Body Language Of A Man Secretly In Love With You

  • By: Phil Taylor
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Body language signals are subtle and difficult to recognize without knowledge of the context or background of the person.

One such signal is that a man who is secretly in love with you will often look at your face and neck he might also take note of your clothing and accessory choices, or study how you wear your hair anything he can complement he will.

The important part is to play it cool at the beginning and try to get as much information as possible. By reading his body language, you can tell that he really likes you.

The first thing we must understand is how to gather that information. We must read his baseline. What is a baseline you ask? Well, it’s how he acts when you’re not around.

You will have to find a way of observing him when he is out socially or when he is with his family. You are looking at how he behaviors around them, is he the life and soul of the party or more revered? Is he animated/open with his body movements or more closed off?

Once you’ve noticed him in a more natural environment, away from your influence, you can start to read his body language. Remember that context is king when it comes to reading people; we have to take into account the environment you’re in and also if there is a hidden agent behind his motivations.

There are plenty of signs you can notice to know if he’s in love with you

The good news is there are plenty of body language signals to let you know if he’s in love with you or really likes you.

They might not always be easy to notice. He might not even know what he’s feeling or what he’s going through when he starts to fall in love with you.

Its All In The Eyes

Its All In The Eyes

When we really want something or desire someone we will start to see that item or thing everywhere its called the frequency illusion. This is also true for you if he truly loves you he will be one of the first people to notice you when you walk into a room. He will gravitate towards you at every opportunity. Start taking notes.

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He Can’t Seem To Stop Looking At You

He Can't Seem To Stop Looking At You

I knew I fell in love with my wife when I couldn’t stop looking at her. I couldn’t see past how beautiful she was. Every movement was like watching an angel; I was absolutely besotted with her.

Things to look out for:

He might be interested. When it comes to flirting, there are a million different subtle ways that people can give off clues to the other person that they’re attracted to. If he can’t stop looking at you at every moment you are around him then this is a really good signal.

If you feel a shift within yourself emotionally and it feels good then you start to build a connection.

He may not notice he is staring at you, but it’s always a little awkward when you catch someone looking at you. One way women can avoid this awkwardness is by keeping a hands-free device in their purse, such as a compact mirror. This way they can discreetly check themselves out to see if the person who is staring at them is really interested in what they are wearing or seeing more

He’s Happy When You Are Around

He's Happy When You Are Around

When we experience something new or exciting, our bodies release dopamine – a.k.a., the happiness hormone. That explains why falling in love can feel so addictive, as it triggers this natural reward response in our brains.

Things to look out for:

  1. A sudden shift in his energy levels.
  2. Laughing and joking with his mates whilst looking or trying to get your attention.
  3. Showing off, doing anything to catch your eye.
  4. Becoming louder and more flamboyant.
  5. Open body language welcomes you and everyone into his space.

Closer Body Language Tells

Closer Body Language Tells

When he speaks to you, he gets a little bit closer. You may have heard about the idea of personal space and experienced it. It’s the space around you, if someone comes too close, you’ll feel discomfort and become physically aware of their presence in your personal space.

He will naturally learn into your personal space because he wants to become physically close to you. You can take this as a really natural and good sign he likes you.

He Can’t Stop Touching You

He Can’t Stop Touching You

Physical contact is a very strong indicator of romantic feelings. Physical contact can take many forms, such as a pat on the back, a high-five, or even a kiss. The most common form of physical contact is hand-holding, which is often an indicator he really loves you.

Ask yourself does he touch you often during your time together?

Does He Smile A lot When Your Around

Does He Smile A lot When Your Around

There are two smiles a fake smile and a real smile. Knowing the difference will give you a big clue as to whether he really loves you or not.

A fake smile with just the mouth is different from a natural smile; the eyes are not involved. If you can’t see the lines in the eyes draw upwards when month moves this is a fake smile.

It does not have any sincerity and other people will know you are lying about your happiness. The fake smile will just fall off the face instantly.

A real smile is called the Duchenne smile. They’re genuine, which indicates true happiness. The eyes and mouth match at the same time. You will see the eyes light up and lines form at the side of each eye. It looks warm and genuine.

It’s worth noting if you see too many fake smiles there could be something up.

He Looks and Smells Good

He Looks and Smells Good

If you notice a change in his appearance and he starts to take note of what he’s wearing and how he looks and asks for your opinion, this is a really good sign because it means that he wants to look good for YOU. Women are naturally drawn to someone who takes care of them. This is an evolutionary thing.

He Shows Affection Towards You In Front Of His Friends

He Shows Affection Towards You In Front Of His Friends

This is a big one for any male, making his claim with you and letting the world know he likes you. You will start to notice others noticing this also and making comments about how he behaves around you or touches you.

If he is showing signs openly in front of people in public then you can take this as a reality.

Look out for if a man is secretly in love with you

Look out for if a man is secretly in love with you
  1. Hugging
  2. Kissing
  3. Holding Hands
  4. Touching or brushing backs of hands
  5. Touching your hair


There are plenty of signs a man is secretly in love with you. You just have to pay attention to his body language signals.

Always be thinking about clusters of information. For instance, if you have one piece of evidence that points to a person being in love with you, then it wouldn’t be enough to say they are in love with you. You would need more and different pieces of evidence to have a complete picture.

If you found this interesting or of value, take a look around for more tips and tricks on body language.