Read The Nonverbal Of The Eyebrows (Reading People Is Your Job)

  • By: Phil Taylor
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Eyebrows are a significant part of body language. They can be used to express emotions or to convey a message without saying anything.  

Eyebrow movements are usually used to show surprise, anger, disbelief, confusion, etc.   When someone raises their eyebrows, it is either an expression of curiosity or disbelief.  

Before looking at different interpretations of eyebrow movements, it’s better to think about the context in which you are reading this.  

This will help us understand what is really going with a person and will give us more clues about what the person or people we are analyzing really think.  

First Things First Understanding Context

According to Google, the noun context can be described as “the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea and which it can be understood.”  

This is a perfect example of what context really means. The context will help us gather information about what is going on in someone’s mind, which in turn will help us figure out what’s happening with them.  

We will take a deep dive into what they really mean in this article on nonverbal cues of the eyebrows.  

Understand The Eyebrows

Understand The Eyebrows

Eyebrows Raised What Does It Mean   Raising one’s eyebrows usually means “Hello” when we greet someone for the first time or recognize someone we will usually raise our eyebrows to show that we know them or recognize them.  

Police investigators will use this as a tactic to tell if two people recognize one another. They will have two suspects walk past each other or allow a glance through a window to see if the eyebrows raise.   You can try this out for yourself.

The next time you are walking around town or at work, simply raise your eyebrows as you make eye contact, say nothing. You should get a response or the same gesture back.  

This is a cool bit of knowledge to know, it helps build rapport faster and helps people relax around you.  

When Someone Raises Their Eyebrows What Does It Mean?

When Someone Raises Their Eyebrows  

When someone raises their eyebrows, the eyebrow is a muscle that is close to the eye.  

When a person raises their eyebrows, it can convey many different emotions, such as surprise, confusion, anger, and so on.  

Context is key to understanding, as above it could mean “hello” or it could be a nonverbal cue of not understanding, shock, or surprise.  

Is Raised Eyebrows A Sign Of Attraction? 

Is Raised Eyebrows A Sign Of Attraction

Raised eyebrows usually mean that the person is interested in what you are saying or trying to understand you better.   However, it is also possible that they are attracted to you.

We tend to open our eyes wider and pupils will dilate as we see someone more attractive.  

To understand if someone is attractive to you a simple rule of thumb to remember is. “If they are using open body language gestures, they are more comfortable around you”.  

On the other hand, if they are more closed off or constricting in their non-verbal cues, you can tell that they don’t like you very much.  

What Does Raising Eyebrows Up And Down Mean

What Does Raising Eyebrows Up And Down Mean

Raising your eyebrows up and down can sometimes be a signal that someone is messing with you.

Depending on the context, it could be the other person messing with you in a playful way or in a less pleasant one.  

We tend to think of this as a playful, positive body language cue.  

What Does Touching Your Eyebrow Mean? 

When your hand touches your eyebrow it means you are struggling to remember something. This gesture is more prominent when someone has been thinking deeply about a topic.  

This body language cue could also mean they are feeling pressured or under the stress of some kind. Body language experts call this a regulator or pacifier, it’s a way of self-soothing to bring oneself back under control.  

Why Does Rubbing Eyebrows Feel Good? 

We all know that the act of rubbing your eyebrows feels good. But why does it feel so good?   The feeling of relief you get when you rub your eyebrows is due to the stimulation of nerve endings.  

The eyebrow muscles are connected to the occipital nerve, which is responsible for both sensation and motion near the head.  

So rubbing them not only feels great but also relieves tension in other areas of the body.  

Under Stand Body Language Eyebrows Cues! 

Knitted Eyebrows  

Knitted Eyebrows

Eyebrow knitting or narrowing is usually a sign of concern, dislike, or disagreement. It can be hard to notice as it happens so fast.  

If you want to check for this facial expression on the other person’s face, look at the space between his eyebrows. This space is called the glabella.  

Pay attention when you see this face-up, think about the conversation or language that was used just before you see this non-verbal cue.  

Happy Eyebrow Flashing Or Arching.  

Happy Eyebrow Flashing Or Arching  

Eyebrow arching is a facial expression that conveys happiness, joy, or excitement.   Some people do it with their eyebrows, while others just smile.

Eyebrow arching is often accompanied by smiling and/or laughter.   You usually see this between friends, or when a person sees something they like.  

A note to remember about body language is that anything contracting is negative, while anything expanding is positive.  

Asymmetry In The Eyebrows What Does It Mean. 

The asymmetry in the eyebrows is when one of the eyebrows is higher than the other. This is a sign that they have doubts or feel uncertain about something.   You will often see this nonverbal cue depicted in detective cartoons. The one that springs to mind is Jim Carrey in the 1994 film Ace Ventura.   You see doubt or suspect a lie is being told.  

Final Thoughts

The body language of the eyebrows is a powerful form of nonverbal communication. They have been shown to be a reliable indicator of emotional states and can provide cues about what a person is thinking. They help us read another person’s emotions through their expressions and feelings.   Eyebrows can also communicate dislike, anger, sadness, or even happiness they are a great source of information.