100 Christmas Words That Start With The Letter D

100 Christmas Words That Start With The Letter D

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Hello there! With the festive season upon us, I’d love to share a unique journey through the magic of language, specifically focusing on Christmas-related words.

Each word, starting with the letter ‘D’, unveils a different aspect of this joyous time.

From the delicious to the decorative, the devotional to the delightful, let’s explore these terms and uncover the myriad ways they color our holiday experiences.

100 Word Beginning With The Letter D List

1. Decorations

Decorations are items like baubles, tinsel, and lights that are used to adorn homes, Christmas trees, and public spaces during the holiday season.

2. December

December is the twelfth month of the year and is known for the holiday season, which includes Christmas.

3. Deck the Halls

“Deck the Halls” is a classic Christmas carol that celebrates the season by adorning the halls with boughs of holly.

4. Dasher

Dasher is one of Santa Claus’s reindeer, known for its fast speed, as mentioned in the famous song “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

5. Donner

Another one of Santa’s reindeer, Donner, is featured in Christmas folklore and songs.

6. Drummer Boy

The “Little Drummer Boy” is a popular Christmas song that tells the story of a boy who plays his drum for the newborn Jesus.

7. Ding Dong

“Ding Dong” often refers to the sound of bells, which is associated with the festive music of Christmas, such as in the carol “Ding Dong Merrily on High.”

8. Divine

Divine refers to the sacred and holy aspects of Christmas, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ in Christian tradition.

9. Delight

Delight is the joy and pleasure experienced during the festive Christmas season.

10. Dinner

A Christmas dinner is a significant meal traditionally eaten on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, featuring dishes like turkey, ham, or roast beef.

11. Dessert

Desserts are sweet treats enjoyed after the Christmas dinner, such as pies, cakes, and puddings.

12. Dancing

Dancing is a festive activity that many people enjoy at Christmas parties and gatherings.

13. Dates

Dates, the fruit, are often used in Christmas cooking and baking, especially in cakes and sweet bread.

14. Doves

Doves are symbols of peace and are often featured on Christmas decorations and greeting cards.

15. Dreams

Dreams are aspirations or desires that people hope will come true, especially during the hopeful time of Christmas.

16. Donations

Donations are gifts given to help others, often emphasized as a way of sharing and caring during the Christmas season.

17. Diadem

A diadem, often seen as a jeweled crown, can represent the gifts of the Magi or the royalty of the newborn King in nativity plays.

18. Drapes

Drapes or curtains are often changed or adorned in homes to match the festive decor of the Christmas season.

19. Dainties

Dainties refer to delicate and delicious treats made for Christmas feasting.

20. Delicacies

Delicacies are special, often luxurious foods that are enjoyed during Christmas.

21. Dusk

Dusk during Christmas time is often when festivities begin, with lights twinkling and families gathering.

22. Dawn

Dawn on Christmas morning is when many people wake up early to open presents and celebrate the day.

23. Drawing

Drawing names for gift exchanges or children drawing Christmas scenes are common festive activities.

24. Dreaming

Dreaming of a white Christmas is a common hope for many during the holiday season.

25. Drama

Christmas dramas or plays, like nativity scenes, are performed to depict the story of Christmas.

26. Dulcet

Dulcet tones or sounds refer to the sweet music of Christmas carols and songs.

27. Duets

Duets are often sung during Christmas concerts and church services, featuring traditional carols.

28. Discounts

Discounts during the holiday season are common as stores have sales to encourage Christmas shopping.

29. Deluge

A deluge of gifts, cards, and guests can be typical during the busy Christmas period.

30. Display

Christmas displays in shop windows and homes are a key part of the festive decoration.

31. Drumming

Drumming, as heard in “The Little Drummer Boy,” is a part of Christmas music and parades.

32. Drizzle

Drizzle, or light rain, can add to the cozy atmosphere of a Christmas market or evening.

33. Drafts

Drafts of cold air are blocked with decorations like draft excluders, which are often made festive for Christmas.

34. Drape

A drape of garland or fabric is used to decorate mantels and staircases during Christmas.

35. Doodles

Doodles of Christmas themes are often created by children and adults alike during the season.

36. Diction

Diction in Christmas readings, whether from the Bible or holiday stories, is often practiced and perfected for services and gatherings.

37. Duet

A duet of Christmas carolers can often be heard during the season, bringing cheer with their harmonized singing.

38. Dulcimer

A dulcimer may be played as part of Christmas music, especially in traditional or folk settings.

39. Dovecote

A dovecote, which houses doves, can be a picturesque element in Christmas village scenes.

40. Drapery

Drapery in rich, warm fabrics is often used in decorating for Christmas to add to the festive atmosphere.

41. Duff

Duff is a type of Christmas pudding, a traditional British dessert served during the holiday season.

42. Damask

Damask tablecloths and napkins are often used for the Christmas feast table setting.

43. Dabbling

Dabbling in Christmas crafts is a common pastime during the holiday season.

44. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a favorite ingredient in many Christmas desserts and confections.

