100 Christmas Words That Start With The Letter K

100 Christmas Words That Start With The Letter K

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Hello and welcome! As the festive season approaches, I find myself immersed in the joy and warmth that Christmas brings. It’s a time of celebration, reflection, and, of course, a bit of fun with language. I’ve put together a fascinating collection of Christmas-related words that all start with the letter ‘K’. From the traditional to the quirky, each word holds a special connection to the holiday season, and I’m thrilled to share this yuletide glossary with you.

1. Kringle

A synonym for Santa Claus, stemming from the name “Kris Kringle.”

2. Kris Kringle

Another name for Santa Claus, often used in North America.

3. Kissing

Referring to the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe.

4. Kindness

A spirit of generosity and caring, heightened during the Christmas season.

5. Kinship

The connection and bond among family members celebrated during Christmas.

6. Knitting

The act of making Christmas sweaters, scarves, and gifts.

7. Knick-knacks

Small decorative items that are often given as gifts or used to decorate a Christmas setting.

8. Kneeling

A posture of reverence, often associated with religious services on Christmas.

9. Keepsakes

Mementos given or exchanged during Christmas to remember the occasion.

10. Kings

Referring to the Three Wise Men or Magi who visited Jesus after his birth.

11. Kitchen

A busy place during Christmas, where festive meals are prepared.

12. Kettles

Used for making hot Christmas drinks like mulled wine or cider.

13. Kirsch

A fruit brandy typically used in Christmas cooking and baking.

14. Knoll

A small hill or mound, sometimes depicted in Christmas landscapes.

15. Krampus

A mythical creature associated with Christmas in Central European folklore.

16. Kraft Paper

A type of paper often used for rustic or vintage-style Christmas gift wrapping.

17. Kith

Old English word meaning friends and family with whom you celebrate Christmas.

18. Kipper

A fish that might be served in some countries during Christmas feasts.

19. Knack

A special talent for Christmas crafts or cooking.

20. Knocker

A door knocker, often depicted in stories like “A Christmas Carol.”

21. Key

Symbolic during Christmas for those opening their homes to guests.

22. Kingdom

In Christmas hymns and carols, it often refers to the heavenly realm.

23. Kaleidoscope

A toy that might be found in Christmas stockings for children.

24. Kiln

An oven used for firing ceramics, which can include Christmas ornaments.

25. Kilt

A traditional garment that might be worn to a Christmas gathering in Scotland.

26. Kindle

To ignite, as in kindling the Yule log during Christmas.

27. Knapsack

A bag used to carry gifts or supplies for Christmas festivities.

28. Kernel

A small piece of something, like popcorn kernels used in Christmas decorations.

29. Keyboard

An instrument that might be played during Christmas carols.

30. Knead

The process of working dough, as for Christmas bread or cookies.

31. Knolling

The process of arranging related objects in parallel or 90-degree angles, which can be used in creating a Christmas display.

32. Knight

In historical context, might relate to Christmas tales or plays.

33. Knowledge

Many Christmas stories and traditions pass down knowledge through generations.

34. Knickers

Traditional attire that might be worn in period-specific Christmas celebrations.

35. Knock

The sound of visitors arriving for Christmas festivities.

36. Knot

Refers to the tying of bows on Christmas gifts.

37. Knighthood

A status that could be referenced in medieval Christmas tales.

38. Koi

A type of fish that could be a unique Christmas gift for enthusiasts.

39. Kettlebell

A humorous gift for fitness enthusiasts during Christmas.

40. Kilowatt

A measurement of electricity used when considering the power for Christmas lights.

41. Kudos

Praise given for a well-organized Christmas event or dinner.

42. Kilogram

A unit of measure, perhaps used when baking in large quantities for Christmas.

43. Karaoke

A popular activity during Christmas parties.

44. Kick-off

The start of the Christmas season or a specific Christmas event.

45. Kit

A set of items, such as a Christmas decoration kit.

46. Knob

A part of a door that is often decorated with Christmas themes.

47. Kerchief

A piece of cloth, which can be a traditional Christmas gift.

48. Kale

A vegetable that might be included in a Christmas dinner.

49. Kiosk

A small, open-fronted hut or cubicle from where Christmas markets are often run.

50. Kettle-drum

An instrument that might be used in a Christmas orchestra or band.

51. Kiln-dried

Wood that is kiln-dried may be used for a Christmas fire.

