100 Christmas Words That Start With The Letter L

100 Christmas Words That Start With The Letter L

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Hello and welcome! As the festive season approaches, I find myself immersed in the joy and nostalgia that Christmas brings. It’s a time for warmth, celebration, and of course, enriching our vocabulary with Christmas-related words. I’m excited to share with you a curated list of words that start with the letter ‘L’, each bringing its own unique touch to the holiday spirit.

1. Lights

Twinkling lights are often used to decorate homes and Christmas trees during the festive season.

2. Love

Christmas is a time to express love and affection towards family and friends.

3. Laughter

The joy of Christmas often brings laughter to celebrations and gatherings.

4. List

Children make a list of presents they hope to receive from Santa Claus.

5. Lanterns

Lanterns are used to light up pathways and homes, symbolizing the spreading of light during the dark winter season.

6. Log

A yule log is a traditional Christmas dessert, and burning a log is a custom in some cultures.

7. Luminous

Luminous decorations and lights contribute to the magical atmosphere of Christmas.

8. Legend

Many legends, including that of Saint Nicholas, are an integral part of Christmas lore.

9. La Befana

In Italian folklore, La Befana is a witch who delivers gifts to children on Epiphany Eve, related to Christmas.

10. Luge

Some people enjoy luge rides down snowy hills during the holiday season.

11. Letters

Children write letters to Santa Claus asking for their desired gifts.

12. Lattice

Lattice pie crusts, often found on holiday pies, have a crisscross pattern.

13. Lullabies

Christmas lullabies are sung to soothe and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

14. Loyal

The holiday season is a time to celebrate loyal relationships and friendships.

15. Lingonberry

Lingonberries are often used in recipes and decorations during Christmas in Scandinavian countries.

16. Luxurious

Luxurious gifts are sometimes exchanged to show generosity and love.

17. Lebkuchen

Lebkuchen is a traditional German Christmas cookie, similar to gingerbread.

18. Luminaria

Luminaria are small Christmas lanterns, particularly popular in the American Southwest.

19. Lamb

Lamb can be a traditional Christmas meal in various cultures.

20. Laces

Laces, as in shoelaces, are a common stocking stuffer during Christmas.

21. Lads

Lads, or young boys, often participate in Christmas pageants and plays.

22. Lustrous

Lustrous ornaments are used to decorate Christmas trees, reflecting the festive lights.

23. Liturgy

Christmas liturgies are special religious services held to commemorate the birth of Jesus.

24. Linen

Linen tablecloths and napkins are often used for a Christmas feast setting.

25. Larder

A larder, or pantry, is typically stocked up for the Christmas season.

26. Locket

Lockets are a sentimental gift, often given at Christmas.

27. Lyric

Christmas carols have lyrics that convey messages of joy, peace, and goodwill.

28. Lux

Lux, the Latin word for light, is significant as Christmas is often referred to as the Festival of Lights.

29. Lore

Christmas lore includes a variety of traditions and stories passed down through generations.

30. Luge

In regions with snow, a luge is a sled used for racing down ice tracks, and it’s a fun activity during the Christmas holidays.

31. Lattice

A lattice is also a decorative pattern used in Christmas decorations for its crisscross design.

32. Luscious

Luscious describes the rich, indulgent foods that are commonly enjoyed at Christmas feasts.

33. Lantern

Lanterns are used during Christmas to represent the light that guides the wise men to the nativity scene.

34. Lapland

Lapland is renowned for being the home of Santa Claus and a Christmas holiday destination.

35. Larks

In Christmas songs and poems, larks are often mentioned as symbols of heralding or celebration.

36. Lacey

Lacey patterns are common in Christmas decorations, especially in home decor and tree skirts.

37. Lament

Sometimes, Christmas can be a time of lament for those who are missing loved ones.

38. Libation

A libation, often a special Christmas punch or eggnog, is a drink poured out as an offering during the holiday celebrations.

39. Lard

Lard is sometimes used in traditional Christmas cooking and baking recipes.

40. Lustrous

Lustrous wrapping paper is chosen to make Christmas gifts sparkle under the tree.

41. Ladder

In decorating for Christmas, a ladder is often used to hang ornaments and lights in high places.

42. Lollipop

Lollipops in the shape of Christmas figures are popular treats for children during the holidays.

43. Lagoon

In some tropical Christmas celebrations, a lagoon may be the backdrop for a holiday feast or party.

44. Layaway

Layaway programs are popular before Christmas to reserve and pay for gifts over time.

45. Limb

The limbs of a Christmas tree are adorned with ornaments and tinsel.

46. Livery

In historical contexts, livery might refer to special uniforms worn by servants during Christmas festivities.

47. Luge

Luge, as a verb, refers to the act of sledding, which is a common winter activity around Christmas.

48. Lamentation

In some Christmas traditions, lamentation songs are sung to remember the solemnity of Christ’s future sacrifice.

49. Litany

A litany is a series of prayers, and during Christmas, it might be recited as part of a religious service.

50. Luncheon

A Christmas luncheon is often a festive meal shared with colleagues or friends during the holiday season.

51. Loom

Loom can refer to looming Christmas deadlines for shopping and preparations.

