8 Christmas Words That Start With X (With Definition)

8 Christmas Words That Start With X (With Definition) 

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Hello and a merry welcome to all! As the festive season approaches, there’s nothing quite like immersing ourselves in the joyful spirit of Christmas. In this space, we’ll dive into the merry and bright universe of Christmas-related words beginning with the letter x that add to the enchantment of the season.

8 Christmas Words Beginning With The Letter X


This is a common abbreviation for Christmas, originating from the use of the Greek letter chi (X), which is the first letter of Χριστός, meaning Christ in Greek.

X-mas tree

An alternative, informal spelling for Christmas tree, a decorated tree associated with the celebration of Christmas.


While not exclusively associated with Christmas, xylophones are often found in Christmas music ensembles for their bright, cheerful sound.


A genus of starfish, which could be used as a reference to the Star of Bethlehem in Christmas stories or decorations.


A type of plant that requires very little water and could be used in Christmas nativity scenes or as part of a dry, winter-themed display.


Pigments that cause the yellow leaves in autumn, leading up to the winter and Christmas season.

Xerox art

Art made from photocopies, sometimes used in homemade Christmas decorations or cards.


An ancient Greek covered portico, which may be decorated during the festive season in historical fiction or themed events.

Final Thoughts

And there we have it! We’ve journeyed through a festive array of Christmas-related words that bring out the colorful tapestry of this beloved season. It’s my hope that this collection has sparked a festive glow in your heart and prepared you for a season filled with joy, peace, and love. May these words be the baubles on your Christmas vocabulary tree, shining brightly as you share the holiday cheer.

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