76 Christmas Words That Start With Y (With Definition)

76 Christmas Words That Start With Y (With Definition) 

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Hello and a merry welcome to all! As the festive season approaches, there’s nothing quite like immersing ourselves in the joyful spirit of Christmas. In this space, we’ll dive into the merry and bright universe of Christmas-related words that add to the enchantment of the season. From the jingle of bells to the warmth of shared stories, each term carries a slice of the holiday cheer. Let’s unwrap the magic together!


Yule is the historical name for the winter solstice festivals in Europe, and it’s now often used to refer to Christmas traditions or the Christmas season in general.


Yuletide refers to the Christmas period or the Christmas season, synonymous with Yule.


Yonder is an old-fashioned word to indicate something at a distance but within sight. During Christmas, it might be used in songs or stories to describe the location of the star of Bethlehem or a distant holiday destination.


Yarn can be used to describe storytelling during the Christmas season, as families gather to share stories and traditions.


Yummy is a term often used to describe delicious Christmas treats and festive meals.


A Yeoman can refer to a servant in a royal or noble household. In a Christmas context, it may be used in historical or traditional recounts.


Yawning might be associated with the feeling of tiredness after a large Christmas meal.

Yule log

A Yule log is a large log traditionally burned in the hearth as a part of Christmas celebrations in several European cultures.

Yule Goat

A Yule Goat is a traditional Christmas symbol in Scandinavian countries, often made of straw.

Yuletide carols

Yuletide carols are Christmas songs or hymns, particularly those traditionally sung during the Christmas season.


Yolk, the yellow part of an egg, often used in Christmas cooking and baking.


Yulefest is another term for a Christmas festival or celebration.


Yare is an archaic word meaning ready or prepared, which can be used to describe readiness for the Christmas festivities.


Yaffle is a term for a green woodpecker but can be used in a playful sense around Christmas, perhaps as part of a decoration or children’s story.


Yearling refers to an animal in its first year, which could be part of a Nativity scene or Christmas story.


Year-end denotes the end of the year and is often a time of Christmas celebrations and reflections.


Yeasty can be used to describe the quality of bread or baked goods during Christmas.


Yelp, while usually a sharp bark, could in a Christmas context refer to sounds of excitement from children opening presents.


Yield can refer to the produce or outcome of festive cooking and baking.


A yoke is a wooden beam used between a pair of oxen to enable them to pull together on a load. It’s sometimes mentioned in Christmas carols or religious readings.


A term for a young person or child, often present at Christmas gatherings or in Christmas narratives.


Yowl is often a term for a long, mournful cry of a cat or dog, but during Christmas, it might be used humorously to describe someone’s reaction to an unexpected gift.


Yew is a type of tree that is sometimes associated with Christmas greenery or decorations.


A yurt is a portable, round tent covered with skins or felt, which could be used in a Christmas setting for a festive outdoor event.


A yachtsman may not be directly related to Christmas, but one could imagine a Christmas tale involving a yachtsman delivering gifts by sea.


A yearbook is a book compiling the events of the past year, which may be given as a Christmas gift.


Yearn is to have an intense feeling of longing for something, typically something that one has lost or been separated from. It could relate to the nostalgia during the Christmas season.


Yelping could be used to describe the noise of excitement and joy during Christmas celebrations.


Yesteryear, referring to a time long past, often evokes nostalgia during the holiday season as people remember Christmases past.


Yippee is an expression of joy, which could be heard during festive celebrations or when opening gifts.


A yo-yo could be a classic Christmas gift for children.


A yucca is a plant that might be part of some Christmas floral arrangements.


An archaic term meaning mentally or emotionally distant, it can be used to describe someone’s preoccupied or dreamy state during Christmas.


Yen is a strong desire or longing, which can be for family, friends, or the warmth of Christmas during the holiday season.

Yaffle of bread

An old term for an armful of bread, which could represent the generosity and abundance of food during the Christmas feast.


Yolky could describe the consistency of eggnog, a popular Christmas beverage, which often includes egg yolks.


An archaic word meaning ‘easily’ or ‘nimbly’, which could be used in describing the preparation for Christmas festivities.


Yachting is not inherently Christmas-related, but in warmer climates, a Christmas yachting parade could be a festive event.


Yearlong represents something lasting through the year, like the anticipation for the next Christmas season.


A yeanling is a lamb or kid that is about a year old, which could be featured in a live nativity scene at Christmas.


The berry of the yew tree, which is toxic, is often replaced with safer, similar-looking decorations in Christmas displays.


An old word for hiccup, which might happen after indulging in too much Christmas feast.


Descriptive of the state of being full and tired, perhaps after a large Christmas meal.

Yearend festivities

Describing the celebrations that occur at the end of the year, which include Christmas.


The skill in handling a yacht, which could be showcased during a Christmas boat parade.


The act of telling stories, which is a common pastime during Christmas gatherings.


Chattering or talking persistently, which is what family and friends do during Christmas reunions.


A lighthearted, informal term for an attractive, stylish young mother, who may be busy during the Christmas season.


An old term for a close companion or colleague, which can be used to describe the camaraderie of Christmas.


Behavior that is rowdy, noisy, or difficult to control, sometimes seen during boisterous Christmas celebrations.


Refers to people who sail yachts, who might gather for a Christmas regatta.


An expression of disgust, but at Christmas, it might be used playfully by children receiving clothing instead of toys.


An archaic term for ‘last night’, it can be used to describe the night before Christmas, known as Christmas Eve.


A form of singing that could be part of a Christmas performance or concert.