52. Lotus

In some cultures, the lotus symbolizes purity and is incorporated into Christmas decorations.

53. Lattice

Lattice designs can be seen in festive Christmas pies as a top crust pattern, particularly in apple or cherry pies.

54. Lather

Lather can refer to the frothy consistency of beverages like hot chocolate, a Christmas favorite.

55. Legerdemain

Legerdemain, or sleight of hand, is often seen in Christmas magic shows for entertainment.

56. Landau

A landau carriage may be used in Christmas parades or for festive rides in parks.

57. Lute

In traditional Christmas music, a lute may accompany carolers.

58. Limpet

Limpet, a type of sea snail, might feature in Christmas meals in coastal regions.

59. Lurcher

A lurcher dog could be part of a Christmas storytelling, representing loyalty and companionship.

60. Lintel

The lintel of a doorway might be decorated with garlands and ribbons at Christmas.

61. Linger

Families often linger around the Christmas dinner table, enjoying each other’s company.

62. Lustre

Lustre describes the shiny quality of Christmas decorations that gleam with reflected light.

63. Liqueur

Christmas liqueurs are special alcoholic beverages flavored with fruits, herbs, or spices.

64. Lariat

A lariat, or rope, can be used as a rustic Christmas decoration, particularly in a Western-themed display.

65. Lasso

In playful Christmas scenarios, someone might lasso the tree to secure it atop a vehicle.

66. Lichen

Lichen, often found on tree branches, can be used in natural Christmas wreaths and decorations.

67. Languish

To languish by the fire is a common relaxing activity during the cold Christmas season.

68. Lecture

During Christmas, special lectures might be held on the topic of peace, goodwill, and the season’s history.

69. Louvre

Louvre, as in the type of shutter, can be decorated with festive themes for Christmas.

70. Looming

Looming Christmas deadlines can create a rush for holiday shoppers and planners.

71. Lactose

Lactose, as in milk, is a key ingredient in many Christmas recipes, like cookies for Santa.

72. Languid

The languid pace of Christmas afternoon is often a welcome change from the morning’s excitement.

73. Lacteal

Lacteal refers to milky substances, which are often part of Christmas recipes, such as custards and sauces.

74. Lunar

Lunar observations, such as a full moon, can add to the Christmas night’s ambiance.

75. Lintel

The lintel is often decorated with festive ornaments and Christmas greetings.

76. Lanky

A lanky, tall Christmas tree can be a stunning centerpiece in a home with high ceilings.

77. Lustrum

Lustrum, meaning a period of five years, might mark special Christmas anniversaries or reunions.

78. Lambent

Lambent lighting is soft and glowing, perfect for a cozy Christmas atmosphere.

79. Largesse

Largesse is often displayed during Christmas through generous giving and charity.

80. Largo

Largo, in music, refers to a slow tempo, suitable for peaceful Christmas evening tunes.

81. Lacquer

Lacquer can be used to give Christmas crafts a shiny, durable finish.

82. Lave

To lave, or wash, is part of many people’s Christmas traditions, as in cleaning the home thoroughly before the celebrations.

83. Lactation

Lactation cookies are sometimes given to new mothers during Christmas as a thoughtful gift.

84. Legerity

Legerity, or lightness in movement, is seen in the joyful steps of dancers at Christmas parties.

85. Luteous

Luteous, meaning yellowish, can describe the golden glow of certain Christmas lights.

86. Lapidary

Lapidary, the art of cutting stones, can be reflected in finely crafted Christmas jewelry gifts.

87. Lissom

Lissom branches of Christmas trees bend gracefully under the weight of ornaments.

88. Latency

Latency, or delay, can be a factor when waiting for loved ones to arrive for the Christmas holiday.

89. Lactiferous

Lactiferous desserts, containing milk, are a staple in many Christmas feasts.

90. Lacuna

Lacuna, or a gap, can refer to the pause in normal routine that Christmas holidays offer.

91. Lapidify

To lapidify means to turn into stone, which could describe the freezing of water into ice sculptures for Christmas displays.

92. Larghetto

Larghetto is a musical term for a tempo slightly faster than largo, used in some Christmas music pieces.

93. Laveer

To laveer, or sail against the wind, can metaphorically describe overcoming holiday stresses.

94. Lapidate

Lapidate, meaning to stone, could whimsically refer to the act of adding ice (or “stones”) to Christmas cocktails.

95. Laniary

Laniary, relating to tearing or cutting, can describe the preparation of Christmas meats.

96. Lachrymose

Lachrymose, or tearful, can describe the emotional moments often shared during Christmas.

97. Laniate

To laniate, or tear into pieces, might describe the opening of Christmas presents in excitement.

98. Lapidist

A lapidist, or gem cutter, may create special pieces for Christmas gifts.

99. Languet

Languet, a small tongue or flap, can refer to parts of Christmas envelopes or pockets in advent calendars.

100. Lachrymal

Lachrymal, relating to tears, can describe the heartfelt joy or nostalgia experienced during Christmas.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for joining me on this linguistic journey through Christmas-related words beginning with ‘L’. It’s been a pleasure to delve into the meanings and associations that these words carry within the context of this joyful season. I hope you’ve found the descriptions enlightening and that they add a little extra sparkle to your holiday conversations.

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