85 Christmas Words That Start With The Letter M

85 Christmas Words That Start With M (With Definition)

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Welcome to a festive journey through Christmas-related words that all share a special beginning: the letter ‘M’. As we embrace the holiday spirit, I’ve curated a list of 100 words, each resonating with the warmth, joy, and traditions of Christmas. From the well-known symbols that adorn our greeting cards to the lesser-known terms that have deep historical roots in this season, each word is a piece of the holiday mosaic.

85 Christmas Words Beginning With M List

1. Mistletoe

A green plant with white berries, traditionally used as a Christmas decoration; people often kiss underneath it.

2. Merry

A term often used to express the joy and happiness associated with Christmas, such as in “Merry Christmas.”

3. Magi

Refers to the wise men from the East who brought gifts to the infant Jesus.

4. Manger

The trough or box in which Jesus was laid at birth, often depicted in nativity scenes.

5. Myrrh

One of the gifts brought by the Magi to Jesus, it’s a fragrant gum resin used in incense and perfumes.

6. Marzipan

A sweet confection used to make candies or decorations for Christmas desserts, made of almonds, sugar, and egg whites.

7. Music

Christmas is known for its special music, including carols and hymns celebrating the season.

8. Merriment

The fun and festivities associated with Christmas celebrations.

9. Miracle

Often refers to the miraculous events surrounding the birth of Jesus.

10. Memories

Christmas is a time for making and recalling fond memories with family and friends.

11. Mince Pies

Traditional British sweet pies filled with a mixture of dried fruits and spices called “mincemeat,” commonly eaten during the Christmas season.

12. Midnight Mass

A special church service held on Christmas Eve that traditionally begins at midnight.

13. Markets

Christmas markets are festive street markets associated with the celebration of Christmas during the four weeks of Advent.

14. Mulled Wine

A warm, spiced wine served during the Christmas holidays.

15. Mittens

A common Christmas gift, mittens are hand coverings that keep fingers warm.

16. Mirth

Gladness or gaiety, often with laughter, common during Christmas festivities.

17. Mailing

The activity of sending Christmas cards and gifts to loved ones during the holiday season.

18. Messiah

A title given to Jesus, originating from the Hebrew word for “anointed one.”

19. Mincemeat

A mixture of chopped dried fruit, distilled spirits and spices, and sometimes beef suet, traditionally used as a pie filling for mince pies.

20. Merry-making

Engaging in fun activities and celebrations during the Christmas season.

21. Magenta

A color often seen in Christmas lights and decorations.

22. Macaroons

Sweet coconut-based treats that are often enjoyed during Christmas.

23. Marshmallow

A soft, sweet confectionery that’s sometimes used in hot chocolate or s’mores during Christmas.

24. Mantel

The shelf above a fireplace where stockings are hung and Christmas decorations are displayed.

25. Marketing

The advertising and selling of Christmas goods and services.

26. Magnificat

A hymn expressing Mary’s joy at the Annunciation, often sung during Christmas services.

27. Mirthful

Full of merriment or laughter, a mood commonly sought during Christmas celebrations.

28. Mistletoe Kiss

A tradition of kissing under the mistletoe during Christmas gatherings.

29. Merrymaker

A person who enjoys festivities, especially during Christmas.

30. Musical

Christmas musicals are popular theatrical performances often including songs and dances related to Christmas.

31. Melodies

Tunes associated with Christmas carols and songs.

32. Mufflers

Scarves worn around the neck for warmth during the chilly Christmas season.

33. Mother Mary

Refers to the mother of Jesus, central to the Christmas story.

34. Modeling Dough

Play dough or clay used by children to make Christmas decorations.

35. Mantlepiece

An architectural feature above a fireplace where Christmas decorations are often displayed.

36. Maple Syrup

A sweet topping used in Christmas cooking and baking.

37. Meltaway

A type of candy or sweet that dissolves in the mouth, enjoyed during Christmas.

38. Macadamia Nuts

A type of nut often used in Christmas cookies and treats.

39. Mosaic

Art made from assembling small pieces of colored glass, stones, or other materials; sometimes depicts Christmas themes.

40. Matins

Morning prayer services that can include special Christmas services.

41. Muffin

A small, baked cake that comes in many flavors, including ones with Christmas themes like cranberry or gingerbread.