An old term for a young man, often involved in Christmas festivities or pageants.


Describes a dog that barks a lot, which might be reacting to visitors during the holiday season.


An informal term for a yard or garden, which might be decorated with lights and displays at Christmas.


Used to describe the least pleasant aspect of something, perhaps in reference to a disliked Christmas food.


An old term for a work companion, which could describe those working together to prepare for Christmas celebrations.


Someone who performs yodeling, which could be part of a Christmas-themed performance.


An individual who operates a yacht, potentially involved in festive Christmas sailing events.


Refers to the previous morning, which could be used when recalling the excitement of Christmas morning.


A colloquial term for a person who is knowledgeable about yachts, possibly participating in Christmas flotillas.


A variant spelling of ‘yodel’, which could again refer to a form of entertainment during Christmas.


An archaic term used to describe something belonging to the day before, often referenced in tales of Christmases long ago.


Another old term for the evening before, which could romantically describe Christmas Eve.


An archaic term meaning ‘alike’, which could be used in Christmas poetry or prose.


Pertaining to yachts, a yachty Christmas gathering could be one held on or near boats.


Referring to the week before, often used when counting down the weeks to Christmas.


The process of fermentation in bread-making, important for making Christmas breads and pastries.


To deviate off course temporarily, which could metaphorically describe the chaotic fun of Christmas preparations.


A two-masted sailing craft, which could be part of a Christmas-themed regatta or parade.


An old word meaning ‘to whine or complain’, which might be heard from those overwhelmed by the Christmas hustle.


A British slang term meaning ‘a long time’, often used when reminiscing about past Christmases.


To pull or jerk quickly, which could describe the unwrapping of Christmas gifts.

Yodeling Choir

A group of singers performing yodeling, which could be a unique form of caroling during Christmas festivities.


A plant that, while not directly associated with Christmas, can be part of winter bouquets and decorations.


Referring to the past, often used during Christmas to reminisce about holiday traditions and memories.


A natural response to feeling tired, perhaps after a long day of Christmas celebrations or a big Christmas meal.


Not directly related to Christmas, but often received as a gift or signed by friends and family during holiday gatherings.


A sharp cry of excitement or pain, which might be heard from the excitement of opening presents on Christmas.


A bird with a yellow head, which could be seen in Christmas wildlife scenes, especially in rural areas.


To give birth to a lamb or kid, a term that might be used in Christmas nativity plays or rural celebrations.


Another term for the Christmas season, embodying all the festivities and traditions.


An animal in its first year, which might be part of a Christmas nativity scene or farm display.


Material used for knitting winter garments, which can be a common Christmas gift or activity.


To give way or produce, which can refer to the generosity of giving at Christmas time.

Yuletide Carol

A traditional Christmas song sung during the holidays.


An attendant in a noble household, which could be part of a historical or themed Christmas celebration.


An archaic word for yesterday morning, which could be used in storytelling about the Christmas season.


A symbol of joining together, which can represent families uniting during the Christmas holiday.


A plant that, while not typically associated with Christmas, can be used in alternative Christmas decorations in certain regions.


A term for a country person, which could be used in Christmas tales set in rural settings.

Yarn Bomb

A form of street art using colorful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn, which could be applied to Christmas decorating.

Yeanling’s First Christmas

Describing the first Christmas for a young lamb or goat, potentially in a farm or rural setting.


An old term for a companion, reflecting the fellowship often sought during the Christmas season.


Descriptive of the joy and vigor seen in children during Christmas.


A loud wailing cry, which might be from excitement or frustration during Christmas, especially from children or pets.


The end of the year, encompassing the Christmas season and New Year celebrations.


One who tells stories, an entertainer who might recount Christmas tales during holiday gatherings.

Yachting Cap

An accessory that could be given as a fashionable Christmas gift to someone who enjoys sailing.


A group working together, like volunteers collaborating to organize Christmas charity events.


Another term for last evening, which could be used when discussing the previous night’s Christmas festivities.


The yellow part of an egg, used in many traditional Christmas recipes like custards and cakes.

Year-end Bonus

A reward given at the end of the year, which many look forward to around Christmas time.


Informal talk or chatter, which is a big part of family gatherings at Christmas.


Something that happens every year, like the annual Christmas traditions or family reunions.


Fabric created with yarn that was dyed before weaving, often used for Christmas attire or decorations.

Yestermorn’s Frost

Describing the frost of the previous morning, a common sight during Christmastime in colder climates.

Yoke of Oxen

In traditional Christmas storytelling, oxen are often depicted alongside the nativity scene.


A high-pitched barking sound, which small dogs might make when excited by Christmas visitors.

Year’s Worth

Reflecting on all that has happened over the year during the Christmas period.

Yachting Trip

A holiday voyage that some may embark on during the Christmas break.

Yellowed Pages

Often found in old Christmas storybooks that are read as family traditions during the holiday season.


A young person or animal, often referenced in Christmas songs and stories.

Yeaning Ewe

A ewe that has recently given birth, which could be part of a live nativity scene during Christmas.

Yarn Wreath

A decorative piece made of yarn, which can be a craft project for Christmas.

Yesterevening’s Celebration

A reference to the previous evening’s festive activities, such as Christmas Eve parties.

Final Thoughts

And there we have it! We’ve journeyed through a festive array of Christmas-related words that bring out the colorful tapestry of this beloved season. It’s my hope that this collection has sparked a festive glow in your heart and prepared you for a season filled with joy, peace, and love. May these words be the baubles on your Christmas vocabulary tree, shining brightly as you share the holiday cheer.

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