52. Kinaesthesia

The sensation of movement or strain in muscles, tendons, and joints, could be felt after Christmas games.

53. Kite

A toy that could be a Christmas gift in regions where December is windy.

54. Kitbag

A bag used to carry sports equipment, maybe gifted at Christmas.

55. Kilting

The process of making kilts or decorations with a similar technique for Christmas.

56. Kilderkin

An old English unit of volume, may be used humorously for the amount of Christmas cheer.

57. Kingpin

In a social setting, a person who is crucial to Christmas event planning.

58. Kinetics

The study of forces acting on mechanisms, which could apply to Christmas toys.

59. Kingfisher

A bird that could feature in Christmas decorations or motifs.

60. Kip

A British term for a nap, which one might need after Christmas lunch.

61. Kinetic art

Art that moves, which could be part of Christmas decorations.

62. Kinsman

A male relative with whom one might spend Christmas.

63. Kirtle

A historic piece of clothing that might be worn in a Christmas play.

64. Kittiwake

A type of bird that could be seen during Christmas near coastal areas.

65. Kiva

A ceremonial structure that could be part of a narrative during Christmas in some cultures.

66. Kneepad

A protective piece of equipment that might be gifted to sports enthusiasts at Christmas.

67. Knockabout

Light and humorous play or activity, which might take place during Christmas gatherings.

68. Knurling

A manufacturing process that could be referenced when making Christmas themed items.

69. Knout

An item with historical significance that could be referenced in historical Christmas stories.

70. Knave

A term from historical tales that might be used in Christmas storytelling.

71. Kneeler

A cushion or bench for kneeling at church during Christmas services.

72. Knish

A food item that could be served during Christmas feasts in some cultures.

73. Killick

A small anchor, which could be part of a Christmas nautical theme.

74. Kelpie

A mythical Scottish water spirit that might be included in Christmas stories.

75. Kipper tie

A wide, boldly patterned tie that could be a humorous Christmas gift.

76. Kiln god

A small figurine that could be part of a Christmas pottery tradition.

77. Knubble

A small, rounded projection that could be part of Christmas ornaments.

78. Kneepan

A colloquial term for the kneecap, could be referenced in Christmas games and activities.

79. Knishery

A bakery or shop selling knishes, might have a special during Christmas.

80. Kailyard

A kitchen garden, which might be prepared for spring during the Christmas season.

81. Kaffeeklatsch

A gathering for coffee and conversation, which could occur around Christmas.

82. Kame

A geological feature that could be part of a Christmas landscape in art or stories.

83. Kamseen

A hot, dusty wind in Egypt, might be mentioned in Christmas narratives set there.

84. Kangaroo

An animal that might be featured in Australian Christmas iconography.

85. Kaput

A term meaning broken or useless, possibly used after a Christmas toy mishap.

86. Karat

A measure of gold purity, relevant for Christmas jewelry gifts.

87. Karma

A concept that might be mentioned in Christmas discussions on morality.

88. Kayak

A type of boat that could be a significant Christmas gift for outdoor enthusiasts.

89. Keelhaul

A nautical term, could be used metaphorically in humorous Christmas banter.

90. Keester

Slang for buttocks, possibly referenced in Christmas jokes.

91. Keel

The central structure of a ship, might be included in a Christmas story with a nautical theme.

92. Keffiyeh

A traditional headdress, which might be given as a Christmas gift in some cultures.

93. Keister

A term for a safe or trunk, might be used to store Christmas presents.

94. Kegel

A type of bowling game, which could be played at Christmas gatherings in some European countries.

95. Kelp

Seaweed that might be part of Christmas meals in coastal regions.

96. Ken

A range of sight or knowledge, may be used in Christmas literature.

97. Kerb

The edge of a raised path, which could be mentioned in stories of Christmas travel.

98. Kerf

A cut or incision, which might be made while crafting Christmas decorations.

99. Kern

Part of a typeface that could be adjusted in Christmas cards for aesthetic purposes.

100. Kerogen

An organic matter in sedimentary rocks, could be a term used in Christmas discussions about geology.

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring this collection as much as I have. We’ve ventured through a diverse range of Christmas-related words, each beginning with ‘K’, that bring their own unique flavor to the holiday narrative. From ‘Kris Kringle’ to ‘Kerogen’, the Christmas spirit has been showcased through language and its delightful associations. Thank you for joining me on this alphabetical holiday journey!

Phil Taylor
Phil Taylor Body Language Expert