45. Decked

“Decked out” refers to dressing up oneself or one’s home in a festive manner for Christmas.

46. Dazzle

Dazzle is what Christmas lights and decorations are meant to do, creating a magical atmosphere.

47. Dedication

Dedication of volunteers and community members is often seen during Christmas as they help with events and support those in need.

48. Deliberation

Deliberation goes into choosing the perfect Christmas gifts for loved ones.

49. Depth

Depth of winter is often felt during Christmas, with its short days and long nights.

50. Daunting

Daunting is the task of preparing for the perfect Christmas celebration, from shopping to decorating.

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51. Dappled

Dappled light through frosted windows creates a cozy ambiance during Christmas gatherings.

52. Darling

“Darling” is a term of endearment often used in Christmas cards and songs.

53. Dearest

Dearest friends and family are often the focus of Christmas celebrations and gift-giving.

54. Debate

Debate can arise when choosing which Christmas traditions to follow each year.

55. Debut

Debut of Christmas window displays in stores is a much-anticipated event each season.

56. Decadence

Decadence is enjoyed during Christmas with rich foods, luxurious gifts, and opulent decorations.

57. Deed

Good deeds are emphasized during Christmas as a way of spreading joy and kindness.

58. Defrost

Defrosting the freezer might be necessary to make room for Christmas cooking preparations.

59. Delectable

Delectable treats are a hallmark of Christmas feasts and parties.

60. Deliberate

Deliberate choices in gift-giving reflect the thoughtfulness of the season.

61. Delightful

Delightful Christmas shows and movies are enjoyed by families during the holiday season.

62. Deluge

A deluge of Christmas cards is often received and displayed during the festive season.

63. Demand

Demand for popular toys and gifts spikes as Christmas shopping gets underway.

64. Demure

Demure holiday outfits are chosen for Christmas Eve church services and other gatherings.

65. Dense

Dense Christmas cookies like gingerbread are enjoyed for their rich flavors.

66. Depict

Christmas cards often depict snowy scenes, Santa Claus, or nativity images.

67. Descend

Family members descend on homes for the Christmas festivities and reunions.

68. Deserve

Children are often told that they will receive Christmas presents if they “deserve” them, based on their behavior throughout the year.

69. Design

Designs for DIY Christmas decorations are shared and created during the holiday season.

70. Desire

Desire for a joyful and peaceful Christmas is common among people of all ages.

71. Desserts

Desserts are central to Christmas celebrations, with traditional options like fruitcake and yule log cakes.

72. Destiny

Some Christmas stories talk about destiny, such as those involving magical holiday coincidences.

73. Detach

Detach from the hustle and bustle by enjoying quiet Christmas moments at home.

74. Detail

Attention to detail is important in wrapping Christmas gifts and decorating the tree.

75. Detect

Children try to detect Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, often staying up late to catch a glimpse.

76. Determination

Determination is needed to finish all the Christmas preparations in time for the celebrations.

77. Devotion

Devotion is shown during Christmas through acts of charity and attending religious services.

78. Dew

Morning dew on Christmas Day can add to the freshness and magic of the morning.

79. Diamond

Diamond patterns are often seen in Christmas sweater designs.

80. Diary

Some keep a Christmas diary to record the year’s events and reflections during the holiday season.

81. Dictate

Parents may dictate a Christmas wish list to their children to send to Santa Claus.

82. Difference

Christmas can make a difference in people’s lives, bringing hope and joy.

83. Diffuse

Diffuse Christmas scents, like cinnamon and pine, are spread throughout homes for a festive aroma.

84. Dignity

Dignity is maintained even when wearing funny Christmas hats and sweaters during holiday parties.

85. Diligence

Diligence in the kitchen leads to delicious Christmas meals and treats.

86. Diminish

Worries tend to diminish as the Christmas spirit takes over and joy spreads.

87. Dimple

Dimples show up on smiling faces during joyous Christmas celebrations.

88. Diploma

A diploma might be a proud Christmas gift for someone who has recently graduated.

89. Direction

Direction for assembling new toys is often a post-Christmas morning activity.

90. Dirt

Dirt from the fireplace is cleaned out in preparation for Santa’s arrival down the chimney.

91. Disappear

Cookies and milk disappear on Christmas Eve, thanks to “Santa’s visit.”

92. Disaster

Avoiding a cooking disaster is the goal when preparing the Christmas feast.

93. Discern

Children try to discern the difference between gifts from Santa and those from their parents.

94. Disclose

Families may disclose secret family recipes during Christmas get-togethers.

95. Disguise

Disguise plays a role in Christmas festivities, especially when someone dresses up as Santa Claus.

96. Dismay

Dismay is avoided when everyone receives the Christmas gift they were hoping for.

97. Dispatch

Dispatch of Christmas gifts and cards is done in advance to ensure timely delivery.

98. Display

Festive Christmas displays in town centers and malls attract visitors and shoppers.

99. Dispute

Disputes over the best Christmas movie or song are common during the festive season.

100. Distinct

Distinct Christmas traditions are observed by families and cultures around the world.

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