42. Mandolin

A stringed musical instrument that might be played to accompany Christmas carols.

43. Medley

A musical piece made up of parts of other musical works, often heard in Christmas performances.

44. Memento

A keepsake or souvenir, often exchanged as gifts during Christmas.

45. Merriness

The cheerful atmosphere and spirit of joy during Christmas time.

46. Masquerade

A party or event where guests wear masks and costumes, sometimes held during the Christmas season.

47. Matinee

A daytime performance of a play or movie, which during the holiday season may be Christmas themed.

48. Milk Chocolate

A popular ingredient in Christmas candies and confections.

49. Magnolia

A plant whose glossy green leaves and large flowers are sometimes used in Christmas floral arrangements.

50. Monogram

A motif of two or more letters, often used to personalize Christmas gifts.

51. Mandarin Oranges

A common fruit found in Christmas stockings and used in festive dishes.

52. Muff

A tube made of fur or other warm material for keeping the hands warm, associated with old-fashioned Christmas attire.

53. Madrigal

A style of vocal music that is sometimes performed during Christmas concerts.

54. Mint

A flavor often associated with Christmas, especially in candies like candy canes.

55. Mantilla

A traditional Spanish lace or silk veil worn over the head and shoulders, sometimes seen during Christmas Mass.

56. Mulberry

A type of berry that can be used in Christmas desserts or decorations.

57. Muslin

A type of lightweight cotton cloth that could be used for making Christmas crafts.

58. Metronome

A device used by musicians to keep time, which may be used during rehearsals for Christmas performances.

59. Minstrel

A performer of music, often seen in historical or traditional Christmas plays.

60. Moppet

An affectionate term for a small child, who is often the focus of Christmas celebrations.

61. Moonlight

The light of the moon, which can add to the ambiance of Christmas Eve.

62. Motif

A decorative design or pattern, which is a central part of Christmas decorations.

63. Maize

Another word for corn, which can be found in Christmas feasts, especially in the form of cornbread.

64. Misrule

Historically, a tradition of rowdy behavior during Christmas, now more commonly associated with lighthearted fun.

65. Mocktail

A non-alcoholic drink that might be served at Christmas parties.

66. Mead

An alcoholic beverage made from honey, water, and yeast, which might be consumed during the Christmas period.

67. Murmuring

A soft and indistinct sound that can be heard during quiet Christmas gatherings.

68. Mizzle

A light rain, which might be a part of a Christmas weather forecast.

69. Merino

A type of wool that is often used to make warm clothing for Christmas gifts.

70. Mitten

Similar to mittens, these are often knitted and given as gifts during Christmas.

71. Mandarin Collar

A style of clothing collar that might be part of a Christmas outfit.

72. Muscovado

A type of brown sugar used in Christmas baking.

73. Marmalade

A preserve made from citrus fruit, especially oranges, often used during Christmas.

74. Mousseline

A fine sheer fabric that could be used in making fancy Christmas attire or decorations.

75. Metallurgy

The craft and science of metals, which could relate to making Christmas ornaments or jewelry gifts.

76. Moonstone

A gemstone that could be set in jewelry and given as a Christmas gift.

77. Meringue

A dessert item made from whipped egg whites and sugar, often seen in Christmas desserts.

78. Monocle

A single eyeglass, kept in position by the muscles around the eye, might be part of a traditional Christmas pageant costume.

79. Merengue

A type of music and dance that could be part of a Christmas celebration, especially in Latin cultures.

80. Muesli

A healthy cereal that might be enjoyed for breakfast on Christmas morning.

81. Mélange

A mixture or assortment, often relating to Christmas treats or decorations.

82. Marabou

A type of soft feather used in making Christmas costumes or for decoration.

83. Moonbeam

A ray of moonlight that might be part of a Christmas night’s ambiance.

84. Mirthfully

An adverb describing actions done with joy and laughter, typical of Christmas festivities.

85. Muffin Tin

A baking pan with cylindrical indentations used for making muffins or cupcakes for Christmas.

Final Thoughts

In this exploration, I’ve presented each Christmas-related word as its own shining star, followed by a short description to enrich your holiday vocabulary. As we wrap up, I hope that these Christmas-related words have sparked a sense of wonder and brought a little extra twinkle to your festive preparations. May your holidays be merry, meaningful, and magical as each of these ‘M’ words.

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