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The body language guy, Jesús Enrique Rosas is a YouTube sensation who is able to read people’s body language and then use that information to help others understand what’s really going on, spot deceit and use that information to help you understand their interactions.

Why should I watch the body langue guy’s youtube channel?

The body language guys on Youtube have a channel focused on the Royal Family and trying to figure out what’s really going on with them, with over 494,000 subscribers, Jesus’s channel is becoming extremely popular. But why should you watch it? You can learn a lot from watching Jesus break down other people’s body language, once you start to understand how people move and communicate, you can apply this information to your own life to improve your communication style, plus it’s entertaining.

The most popular clip is “How Prince Andrew accidentally revealed his filthiest secret” with over 1.5 million downloads this video goes into how Prince Andrew lied on national TV. The body language guy uses Proprietary AI software to analyze Prince Andrews’s facial expressions to break down where and when he was most likely being deceitful he also takes a look at Prince Andrews’s body language.

Who is the body language guy?

The body language guy’s real name is Jesús Enrique Rosas, born in Venezuela. He has written one book on body language called Body Language In 40 Days and was one of the founding member of

People can hire the body language guy for different purposes, such as understanding how they should approach someone, how they should behave during an interview, or even how they should be interacting with their boss. To contact The Body Language Guy direct email [email protected]

How much does The Body Language Guy Channel Make?

According to SocialBlade Jesús Enrique Rosas makes an estimated monthly earning of $4.0K – $60K and an estimated yearly earnings of around $40K – $600K not bad for a youtube channel.

Body Language Guys Best Videos.


The body language guy is a great channel to follow and we recommend you watch if you want to learn more about the royals and body language. If you have enjoyed reading this article then check out other body language channel The Behavior Panel.

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