performing during Christmas services.

68. Candy apple

A sweet treat where an apple is coated in a hard candy shell, enjoyed during Christmas fairs.

69. Candelabra

A large candlestick or holder for several candles, frequently part of Christmas decor.

70. Cabin

A small wooden house in a remote location, often idealized in Christmas stories and movies.

71. Canapé

A small, prepared, and usually decorative food, held in the fingers and often eaten in one bite, popular at Christmas parties.

72. Carol sheet

A sheet containing the lyrics of carols, used during Christmas singing events.

73. Censer

A container in which incense is burned, typically during religious ceremonies including Christmas Mass.

74. Chalice

A cup or goblet, used in the context of Christmas to refer to one used in religious ceremonies.

75. Chaplain

A clergyman in charge of a chapel, involved in conducting Christmas services.

76. Charity bazaar

A market where goods are sold to raise money for the needy, especially common before Christmas.

77. Chestnut mare

A horse of a reddish-brown color; in stories, it might be used for sleigh rides during Christmas.

78. Chiffon

A lightweight fabric made from silk or nylon, used in making festive Christmas attire.

79. Chorale

A hymn sung by a choir, especially one related to Christmas.

80. Christingle

A symbolic object used in Advent services, especially in the UK, made of an orange decorated with a candle and ribbon.

81. Christmas card

A greeting card sent as part of traditional Christmas correspondence.

82. Christmas ham

A ham that is traditionally served as part of a Christmas dinner.

83. Christmas lights

Lights used to decorate homes and Christmas trees during the festive season.

84. Christmas market

A street market associated with the celebration of Christmas during the four weeks of Advent.

85. Christmas ornament

Decorations used to adorn Christmas trees.

86. Christmas pageant

A play or performance depicting scenes of the Nativity.

87. Christmas parade

A public procession celebrating Christmas, often featuring floats and marching bands.

88. Christmas party

A social gathering to celebrate Christmas.

89. Christmas play

A theatrical performance relating to the Christmas story.

90. Christmas pudding

A dessert traditionally served on Christmas day in the UK and some other countries.

91. Christmas shopping

The activity of purchasing gifts and other items in preparation for Christmas.

92. Christmas special

A television or radio program broadcast during the Christmas season.

93. Christmas star

A star-shaped decoration often placed on top of a Christmas tree, symbolizing the Star of Bethlehem.

94. Christmas stocking

A large sock hung on Christmas Eve to be filled with gifts by Santa Claus.

95. Christmas story

A tale or narrative relating to Christmas, often telling the story of the Nativity.

96. Christmas sweater

A sweater with a Christmas-themed design, often knitted and colorful.

97. Christmas table

The table where the Christmas meal is served, is often decorated festively.

98. Christmas tree farm

A farm where Christmas trees are grown for sale.

99. Christmas tree stand

A support stand for a Christmas tree.

100. Christmas wreath

A circular arrangement of foliage and decorations hung on doors during the Christmas season.

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey through Christmas-related words starting with ‘C’. It’s been a pleasure sharing this yuletide lexicon with you, and I trust it’s added a sprinkle of Christmas spirit to your day. May these words light up your holiday conversations as brightly as a Christmas tree!

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